22 March 2012

Tales From The SOUTH Side...
Oh, yes friends, time to take a journey into that wonderful realm nestled nicely in the crotch of Fort Wayne (and has the fragrance to PROVE it).
But first, we've some things to take care of.
--Temps today again expected to be in the (low) 80s, but a "cool down" will take place after that, with temps going WAY down to the 60s for our high (which should not be confused with the high our "locals" get, which is usually AS SOON as they fall out of bed...around 1100 hrs, or thereabouts).
--And, we're into DAY THREE of the "big dig" along Pettit near Hanna...NOW expected to be completed SATURDAY (and not Friday as first mentioned).
Hey, I got an idea...why not DRAG it the hell out for a MONTH, and give me a REAL reason to go postal on all the idiots around here, hmm?
(sorry, I get a might "edgy" when my B/P rises and I'm sleep-deprived)
--The answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"...Hit quickly, hit hard, and keep right on hitting. Give the enemy no rest, no opportunity to consolidate his forces and hit back at you. That is the shortest road to victory."
Now, I know some of you MIGHT have thought PATTON...and you'd be incorrect.
This quote is attributed to Marine General Holland "Howlin' Mad" Smith, Coral and Brass, 1949.
Gotta love those fightin' generals, right?
And now...on to the REST of the story...
*** Guess what, people...we had another person hospitalized after a bar fight on the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE of the city.
Here's the story link:
I suppose it's a good thing the victim wasn't shot and killed (the "locals" down here love to do that sorta thing).
Still, he IS in CRITICAL condition.
This bar is located (if memory serves me right) just north of Oxford along Wayne Trace, and that's not the most friendly part of town (which could also be said for MUCH of this area as well, EXCEPT if you stop by our "fortress" ).
*** We didn't break another record with the number of boomcars rolling past the "fortress" yesterday, but we DID beat the first day's number by several, only THIS time, I didn't even see ONE FWPD cruiser sail on by all day OR night (that would mean someone would have to do REAL police work...like stop those in violation of the NOISE ordinance, or SPEEDING, or FAILURE TO YIELD, or FAILURE TO SIGNAL A TURN, ticket those driving while on the cell phone, or having a blown out license plate bulb - about 30% did NOT have a functioning one last night, BTW).
SO much frigging money being missed - THERE is the REAL crime.
When this debacle passes, I'll do a conservative tally of exactly HOW MUCH MONEY was missed, and maybe pass it along to City Hall and the media...just because I CAN.
At this point, I want to be a burr under SO many saddles downtown, it's not funny.
If I would ever feel ANY sense of "entitlement", it would be that I feel entitled to piss off as many people (in this city) who deserve it, as possible..LOL.
*** Now, speaking about LICENSES...(helluva segue, eh?)
This year is the year my driver's license comes up for renewal (unlike around 25% of the morons who feel "entitled" to drive about with absolutely NO license whatsoever), and being the GOOD citizen I am, didn't want to wait until my birthday month (August) to renew it.
So, I went ONLINE and renewed it THERE (Indiana BMV - good site)
Only cost me $21 (pulled a "Custer" and yelled CHARGE! ) on the credit card, and in less than a week, I got my NEW license in my hot little hands.
But, there is an "issue" I have with this new license versus the old one.
Sure, it;'s got the picture of me on it (haven't change much since the last photo anyway, and I STILL have the shirt I wore then...lol), albeit a touch SMALLER and darker (hey, I'm still a white guy, even though I live in the ghettohood, folks). Guess the BMV "wants me to fit in"...
But the BIG change was along the top of the license...it has a wide PINK stripe!!!
(the last one had a nice shade of burnt sienna - yes I DO remember my CRAYOLA colors)
What were they thinking?
And this is not a color I could pass off as "flesh"...or even "salmon"...this bugger is PINK!
Then, I decided to check a little CLOSER.
Dug out the magnifying glass, and proceeded to study that PINK band.
Turns out it’s a whole bunch of TINY, SKINNY RED LINES...that when viewed "appear" to all mesh together to LOOK pink...!
(whew, that was a close one)
So, it’s actually a band of thin RED LINES...just so you know (for the guys out there in Indiana)
It ain’t pink, and yes, our masculinity is STILL intact, thanks to magnification (and my 2nd grade science teacher...lol).
*** More on the "big dig".
Actually, I don't really know HOW to classify this road repair, because I'm not seeing much digging...just a whole lotta traffic coming up and over OUR streets, and that’s not how it’s SUPPOSED to be working.
The OFFICIAL DETOUR route is SUPPOSED to be LAFAYETTE and HANNA (N/S) with MCKINNIE as the E/W street crossover (because it's a Snow-Emergency Route, and thereby considered a MAJOR ARTERY...DUH!!!), and NOT Monroe OR Maple Grove. That’s been cited on WOWO as THE route that should be taken.
But, you have to realize that everyone (save a few) down here NEVER obeys ANY laws, restrictions, mandates, ordinance, rules, guidelines OR suggestions. They just do whatever the hell THEY want to...whenever it strikes their fancy.
Even CITILINK has been using OUR streets, ignoring the ACTUAL detour route.
Amazing how NO ONE in ANY media source has picked this up and asked ANY questions about it.
There were a few times where our intersection looked like the meeting of TWO funeral processions...it got that backed up.
That’s what happens when you try and stuff 10 pounds of sh*t into a 5 pound bag, metaphorically-speaking.
*** I did see one thing that was just SO damn ghetto, I have to share it.
There was this heavy-set black guy on this yellow moped (we got way too many of those down here that race up and down the streets, and also...NEVER GET CAUGHT - they just get tagged by motorists and THEN, it makes the news) who stops near the alley on Maple Grove.
And he proceeds to shed his outer (oversized, what else?) t-shirt (has a sleeveless shirt underneath).
No biggie. It was 87 yesterday, and doing NOTHING for a living CAN be "hard work", so I can understand the need to sweat from time to time (must be the drugs), and then he pulls out a new, clean shirt, and puts THAT one on (wants to look good for his baby-mama of the week, no doubt).
Now, all THAT isn't "ghetto", but what he did NEXT is...
He takes the shirt he removed, and just tosses it along the damn curb, alongside another property!!!
(no tickee, no washee - and to think trashbins were all over for him to use..even our recycle bin)
Then, he just rides off...
I’m surprised he didn’t ALSO take a piss against someone’s garage (like they also prefer to do whenever they feel like it).
Well, they ARE "entitled" though, right?
*** There come times when I just HAVE to relay such things to you, because the general public isn’t even AWARE of such things, because they’re either insulated from it, or live in areas where people behave LIKE PEOPLE, and NOT like some 3rd worlder or wild animal roaming the Veldt.
When you are exposed to such "people" as can be found down here (and I use the word PEOPLE as loosely as possible), the first thing you feel is utter disbelief in the manner they conduct their lives.
"Nothing close to normal" would be fairly accurate in describing them.
And this crosses ALL race lines...we have morons of EVERY flavor down here, so you can't go and say there’s a specific racial component to this.
It’s not necessarily a black mindset...it’s a GHETTO mindset, and that can apply to whites, Hispanics, Burmese...whoever.
You can’t attribute any sort of POVERTY with this either, and I would strongly debate anyone who would do so, because there IS no REAL poverty associated with people like this.
No one can afford $150 Nikes when they’re in poverty.
No one can afford $2000 in car audio gear when they’re in poverty.
No one can afford $3000 of rims & tires when they’re in poverty.
No one can afford an Escalade or Mercedes when they’re in poverty.
And that’s only the tip of this iceberg.
I didn’t even touch on those 60 inch plasma TVs, the iPods, cellphones (and dialing plans) the "bling", the clothing (is THAT what they call what they wear...coulda fooled me), the fingernails (aka ghetto-talons), the hairdos, the "weaves", and so on...
All the while, whatever house they’re living in goes to hell (with their assistance)
Naturally, they also have funds for ALCOHOL...and GASOLINE...and DRUGS...and GUNS...and AMMO.
(and guess who PAYS for all of THAT? Take a gander in the mirror.)
What all this boils down to is a severely MISPLACED set of PRIORITIES in life, otherwise we’d not see the domestic disputes, the child neglect, the crime, and the disrespect for everyone else.
These folks don’t HAVE any character to speak of...but they ARE real "characters", make no mistake about that.
Actually, we could more PROPERLY call them CARICATURES instead...
They are a walking SATIRE of humankind...no other way to put it.
Sadly, the government feels compelled to take them by the hand and guide them through life, RATHER than instruct them as to how to do such a thing ON THEIR OWN (like the rest of us normals have to contend with daily).
Must be nice to not have a life of your own...
I’ll have to PASS on that, though.
I much prefer to make my OWN decisions...my OWN mistakes, and learn from them, as well as achieve my OWN victories, however small or infrequent they might be...because I do APPRECIATE it (something these people have NO concept of).
Someday, this will change, and the mote will be removed from their eyes.
Until then, it would be in the best interest of everyone to make these "poverty-laden" people feel as UNCOMFORTABLE as possible IN their "poverty", so that they might turn away from it, then the TRULY-NEEDY could benefit for a change.
Yeah, Ben Franklin called it right there, didn’t he?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I remember a shooting at the Stein years ago. They brought a TV camera into the bar, and there sat a co-worker of mine- a co-worker, I might add, who was on a habitual offender probation (thus the career change from union steel worker to min-wage cushion shipper) and wasn't supposed to be in any bars. Smart man never looked at the camera, but those who knew him all got a good laugh.

Slamdunk said...

Good one with the Gen. Smith quote. I don't know much about him.

Ha, you and me both with the license renewal. My biggest prob is with the hours of our rural office. Two days a week (only one a full day), and neither are good for me without rearranging the schedule. Such is life.

John D. said...

The USA: Best country in the world to be "poor." :)

BTW, when I first read that quote, I thought it was from Jimmy Doolittle. He did say something similar. "Hit hard, fast, and often," or something like that.

Bob G. said...

There used to be a time when going TO a bar was a GOOD experience, aside from getting a jag on and wondering how you were going to sdtagger the hell HOME...LOL.

Doesn't surpise me what goes on THESE days, and that's why I refuse to patronize ANY such establishments.

I'm not a tea-totaler by ANY means, but you DO represent your family (and lineage) whenever you set foot OUTSIDE your domicile,

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Stay safe (and barfly-free) up there!

Bob G. said...

I figured ANY general with a nickname like "HOWLIN' MAD" was worth looking into...LOL.
(that's where Murdock got HIS nickname from the A-Team...has to be.)

Yeah, the ONLINE renewal is nice...not having to sit and wait and watch ALL those people there with you that you KNOW should NEVER EVER get a license in the first place...
(that alone would kake the BMV branches much easier to stomach.)

Now, if ONLY I could get a CCW permit the SAME way.

Thanks a lot for dropping by today and commenting.

Stay safe (and licensed) out there.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
You know, you're 100% CORRECT there.

Look at ANY other nation and THEIR poor...who are a LOT more "poor" than many of the posers here in the USA.

The whole "hit hard, hit fast and hit often" really goes WAY back to Sun Tzu (paraphrased over the centuries).

MANY military men throughout history have used this in some manner (as you mentioned w/ Doolittle)...and with rather excellent results.

Helps to PRACTICE whatever you PREACH, especially in combat.
('cause it WORKS)

Hey, thanks for swinging on by today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe (and howlin' mad) out there.