06 March 2012

Tales From the SOUTH Side...
Well, not ALL the tales being told today are from the south side, but most of them have SOME bearing on it, so let's just say that down at City Hall, we've got a crapload of BLISSFUL people running this carnival sideshow, because, as we ALL know...
I want to run some ruminations around the block today, and see what stops and gets your attention.
With that said, let us journey forth into this Tuesday.
*** First up, we called TWO fence businesses in town for an estimate for that NEW fencing - (no, not THAT type of fencing...sheesh!)
- on the southern perimeter boundary.
(Cripes, that almost sounds like we have a REAL piece of real estate, instead of a teeny-tiny parcel...lol)
Gleave Fencing is due here today around 1400 hrs, and Arrow Fence is slated for Thursday around 1700 hrs.
Now, a LONG time ago, in a city far, far away (that would be Philly), I took architectural drafting for THREE years in H/S.
The government (Selective Service branch) also placed me in THEIR own "drafting" class...LOL.
That being the way things were, I still possess knowledge of a lot of what TYPES of structural aspects I want for that new fence.
(and if we hit the lottery some day, I can get my house built...the one I STILL have the plans I designed back in 1969.)
What I think we need is NOT the traditional wooden posts, but zinc-coated STEEL posts to mount the fence sections onto.
Face it, they last a LOT longer, and with the zinc, they don't even rust, plus whatever wind comes along won't be making them sway like a drunken sailor on liberty.
A pressure-treated wooden fence is what I prefer, as opposed to the vinyl fencing they have today.
Plastics have their own place, and it's not on my house or on my fences...
And YES, I want a PRIVACY fence, because I get very little privacy around this part of the ghettohood, and every little bit helps.
If it were up to me and NOT the city, hell, I'd build a bloody CASTLE...or at least a damn steel-reinforced concrete stockade to keep the barbarians from the gates.
(kinda like a lot of those houses in the Middle East)
Hopefully, with steel posts, the holes needed will be smaller than with wooden posts (no drainage issues), and that will not impact the border flower and plant beds we have lining the yard.
Lots to discuss when the reps get here, because one way you learn is to ASK QUESTIONS!
Meanwhile, back at the bastions...
*** Amazing how THIS story didn't seem to get the "attention" it SHOULD have gotten, were the races reversed.
Here's the link to a story about a white teen SET ON FIRE by two black teens:
And now you have a pretty good idea of what white folks living in MY part of town have to endure when they just want to live and be left alone.
I've been threatened more than several times, had a gun pulled on me, had a rock tossed through a window, the house egged and paintballed.
Then, there's the noise, the trash, and the moolies who hate you because you're white and bother no one.

THAT is what chases a lot of GOOD people away from neighborhoods like ours, and it should be the OTHER WAY around.
Those who are guilty of such (racist) behavior should be the ones moving away, and as soon as is possible (imho).
Because this story was about BLACKS attacking a WHITE, it got little press, but whenever a WHITE sets upon a BLACK, it's NATIONAL and for about a WEEK....what a damn double-standard we have here, isn't it?
Same goes for Hispanics, because they are lumped in AS whites, too (bet 'ya didn't know that about certain crimes?).
*** A followup to yesterday's post...
I mentioned we heard GUNFIRE (10+ shots) early on the morning of the 4th, and it was LOUD enough to wake the Missus...
Well, the police blotter had the call mentioned thus:
12F030225 07:34:23 113 SHOTS FIRED 44XX GAYWOOD DR
Gaywood Drive? it was THAT far away?
Somehow, I just don't THINK so...
Gaywood is about 9 streets east and two blocks north of the "fortress"...(one could say a GOOD 1/4 mile away) and yet the shots sounded like they were WITHIN ONE BLOCK.
Something doesn't add up with that, unless it was a rapid-fire 30mm CANNON!
Sounds do carry, but given the trees, houses and such to diminish noises somewhat, I find it really hard to believe this happened THAT far away.
Interestingly enough, a bit later, an EMS call went out to the same *20* here:
12F030230 08:03:50 EMS 44XX GAYWOOD DR
One can only conclude that SOMETHING went on over there which was FIREARMS related...
And with TWELVE SHOTS fired off, I don't think it was an "accidental discharge" while cleaning...sounds a bit too PURPOSED for that fairy tale.
Besides, wouldn't have something showed up on the NEWS for 12 shots and then an EMS call?
That's the way things go down here in the crotch of Fort Wayne...AMBIGUOUSLY!
*** FWPD chief Rusty York (rusty...LOL...how "quaint" - needs some WD-40 me thinks) is at it with handing out suspensions to officers again.
Considering he gets a "kickback" for every one he writes up, it's nice to pad the old salary, isn't it?
Here's the *4-1-1* on this latest list:
Sgt. Mitch McKinney, president of the fraternal Order of Police (labor council) is calling York to task for at least ONE suspension.
Granted there are times when a VERBAL reprimand is sufficient, and according to Sgt. McKinney, this was one of them, and he feels there is a personal "attack" on one officer (Sgt. Rodney Bradtmueller).
How about a LOT of personal attacks on a lot MORE officers?
I believe this happens weekly with the FWPD command - calling officers out for trivial matters.
Police work involves a LOT of stuff...ask any LEO.
The protocols, the tactics, the demeanor, the paper work (mountainous as it can be most times), the technology (did I mention the paper work?), the classes, the memos, the time cards, the...even MORE paper work.
Everyone is going to slip up once...that's a given.
If there is a CHRONIC issue though, that SHOULD be addressed...like lateness, absent from duty without reason, inappropriate behavior unbecoming an officer, and so on.
And a Deputy CHIEF got a suspension for missing (ready for this one?)...a damn PISS TEST!!!
Gimme a damn break, here.
A D/C has a LOT more on their plate than the typical beat-cop...TONS more in fact.
Hell, they're helping to run the damn show in it's entirety.
The D/C took the test a SHORT TIME after the deadline...and PASSED (would have passed BEFORE the damn deadline - I'd bet on it)
Two officers were given 2-day suspensions for improper behavior when getting into a verbal argument with a tow-truck driver after they had parked their cruiser in a tow-away zone on private property.
This one really takes the cake...unless the officers parked there to go eat lunch or something frivolous.
THEN, they (like anyone else) were in the WRONG, and abused their authority.
And it surprises me that any police officer would get on the bad side of ANY "hook" driver, because they RELY on those drivers to clear scenes of accidents, repos, parking violations, and the like.
(But hey, this is ALL just *my* opinion...not etched in stone stuff, kapeesh? I'm not there to get all the 411, and many times, neither are the media sources)
I find it ballsy beyond belief that anyone would call out the FWPD on a parking violation (parking control, anyone?), unless the cruiser was blocking the entrance to the EMERGENCY WARD at the hospital, or the entrance to a damn FIREHOUSE.
Cripes, I can't even GET an FWPD cruiser to "coop" in MY driveway at ANY time (and I provide FREE coffee)...!
That's just to keep the ghettohood quiet so we can get some sleep.
I can attest to the fact that whenever I had an FWPD car at MY house (with good reason) it DID get quieter around the area...until they left, then it started back up all over again...again, that's the way THESE moolies shake.
*** Lastly today, I was going to get into another "housing for the needy" BS gig the CITY was tossing our way down there on the ...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE, but that's better left for another day, as is this new "bi-fueled" truck that the local GM plant is going to build (you're gonna love that), so instead, let's focus on some basics of POLICING.
1) The police cannot be everywhere...all the time. That goes without saying.
2) The police can be at your house within MINUTES (when seconds count).
3) The police do more "radio-chasing" than anything else, unless they're part of a special detachment or division.
4) The police are there to protect and serve (when the ACLU and other fringe groups allow it).
5) The police perform CRIMINAL profiling (and not racial-profiling, as some race-baters would have you believe).
6) The police are NOT infallible...they're just HUMAN, like the rest of us, and can make mistakes.
7) The police do the best they can with what they have available to them.
8) The police are not there to be scorned, ridiculed, ignored, threatened, or hated. And they suffer from MORALE problems as well.
9) The police are as good as their WORST officer (or commander).
10) The police CHOOSE to put it ALL on the line...DAILY - can YOU say as much?
I think that sums things up nicely, considering the level of PROACTIVITY that's not being allowed today, and we can either make THEIR day, or THEY can make OURS.
All of this depends on every one of US.
It all comes down to being ABLE to properly police the areas of any city or town that NEED policing...everyone else doesn't require it all that much, if they have learned how to POLICE THEMSELVES.
Remember that the next time you hear a siren...
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John D. said...

I think going with the metal posts is a good idea. I have the wood ones, and they're in bad shape. While I like the look of the vinyl fence, I'm not confident of its durability. When I replace mine, I'll probably be sticking with the pressure-treated wood.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
The STEEL posts caught my eye...dunno what got me thinking about them, other than the stretch of CHAIN-LINK we already have on another part of the property.
Di some nosing around and came across quite a few places that can do it.

One place has something called a VERSAPOST, a rounded SQUARE post.
We're probably going withe a ROUND zinc-coat.

We already have 2 upright wooden posts that are ready to snap off...not a pretty sight.
I got the whole deal lashed down and when the time comes to demolish the old fence, I'll go out, undo the knots and watch it fall the hell over....LOL.

Hey, thanks for swining by today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

The Observer said...

Ah, yes, our non-hate hate crime. Hate crime laws are stupid anyway, just enforce the law.

Meantime, the story has disappeared. I hate to think what it would have been like around here if it had been white on black.

Here's my full take...

Hope you have a great week!

The Observer

Bob G. said...

The story has disappeared...like it's NOT newsworthy ENOUGH...(like white on black)...that sickens me.
White-on-black...story stays around for a WEEK!

I like your view.
Well explained.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
Much apprecuated.

STay safe out there.