28 March 2012

Humpday Happenings...
It's the middle of the week, and that means we're pretty much halfway home to the weekend.
We're cooling down a tad here in the Heartland, but temps remain mild...nowhere near the mid-80s, closer to 70 degrees today.
I do believe we're going to wind up with one of (if not THE) warmest March months on record (not counting out the chance of snow in April, though...not in Indiana...)
Forrest Gump said "LIFE is like a box of chocolates...you never know what yer gonna get"...I say it ALSO pertains to the WEATHER out here.
(think we need something like those WHITMAN SAMPLERS - a "guide" printed in the BOX LID to tell you what KINDS of chocolates you bought...LOL)!
Now, without any further ado, let's get busy with our Military Quote of the Week...aka "WHO SAID THAT?"
"For the first time in my life, I have seen 'History' at close quarters, and I know that it's actual process is very different from what is presented to posterity."
So...WHO said that?
Answer tomorrow at the top - good luck.
Pressing on...
*** Now who ever said that "The Supremes" were passe`, and didn't have any hits THESE days?
Looks like our very own SUPREME COURT is doing just that in D.C.
The questions being asked by the judges of the litigator FOR "Obamacare" was being hit hard, fast and continuous...the way I like it.
Judge Scalia likened this health care to broccoli...the government can't TELL you or force you eat anything (or buy anything) because of something we call FREEDOM.
--Here's some of the "play-by-play" slated for today:
--And here is some of yesterday's proceedings :
Personally, I'm loving this...
*** Did you know that the mother of Florida shooting victim Trayvon Martin has filed copyrights to the usage of her son's name...a "trademark" of sorts. Here's the story:
Now, we can look at this in one of TWO ways:
1) She needs the money for (future) COURT COSTS and ATTORNEY'S FEES.
2) She wants to financially capitalize on her son's death.
Either way...that's pretty damn fast out of the gate...kinda bothering in some ways.
I can see street vendors hawking t-shirts and bracelets with Trayvon on them...kinda like (Philly cop-killer) Mumia Abu Jamal's picture on t-shirts.
Kinda creepy...but, we shall see.
*** Speaking of creepy, this story should bother a few folks, especially out by Ligonier:
Seems we had a freight train derailment yesterday, spilling a crapload of molten SULFUR around the scene, and the responders could NOT use water to put the damn thing out.
Interestingly enough, liquid sulfur is used as an additive to help agriculture as well as making lawns grow better.
Betcha the FOLIAGE near that tanker spill will be GREENER than anywhere else close by.
*** Shakespeare had something to say about lawyers, BUT, he never intended for THIS to happen:
A corporate lawyer was shot in his OWN garage by an intruder yesterday morning.
This happened in a NICE neighborhood, too....one with an Allen County Deputy Sheriff living ACROSS THE DAMN STREET.
Now, what was that I said about this "cancer" of crime SPREADING out WEST?
To the residents of that development, I would say:
"Welcome to OUR world".
The shooting occurred a little after 0800 hrs yesterday, and I was listening to it on the police radio.
The victim, David Kuker, 45, was taken to the hospital in serious condition with gunshot wounds to his shoulder and hip, but nothing life-threatening.
The shooter is still at large and neither any description of the perp or motive has been mentioned to date.
Goes to show that you're not all that safe even in your nice areas of Fort Wayne...in your OWN garage.
Helluva way to begin a TUESDAY morning in the Summit City, isn't it?
(hope the perp resists when they find him)
*** Heard THIS on the radio too...damn tragic:
Now, while police don't believe that alcohol or drugs was a contributing factor in this motorcycle/auto crash, I would have to add that PAYING ATTENTION was a factor, as in the driver of the car DID NOT.
I did my share of motorcycling a long time ago, and people just don't take into account that motorcycles have JUST as much right on the roads as they do...and you HAVE to watch for them.
Hell, in our ghettohood, we have kids darting across streets, wearing dark clothes in the early morning (hard to see), and bicycle riders as well as pedestrians galore. People will fling open car doors on the STREET side, making passing a problem, and will often UNLOAD kids on the street side (that used to be a no-no...and DAMN dangerous to boot), bringing traffic to a halt JUST so they can do what ever they want.
People will also park AGAINST the flow of traffic (chronic laziness) to save a few seconds when going to or from their rental (government-sponsored) housing...all of this makes driving a lot less enjoyable.
But, if anything like this should happen to THEM...you NEVER hear the end of it.
*** Lastly today, I wish to hell I knew when this world I grew up in changed. I honestly do.
I think it MUST have happened while we were asleep...there's no other way to explain it.
Much of this crap we're seeing every day could not occur by "a flip of some switch"...it MUST have been over a long time.
I miss the times when you COULD walk down the street, have nice neighbors that always said "hi", and corner stores that carried damn near anything and everything.
I miss children who knew HOW to play, without exhibiting all this pent-up anger we see today.
I miss parents who knew HOW to parent, and not just shove the kids out the door and say "be home for dinner", which in and of itself means "we're going to the fast food joint ( 5th time this week, and it's only Wednesday) , 'cause I dunno how to cook anything."
I miss RESPONSIBLE people...ACCOUNTABLE people...people who WORKED to achieve their dreams and goals in life.
I miss HELPFUL people...those willing to assist you for no reason other than they want to.
I miss people of COURAGE...those who had the gumption and did the HARD sh*t in life, because they knew that sometimes, you have to struggle to get where you want to be in life.
Yeah, I miss a LOT of things...and the PEOPLE attached to them.
I'm sure many of you feel likewise.
All it would take to get that back again would be a little self-prodding.
Lord knows that some folks need that these days.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

Yeah, the Martin shooting seems to have taken a life of its own as folks capitalize on the death of another. I did laugh at one congressional race-baiter who had to modify his usual flaming arrow verbiage to that the young Martin was "executed" because he was WWBGC or "Walking While Black in a Gated Community." A variation of WWBCWC the is the usual.

Enjoy the cooler temps Bob.

Bob G. said...

This whole situation in FL is something I feel we NEED to not only discuss, BUT...constantly be wary of, because fringe groups are waxing more and more bellicose in their rhetoric.

An elderly couple is now scared to death because SPIKE LEE thought he tweeted the address of the shooter, George Zimmerman (obviously incorrectly), and people showed up at that wrong house.

THIS is the sort of thing that WILL cause some SERIOUS repercussions...and I fear that the police could be overwhelmed and innocents will be unjustly "targeted"...all due to race and the baiters that perpetate this dangerous form of "protest".
They already had ONE Walgreens in Miami trashed from a black "flash-mob" (seeking justice, no doubt).
Where WILL the madness end?

I'm gonna TRY and love the weather...you know me.

Hey, thanks for rolling on by today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

ms nk rey said...

The motorcycle accident is tragic and sad. My heart hurts for the riders family. My son and my grandson both ride and I am a worrier to the nth degree.. Please every one be aware and watch for bikers.

Bob G. said...

You know, I've always worn a helmet, but I DO respect those that choose not to.
It's like seatbelts (to me).

Unfortunately, the drivers that don't watch for motorcyclists are the reason I worn one anyway...

Saw one accident where the rider WORE a helmet (and leathers), but the driver that struck him (in Philly) drove him over 50 ft. off the bike...tragic...very tragic.
NO way to survive THAT kinda hit.

I agree w/ you...always look for those on motorcycles...and bicycles...and mopeds, especially (they tend to not be driven by the "best of the bunch", if you get my drift - like people who LOST driver's licenses due to DUI)
That's what WE have around us.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, dear.
Always appreciated.

Stay safe down there.

John D. said...

That quote strikes me as possibly from a Civil War-era general. I'll hazard a guess and say it was Robert E. Lee (no relation to Spike).