07 March 2012

Humpday Happenings...
Middle of the week again, and it sure feels like SPRING outside...today's HIGH is expected to be in the UPPER 50's to low 60's...(or whenever the neighborhood moolies decide to get up...lol).
And if the early morning police radio traffic is ANY indicator of nicer weather (and the impending FULL MOON - due here tomorrow night) I'd say it's going to be one busy day out there for the local constabulary. Already had a car-jacking (green Kia Sportage)...AND a credit union robbery...and it's NOT even 0830 yet...amazing.
*** First up, today's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"One never attributes folly to his enemy - but then, of such stuff are surprises made."
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post...good luck with your guess.
*** Next up, I'm not going to get into the whole Peyton Manning leaving the Indianapolis Colts gig, because the NFL has brought such things upon themselves, as any sports-related genre will these days.
All I will say is that a few decades ago, a quarterback of Manning's caliber as not "dismissed" due to injury.
Hell, a GOOD quarterback was worth their weight in gold, even when it was less than $300 an ounce!
But, when you pay athletes of ANY sport such OBSCENE salaries year after year (passing the expense along to those faithful fans), and constantly building NEWER stadiums and worrying LESS about the sport and MORE about the "bottom line"...well, we know the result, right?
*** GM and now Chrysler look to natural gas as an alternative fuel.
Well, it's about damn time (?), but it's not REALLY what you might think it is.
Here's the link to the story:
Now this is ONLY in trucks...NOT family cars or even SUVs. (why is that?)
AND, it's COMPRESSED natural gas, and NOT LIQUEFIED natural gas...kind of a substantial difference there, folks.
But never fear, HONDA has a CIVIC that runs on NATURAL GAS...(compressed, of course) and they're available NOW.
Prices for such vehicles IS higher than typical vehicles powered by conventional sources...you could have figured that one out, right?
If you want the skinny on NATURAL GAS VEHICLES, here's the WIKI:
I find it interesting that PAKISTAN leads the world in natural gas vehicles, followed by IRAN.
Both LNG and CNG have their own "unique" tradeoffs, as well.
--LNG is heavier than air, collects under the vehicle and is very combustible when ignited, plus tanks tend to rupture under lesser conditions.
--CNG uses thicker walled tanks which adds to vehicle weight (and space utilized), and costs about 50% MORE to produce than LNG.
(Mr. Fusion - WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU???)
Both LNG and CNG corrode parts a lot less, and burn cleaner, which tends to have vehicles with mileages at or near 500,000 MILES...!
What you have to remember is that with LNG, CNG, or even hydrogen (another topic for another post), is that you're driving around with a potential bomb in your boot (trunk). I'm sure the wrong people will love finding ways to make such vehicles part of THEIR agenda.
Imagine...a rolling IED...only costs around $40K to purchase...helluva return for THAT "investment", hmm?
But, it's not really a perfect world, is it?
*** Will the REAL poster child please stand up (or take a seat at a Congressional subcommittee hearing)?
We all recall what a "poster-child" was, right?
We have had poster children for UNICEF, POLIO, MS, March of Dimes, and a myriad of other honestly WORTHWHILE causes that deserved our proper attention...and we all freely gave to such noble causes.
Nowadays, we've got poster kids for every occasion, the latest being for ENTITLEMENTS.
Sandra Fluke has become a (lame-stream) media-sensation...when it comes to the derision of anyone that feels she is wrong to claim she can't pay for school because her contraceptive devices COST TOO MUCH (and wants the government to pay for them out of YOUR pockets).
It's cost Rush Limbaugh some advertiser (cowards), and the obligatory apologies abound.
Personally, I think MY tax money could be a lot better spent, and I applaud anyone who sees the insanity with Ms. Fluke's comments.
Your tax money, being used to allow today's women to (basically) have sex whenever the mood strikes them (thanks to government-sponsored contraception).
Is it so WRONG to call her out on this?
It IS a form of legalized prostitution...when YOU PAY so someone else can have sex (even if it's not YOU who's involved).
Cripes, might as well just legalize prostitution outright, and be done with it...might even help pay down a small portion of the ever-growing National Debt...who knows? I know, it would put a LOT of pimps out of a job (more unemployment...I hear 'ya), but at least it would vindicate those who always knew that the FEDS were pimping much of America for some time. I suppose that would be a perverse form of "equilibrium".
God, how I miss those poster-children of MY era...causes which my parents WANTED to give to, instead of the entitlements today that we "have" to give to (freedom of choice? Anyone?).
Charity should never take place with the giver being held upside down until their pockets are empty...that's just not right.
*** Lastly today, have you ever spent time wondering what you would do to enact change if YOU could be the one calling the shots?
Maybe it's just my age catching up to me, but I often think about that (among several hundred other things...lol), and I can even get specific.
For example, if I were the mayor, I would have a field day with changes that would only help to serve the communities I'm tasked to protect.
-For a start, I'd BAN all dark window tint for EVERY freaking vehicle...period.
We don't live on the damn surface of the sun, for God's sake...OR in AZ, NM, or anywhere else where the summer temps rise into the 110 degree Fahrenheit range. I would want my police officers a lot safer than they currently are, and this would be a good first step.
-I'd work with the BMV and the state to rekindle the vehicle inspections, so that EVERY car, truck, SUV, or bus would be legal AND safe...which means FIX THAT DAMN MUFFLER, you idiot! Bad mufflers not only make lots of noise, but spew crap into the air (and we don't want that).
-I would have STRICT enforcement of the local NOISE ORDINANCE...and EVERY vehicle that breaks such an ordinance gets IMPOUNDED...period.
Then, you PAY a stuff fine to get it back with the understanding that IF it happened again, you LOSE the vehicle...for good.
(either auctioned off WITHOUT the stereo system, or gets crushed outright)
-I'd get with the Realtors and code enforcement to make sure that whenever ANY house is bought or sold, an INSPECTION takes place as to habitability as per city regs...shouldn't be that hard to figure out. And NO breach of contract or agreement between tenants and landlords when it comes to occupancy.
None of this "THREE people move in, and then TEN wind up living there in 4 months" crap...ever!
-I'd have these deadbeat landlords ante up when ti comes to repairs and rental agreements, and toss out anyone who breaks the rules.
No more dealing drugs from a rental with the landlord looking the other way (and maybe getting some under the table bucks).
-And DEFINITELY...NO saggy-baggy pants...$500 fine, first offense.
Dress like a HUMAN BEING, or get off the damn planet!
Now, I know you can't legislate against STUPIDITY (unattended cooking fires at 2AM proves that much), BUT...you CAN make it SO damn uncomfortable for those that wish to practice such stupidity, that they either get busy getting SMARTER...OR, they just up and leave to go somewhere where such stupidity is allowed...which would not be around here. it's that simple.
Yeah, "my city" wouldn't be for everyone...just the normal folks in the crowd...the ones that remember what it used to be like to get some sleep EVERY night without being awakened by some loudass thumping by at 3AM (who never seems to get pulled over).
Now, if I were PRESIDENT...hoo, boy would THAT be fun...
(was that the LUNCH button or the LAUNCH button?)
My Father always said that if you gotta dream...dream BIG, because the price is always right.
To that I would only add that it's OK to trust in God, too...but lock your car and house.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John D. said...

Just a wild guess, but I'll say that quote came from Sun Tzu.

CWMartin said...

I thought the quote sounded British to me. Oops!

Nice Fluke poster. I think Rush would have been okay if he'd have stopped at prostitute, but slut was a step too far. Accurate, but he's been around long enough to know what will play and what won't.

Oh, and yesterday's metal posts... do you have a plan for remote control weaponry rising up out of them when neccessary? Just sayin'.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
You must be channeling my wife, becasue SHE guessed he same person...LOL

NO CIGAR for either of you ...sorry.

It might surprise you, though...

Thanks for stopping by today.

Stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

Remember when Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a LOT worse (the C-word for one)...and hardly a MENION of it by the LAME-STREAM MEDIA?

And then Rush takes MASSIVE heat for using G-rated words...astounding DOUBLE-STANDARD we have in place here, isn't it?

As to the posts...no rising weaponry (too narrow for EFFECTIVE ordnance deployment)...BUT, they CAN be ELECTRIFIED...(bwahahahahaha)

And no, the quote is not from a Brit. (I almost posted one from the UK, though)

Thanks for swinging by and commemnting today.

Stay safe up there in Scrappyland.