27 March 2012

It's A Hurry-Up World...
And, that's not to be confused with a HAND-ME-DOWN WORLD (by the Guess Who).
I remember as a kid hearing my Father say that "hurry-up" phrase time and again, and I figured he should know more about it than me.
He (along with Mom and all my other relatives) grew up in a time where things got done, and without all the rushing about we have today.
Many folks had less, yet did more, and at day's end, could sit back and know they got whatever was supposed to be done...DONE.
These days, we're constantly rushing about, faster than ever, claiming we never seem to have the time to accomplish what we started. We just need more time.
The military was notorious for that phrase "hurry up...and wait".
Our social media networks (many and vast as they are) are there to "buy us more time" and allow us to do more with that (extra) time.
Sorry...not seeing that happen...not one damn bit.
You simply cannot get MORE time out of whatever time you have...simple physics dictates that much.
Our time is LINEAR in nature...not gonna change the stripes on THAT beast ANY "time" soon (no pun intended).
Yet, we seem hell-bent on rushing about every day for every task, to achieve whatever goal or end.
Thing is, we often incur some nasty "side-effects" to such chronic treatment to our ailment of chronological understanding.
We find ourselves frequently RUSHING TO JUDGMENT.
*** Case in point...the Trayvon Martin situation.
Now, I certainly don't wish to add any fuel to this (seemingly) societal wildfire we have on our hands...it's doing that ALL by itself (with more than ample assistance from the drive-by media and radical groups).
In this type of scenario, the best recourse is to whoa-up a bit, wait until as many facts come forward as possible, in order to better and more fully understand the COMPLETE story, because, as in most cases, there are ALWAYS TWO SIDES, and they BOTH should be presented fairly and with as little bias as possible.
Now, a majority of the populace (I believe) will come to better conclusions based upon fact, rather than fiction or subjective conjecture.
However, there ARE factions at work who will attempt to steer this investigation away from such things, wanting to corral this pony into some perceived notion, based on hatred, racism, or other such things.
Yes, we do have racism in America...we probably always will have it, as long as one person thinks differently about another, based on skin color, religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender, or whatever else one can dream the hell up.
But we have to realize that racism is NOT SOLELY CONFINED to bias against BLACKS.
Once we fully understand THAT, then we can proceed in alleviating the impact that such things have upon ALL of us.
When I hear people like the New Black Panthers, or Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson crying out for their "pound of flesh", I'm seeing the exact type of racism they are supposed to be railing against.
When the NBPP goes and creates a BOUNTY on an individual ($10,000 initially, but now risen to $1 MIL) DEAD OR ALIVE, this adds a very dangerous parameter on an already volatile situation.
Personally, I see the depravities and injustices people gladly perpetrate against those of another race most every day.
We've been the target of such murmurings, and only because we kept to ourselves and didn't bother anyone...we are just the "wrong color" in an evolving (or is that DE-volving?) other-colored neighborhood.
We didn't ask for this to happen, but happen it has.
I can get along with anyone quite easily...always have, and if I were to assign ANY caveat to that thought, it would be that whoever I met had SOME level of civility attached to them, meaning that they participate in none of the illicit or illegal activity that permeates a typical ghetto or slum area.
In other words, don't get all "up in my face" for no reason (especially race), and I will return the favor...got it?
If I can adhere to whatever laws are put down, and practice that level of civility, then I would expect anyone from any race to be able to do likewise, and I don't think that's asking for much, when it comes to a modicum of SELF-CONTROL.
Some folks can't play that tune, though...and the police blotters (and radio chatter) bear that much out.
Sadly, even MORE of such behavior is displayed that the authorities are never even aware of, and therein lies the real crime.
All the unreported words, actions, and disrespect shown for other-raced people by certain ethnicities happens every single day across this nation, and by and large, many just ignore it (as best they can when allowed).
Many times, (in years past) when blacks would move into a nice neighborhood, the whites would run to the "burbs", hence the term "white flight".
The inner cities, now given OVER to those ethnicities soon become havens and hotbeds for crime and depravity.
Gee, can't blame "Whitey" for all THAT, can you?
(he ain't around no mo...he done moved away)
And the DECENT blacks even become fearful of the criminal element, and wind up saying and doing nothing to halt the advance of such behavior.
Then, we have situations like the Zimmerman-Martin case.
We can only get fired up when something like THIS occurs, because the shooter is "portrayed" as a WHITE man when in fact he's half JEWISH and half HISPANIC (anti Semitic overtones here?)
Has any mainstream media source covered with such ferocity the DEATHS of black infants, and teens in houses (or on the streets) that were shot up BY BLACKS?
Bernie Goldberg mentioned that last night, and he's right...THEY...DID...NOT.
And they WILL not, because that's "typical behavior" and not sensationalistic ENOUGH.
If anyone wants to dig deeper, the Hispanics in many parts of southern California are actively going AFTER THE BLACKS that try to come into their "territory", chasing THEM away...been going on for years now.
So "Whitey" (per se) doesn't have a dog in THIS hunt...not by a long shot.
That's ONE problem with the way this case has erupted.
And if Trayvon WAS "grounded" for being suspended from school (as his father said) WHY was he going to a convenience store?
When I was grounded, that meant GROUNDED...as in you go out TO AND FROM school...period.
I'm not going to get into the parenting "methods" being employed these days (which in many cases are failed)
All I'm saying (and as was wonderfully said on O'Reilly's show last night) is that we need not make ANY sort of RUSH TO JUDGMENT.
And those NBPP members that are setting bounties on citizens need to be arrested, and anyone who fosters race-baiting for their own progressive agenda needs to be taken down a few pegs, before this erupts into another Watts District scenario.
There is a book out there, written back in 1997 entitled CIVIL WAR II - written by Thomas Chittum.
It bears some scrutiny because of what it infers.
All this can be tamed down a lot...as long as cooler heads prevail.
REASON, and not RIOTING should be the catchword of the day.
Good decisions come from SOUND reasoning and by KNOWING all the facts.
Going off half-cocked doesn't do anyone a lick of good, and only causes more problems.
I believe we have it in us to do the RIGHT thing in this case, and we should for the good of the nation and for all our races that inhabit it.
We are all AMERICANS FIRST...everything else comes second.
To that, I think we can all agree.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


ms nk rey said...

There is much more to come out about this Trayvon Martin mess. He was kicked out of school for 2 weeks for having marijuana traces in his back pack. Which probably has little to nothing to do with this story. Everyone gets all riled up and still we wait for the truth. There are actually 3 sides. Trayvon's side, Zimmerman's side and the truth.

Bob G. said...

You brought out perhaps the BEST point that I neglected to make...

There ARE most likely THREE sides to this story.
Nicely said.

Makes me wonder HOW LOMG before that side comes out...if ever.
(and what the fallout will be for or against innocent people in the meantime)

Thank you for taking time to stop by and comment today.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe down there.