23 March 2012

Friday Follies...
Saints be praised, we made it to the weekend at long last.
And for us here at our "Fortress of Reason" (located deep in the ghettohood of Ft. Wayne), the week has seemed a bit TOO long, especially with that "big dig" mucking things up, but more about that later on.
Right now, I'm digging deep into the "Bobby G. Departmental Files of the Recently Declassified", kept hermetically-sealed in a hot pepper jar next to my Spiderman comics, alongside my basement BB pistol shooting range to bring you the stores and commentary that will get you thinking.
So, strap yourselves in, keep your hands and feet INSIDE the car at all times, and be sure to exit promptly when the ride comes to a complete STOP.
*** From the "You Misplaced Your WHAT?" files:
Seems Wifey came home yesterday a bit later than usual (had to attend some meeting at another school), and when she arrived back at the fortress, she was missing something (uh-oh)...her LUNCH BAG.
Apparently, she said she had it when she LEFT the school, and the only thing is that she might have dropped it in another school's parking lot when going to her car.
Well, after my little tirade about "not paying attention", I managed to scrape together ANOTHER lunch "kit", complete with utensils and containers (it pays to stock up on such things when dealing with wives...LOL).
Bet she doesn't have such issues with her SHOES...or HANDBAGS (and to you husbands out there, you KNOW I'm right, don'cha?)
I can count the things I've lost on ONE hand...and I like it that way.
KNOW where YOUR stuff is, because replacements don't just fall from trees or magically appear.
'Nuff said about that, RIGHT, "dear"???
*** From the "Recycling is GOOD...BUT..." Files:
Yesterday was our trash pickup, which went as usual...nicely and timely.
Yesterday was ALSO our RECYCLE pickup day (every other Thursday, last one being on 8 March), so MY recycle bin was parked where it ALWAYS is, awaiting it's being emptied, so I can return it to our garage...
So, I waited...and waited...and waited some more...
NO PICKUP at all yesterday...!
Yeah, this is a "WTF???" moment. (told 'ya we have almost ONE per day anymore)
Ironically-enough, just yesterday there appeared a story in the local paper about how RECYCLING has been ON THE RISE in the city.
Here's the link to that article:
I use the word IRONIC, because with all the hub-bub OVER recycling (and the fact that WE have been doing it since we moved here), is that WE WERE MISSED for pickup yesterday (first time in a very long while, I might add).
Now, if I have my logic on straight, in order to INCREASE the recycling in a neighborhood, you initially have to PICK IT UP, right?
Ignorance is bliss, but it doesn't get the recycling...well, RECYCLED, does it?
Now, the city has about 73% of it's population participating in the recycle program (that would include US), and yet OUR zip code (46806) is still at the BOTTOM of participation.
Here's THAT article with a map you can blow up:
Or, you can check my archives for 27 January this year to see the map...your choice.
OUR zip code is the LOWEST in the entire city...(must be all those stupid-ass "locals" holding us back).
We're only at FORTY SIX PERCENT participation (well, it DOES require a bit of WORK to move ANOTHER bin to the curb, filled with booze bottles and the like...they just HATE that).
Still, that's NO reason to PASS US OVER, is it?
Wifey said it might be due to the fact that OTHER neighborhoods are recycling MORE, and they don't have the adequate manpower.
Sounds about right...everyone ELSE gets the gold mine, and down here in the ghettohood, WE get the SHAFT (as usual).
But, it's not like said that (several hundred times here) before, right?
*** From the "That's One Helluva WEINER You Got There, Officer" Files:
This story goes to show what can happen when you mix BUSINESS with...well ANOTHER business.
Here's the link:
FWPD officer William Drake (4 years in) was fired from the department following a Board of Public Safety hearing that determined that Drake exhibited inappropriate behavior, including manning a hot dog stand (which he owns) while in uniform, among other infractions like neglect of duty (GPS KNOWS where you are, and are NOT), and investigative negligence during a domestic battery.
He now plans to concentrate on running his stand, named Detroit's Finest Coney Island.
Now THAT alone causes ME concern, because the LAST time I checked, CONEY ISLAND was STILL in NYC, and nowhere near Detroit.
(I'm a stickler for getting it right when it comes to REAL "red hots")
Now, I wasn't at the board meeting, and don't know the officer, but what I will say is that while you HAVE that uniform on, you are a walking, talking BILLBOARD for the department, and should ALWAYS conduct yourself accordingly (and yes, even OFF-duty).
Maybe that's why I couldn't wait to get out of my uniforms whenever I got home (esp. in the summer...whew!).
BTW, the military doesn't make that easy...you're ALWAYS in some uniform...(unless you're naked in the showers...LOL)
Naturally, there are those wanting to turn THIS incident into a RACIAL one.
(don't they always?)
Paulette Nellems, the local NAACP president claims that the officer "is getting an UNFAIR shake" over this.
I say: "I didn't know that hot dog carts even SOLD shakes...they usually only have SODAS or JUICES".
She goes on to say: "You have a disparity when it comes to disciplining BLACK officers as opposed to WHITE officers".
Then explain to me, "MS" Nellems why the FWPD keeps an officer on duty who is nothing less than a functioning ILLITERATE?
Or WHY the department gives EVERY officer a FAIR CHANCE to get assistance with such issues or tries to HELP an officer that has some problem that is impacting on their performance of "the job", and yet has to fire them because the officer did NOT seek help, or don't believe they even NEED help?
Lemme test your memory - Guess the name (former officer) GENTRY MOSES doesn't ring a bell with you, dear?
We didn't hear Jim Zamora bitch a fit over being singled out for being Hispanic when HE was fired (DUI with a train off duty).
How about FWPD command staff and other brass that get promoted SOLELY BASED ON ETHNICITY and NOT because they are the MOST QUALIFIED for the damn positions? How soon we forget about "affirmative action", and how THAT undermines having the BEST people for the job on duty.
If you're going to represent "your" people PROPERLY, get the ENTIRE story, and GET IT STRAIGHT.
Reshuffle the deck, and stop dealing from the BOTTOM, because that RACE CARD (akin to a JOKER) keeps on popping up.
*** From the "We Could Use Bob The Builder For This" Files:
The "big dig" looks to be winding down somewhat...traffic has started to diminish SLIGHTLY, (only 29 boomcars yesterday) but not enough to make a change in the constant noise we enjoy, thanks to the city.
I can't wait to bring you the TOTALS for the amount of citable offenses that the FWPD sector officers (on all THREE shifts) "could" have collected, but were somehow told not to.
I can say that I DID see TWO police cruisers drive past yesterday...one was an FWPD cruiser running w/ lights & sirens (obviously to another call OUT of our area), and the second was an ISP cruiser (Indiana Statey, apparently LOST, and trying to find his way OUT of our ghettohood...lol), and I have to say I much prefer that blue "lightning" stripes on a white car than the old gold stripes on a black car (that did look good in it's time).
Actually, it's CHEAPER to get a white fleet vehicle and dark graphics (pretty much SOP these day) than get another color car.
Hey, the ISP might be RACISTS for NOT using BLACK cars any longer...my GOD, call HUFFPO on this one, and get Sharpton here ASAP...LMAO!
*** Lastly today, I've been following the whole Florida shooting (and death) of a (black) teenager at the hands of a "neighborhood watch " citizen (mixed family - Jewish & Hispanic), and this is getting away from us like a freight train down a mountain with no brakes.
We live in a time where there are those who cry "racist" at every single damn thing...for no reason, other than to draw attention to themselves.
Sure, we DO have racism in America, but, truth be told, it's LOWER than at any other time in our history.
What we see PASSING for racism today, is a trumped-up version of "I want things my way..WAHHhhhhhh".
Well, maybe BK can accommodate you there, but when you see racism where none exists, you are fomenting anarchy and dissident behavior for no reason, other than self.
We have become a society where whites are set upon a LOT more than blacks, and yet everyone ALLOWS it.
If a black beats up a white, it's a battery, but if a white beats up a black, it's suddenly a HATE CRIME.
This Florida case needs to proceed carefully and slowly.
We have a man of Hispanic descent (even with the name Zimmerman...it can happen), who has had prior run-ins with local police there, and yet has a gun, is a NW volunteer, and will be "labelled" as a white person, as the DoJ often does when they classify CRIMES, unlike the Census...and that alone tends to screw up the stats nicely.
When I found such things out, I was astounded over the classifications.
Do I feel this case warrants such a rebuttal by all these citizens...not to THIS degree.
I do believe that a teen was needlessly shot to death, because when dispatch told Zimmerman to NOT follow the "suspect", he did so anyway.
When you're told to stand down under these conditions, you DO so...period.
You still have your gun, and can use it IF whatever you believe is a threat RETURNS to attack you.
That's why they call it neighborhood WATCH...and not neighborhood PURSUIT. You could remain at distance and advise dispatch as to direction of travel, so responding officers have more to go on...but let THEM do it.
That's what the taxpayer's PAY for.
I certainly wouldn't follow that teen. I like the odds on MY side, anyway, and that means staying close to MY surroundings, and (if need be) confronting someone on MY property...on MY terms, not theirs. That usually ensures victory (for me), and that's the name of the game when dealing with an attacker, or even the potential for an assault on one's person or family.
Zimmerman SHOULD have been detained. That would have stemmed the rising tide of protest over all this, and his gun permit should have been revoked for the duration of the investigation, because *I* feel he acted a bit too soon, without knowing, and with NO imminent threat.
Perception becomes the reality, unfortunately, in that how we look at things can determine OUR response.
And we ALL perceive things differently.
A drug-infused person will perceive a LOT of things a LOT more differently, trust me. Ditto for drunks.
Mentally unstable individuals often have such SKEWED perceptions about so many things, that they're way off the radar.
Even highly TRAINED individuals will perceive things differently from the average citizen, and act appropriately.
This case needs ALL the facts presented, nothing held back, and certainly NOT the media-circus we're seeing (and will probably see for the next several weeks). The "racial" aspect of this HAS to be diffused, or at least exposed for the sham that it really is.
This nation has had it's share of ups AND down, and the last thing we need is another "down", especially regarding racial issues.
Everyone is accountable...and everyone SHOULD be responsible.
When you're not holding up YOUR part of the log, then everyone else has to work HARDER to keep it the hell up.
And I think we need we need to work harder, smarter, and with a better sense of purpose, rather than look about for smaller logs these days.
Have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

I've listened to the 911 tape and a I have a friend in Florida who lives near the neighborhood where this happened. From what I know, it sounds like the man shot the kid needlessly and did not have any business having a firearm as apparently he doesn't know when to use it properly. It's a sad case and I fear it has stirred up another incident similar to Rodney King.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Agreed on all counts.

Zimmerman also was alleged to have previous run-ins with police and not just for calling 911 (a lot).

I believe this could stir things up a LOT more than the King case, because of the amount of anger that's been brewing since, as well as the (unfortunate) increased disrespect for the police by much of the minority community (with the lame-stream media's "help").

Not a good mix, any way you shake it.
I hope to hell I'm WRONG on all of this, but I can see the murmurings already.

Thanks for taking time this Sunday to drop on by and comment.
Much appreciated.

Roll safe out there.