20 March 2012

Life Is Like A Song...
...And the title of our little ditty TODAY is:
"Mama Said", once performed by the Shirelles and written by Luther Dixon and Willy Denison (when black music was a LOT better...and quieter).
One line rang SO true yesterday..."Mama said there'd be days like this...there'd be days like this my mama said..."
(But MY mom just NEVER said we'd have SO damn MANY IN A ROW down here...lol)
Now, I had to begin today's post on this musical note, because YESTERDAY (Monday) was a complete and utter clusterf*ck in OUR part of the ghettohood.
Lots more about that, but first, let's take care of some other quasi-important stories:
*** Item - Payton Manning becomes a Denver Bronco (with a $95 MIL contract); Tim Tebow gets punted elsewhere.
(damn shame - Tebow would have been a great understudy and fine QB)
*** Item - Double Shooting on the ...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE of Ft. Wayne.
Here's the link (and video) to the story:
More black-related gunplay (at 2-frigging-AM of all times - when NORMAL folks are asleep!) in another one of our favorite low-income housing projects, funded by TAXPAYERS.
The suspect is currently AT-LARGE (typical), and guess what? NO description of the shooter...not even from the male arguing with him, or the female that also MUST have seen him....that's just A-F$cking-Mazing, isn't it?
(no, actually it's fairly TYPICAL of such people, who have an inbred disdain for the law and law-enforcement...and to think this is just "a spit and a slide" from the soon-to-be former HQ building the FWPD is MOVING FROM to go downtown...go figure.)
*** Item - Wendy's dethrones Burger King as the NUMBER 2 burger chain...(yay)
Here's the story:
I was telling Wifey that I guess this now means TWO things:
1) More whites go to Wendy's
2) More blacks will start fights IN Wendy's
C'mon now, we DO have to have that "racial balance", right?
Look out Chick-Fil-A...you're NEXT...lol
*** Item - FWA (where's the *I* they used to have, as in international?) gets a new chief.
Here's the story:
I never had much respect for Richardson...never returned any emails I sent him regarding MY concerns about VERY low-flying passenger planes.
Glad he's gone, personally-speaking.
What I did find remarkable is the fact that the article mentions this ...(cue music of doom)...TWENTY-YEAR MASTERPLAN...no sh*t. That's exactly what they said in the story. I was flabbergasted...and with good reason.
The thing is, I FIRST said such a statement HERE...back on 30 OCTOBER, 2007 (archives), when I noticed that the airport wanted to put in a PARALLEL runway to (the current) 2-3 (N/S). THAT spoke volumes to me, as to what was going to happen in THIS part of the city.
And since their localizer was busted for ages, that didn't matter, as the FAA allowed planes to overfly us on approach to 2-3 UNDER the FAA minimum safe altitude of a 4-mile outbound location for the "stepdown". It USED to be 1100 feet, but was "changed" to 700 feet (with some planes coming over even LOWER than that)
Don't let the door hit 'ya in the ass on the way out, Tory...I'm not going to MISS 'ya! (unless I'm blindfolded and pointed in the wrong direction....lol)
Meanwhile...we now return you to your previously-scheduled and aforementioned CLUSTERF$CK...
*** You see, there is some construction going on along the 500-600 blocks of Pettit Ave, and well, traffic just HAD to be re-routed up and down OUR street, along with Maple Grove, which parallels Pettit.
What astounds me, was that NONE of this was forewarned on ANY media source...AT ALL (unlike the recent Clinton St. construction, closing and subsequent detours that allowed people to PLAN an alternate route).
We FINALLY heard about the road construction TODAY (day late and a dollar short, as usual) on WOWO (radio) and WANE (TV)...like THAT will make a huge change in anything.
And speaking of "routes", we've become a thru-point for the CITILINK buses as well...(oh, joy).
This is "supposed" to continue until FRIDAY (talk about a "target-rich environment" for my BB and paintball pistols and slingshot...LOL).
All of this has created the "perfect storm" for NOISE...as in loud-ass boomcar morons by the score, not to mention a twofold INCREASE in traffic along streets that were NEVER designed to handle such things!
Then there are those who are STOPPING on our N/S street while others are IGNORING the YIELD sign on the E/W street...gonna be fun to see who creates the FIRST fender-bender.
Naturally, we are getting the bleedover BOOMCARS from Pettit and Hanna Sts. as well...
Cripes, we had close to TWENTY, and we hadn't yet hit the "witching hour" of 1500 hrs. (3PM) yet, when the boomcar boyz really start their sh*t.
The GRAND total for the day (until midnight) came to THIRTY-TWO (not counting the ones that were not quite loud enough to take notice of, which were many)...!
Now, HOW is that "acceptable" to anyone anywhere for any reason?
Curiously enough, I only saw ONE (count 'em...1) FWPD unmarked cruiser come by, not stopping at all to direct traffic.
And man-oh-man are THEY missing a sh*tload of TICKETS that COULD be written. (Boomcars by day, improper vehicular lighting at night...along with more boomcars and bad muffler-mobiles)
This LACK of "concern" from both City Hall's traffic management and the FWPD command staff bothers me greatly (hey, it's not the lower echelon officers' fault), as I tend to NOT bother others with MY music, gunfire, shouting, or anything that could come close to a level of disrespect that ALL these others seem to employ with impunity on a daily basis (that the police are charged to all but ignore...from the top honcho).
And since I have sent MONTHLY "reports" to our quadrant captain, she SHOULD be very aware of the situation regarding the noise levels and frequency down here...after SEVEN YEARS (you'd think, anyway...right?).
Apparently, not so much.
With THIS construction gig, I wonder WHAT (if anything) will be done for the taxpaying citizens that have to endure this crap we've had thrust upon us?
I mean, those I know in the department cannot create policy and go against the "grain" of the "kingship" in place downtown...sad to say.
Hell, they can't even enforce policy they KNOW to be good...as long as they're told something else that needs to be done to assuage the "good old boy admins" in power.
I often said that the Community-Oriented Policing program was only workable IF you had a "community" to work with it.
I now have to add that it's only as good as the "suits" make it seem to the FEDS, so they can snag some quick cash for other programs (non-related to actual crime PREVENTION)...and that's WHY we have SO many "broken windows" down here in the ghettohood.
What is REALLY needed is more PROBLEM-Oriented Policing, because we've got a lot more PROBLEMS than "communities" down here, regardless of what the media says...they don't live down here every day. They don't see what I see, hear what I hear, or even feel as I have come to feel....they just report what they're told to, in order to make some sensationalistic copy for the 6 &11 O' clock slots.
Well, truth WILL be told here...that much is fact.
The city is all but fostering a racial divide, and this has been going on since just before Harvester closed.
They have corralled most all the lowlife ethnics down into the SE, because those displaced by Harvester had to seek jobs elsewhere, or retired outright.
The SE side was ripe for "picking", as they say, and pick (apart) this area, the city certainly did.
Little oversight for improvement, Realtors rarely bothered listing houses (they became the domain of the private sellers), auctions by the score when THOSE houses were defaulted against (and not by the original owners), and on and on it went, until properties down here became SO damn cheap, that all the deadbeat landlords sucked them up, placing the whores, druggies, sex offenders, gangstas, and welfare queens into these soon-to-become rapidly declining properties.
The city tosses the scraps of what they call "improvement" down here, but that's after the fact, and way too little to make ANY change for the better.
The politicians state ALL that they're doing...which is more of the same (read as little as possible) slapping some NEW paint and shingles on whatever, and allowing the morons that infest this area who couldn't see the difference if they were SHOWN it...and couldn't care less, because YOU are paying for THEIR lives (as well as your own) all but free reign.
It's little wonder that you CAN fool most of the people most of the time, especially if you build up every OTHER aspect of the city while neglecting OUR area...but there are a few of us that KNOW the truth...and will share it, because others also have to know what they're dealing with...and why.
And that's the main reason the Shirelles will definitely have a fonder spot in my heart today.
Such music will serve to enlighten...and not just entertain...if we listen closely.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

We live near a small airport and I can relate to the low-flying planes. It is a shame that Richardson did not respond--even if he just did it as a courtesy.

Sounds like the warm weather has brought lots of unwanted stuff your way.

Bob G. said...

Hey, SLam!
Good to you "back in action" again...missed your sage wisdom and keen observations.

Yeah, the LAST airport chief (Skip Miller) was a real stand-up guy...actually MET with me (at the FWIA) to explain the situation with the localizer (sets altitudes for inbound aircraft on IFR approaches), that they couldn't get parts to fix it, and the FAA wasn't busting their hump to GET it fixed...the people here NEVER knew about that to this day.

Yeah, when warm weather comes EARLY (on the SE side of Ft. Wayne)...so do ALL the problems around here, either on TWO legs...or FOUR wheels.

(The North or South pole is looking better and better...I think Roald Amundsen was onto something...lol)

Thanks much for stopping by today and commenting.

Roll safe out there.

gadfly said...

I am not at all sure why Baer Field is called "Fort Wayne International Airport," since as far as I can recall , we have not had a commercial flight scheduled directly to or from a foreign airport. WTF, if runway length is the measure to be used used for adopting high-sounding names, the new chief honcho might want to rename the airport, Fort Wayne Intergalactic.

Bob G. said...


I once had a chance to see the museum they USED to have open to the general public (at Baer Field)...amazing stuff.
Learned a LOT about Lt. Baer and how the airfield came to be named after him.

I always liked that name...had a more "user-friendly" turn to it.
(just like Smith Field up north)

If anything, we are a REGIONAL airport...a FEEDER air facility to the REAL "International" airports...nothing more.

If FWIA has in fact become FWA, then I thank them for at least getting it RIGHT...lol.

And from what I've managed to read about the STATS of the airport...we DO have ONE of the LONGEST runways this side of the Mississippi.

We CAN accomodate Air Force One (codename: Angel), in fact...easily.
As for the Space Shuttle?
Not anytime soon.

But I did hear we're supposed to get more CARGO flights, and that COULD mean some 747SP models (short-bodies) or the regular ones.
God knows how much THAT will rearrange our furniture when THEY come in to land...(shades of the movie Airport)...!

Hey, thanks for stopping on by and commenting today.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe out there

John D. said...

Wendy's is beating BK because they have the ultimate weapon: The Baconator®.

CWMartin said...

Yeah, I remember when the 20-year plan said that due to traffic increase, we needed a "relief" airport out at Casad depot east of New Haven. Residents bitched, the idea died off and five or ten years later, they were telling us that Smith Field needed closed. That died off as well, and now we have another 20-year plan. The only thing 20 about any of the plans is that you gotta be 20 kinds of stupid to think any of them will last more than three years.

Unlike road projects, as you found out. But you hadda figure something like this would happen when you started posting "boomcar records"- just in time to skew the record out of all proportion. Moral of the story- only count when necessary.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Man, have you got THAT one right...
They're fantastic!!!
(those frosties make it go down oh so damn good, too).

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting (and for making me HUNGRY, now...lol)

Stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

ROFL...20 kinds if stupid...God, I love the way you think!

Yeah, maybe all those "hits" to my blog are from the suits downtown...looking for ways to chase US from our "fortress"...would make a marvelous "conspiracy theory", don'cha think?

(("Let's make them WISH they ONLY had 20 boomcars per day by screwing with traffic so they hear OVER 40 per day...bwahahahahaha"))

Sounds like the "good old boys" all right.

They ALL need to get REAL jobs or at least figure out how the hell to do the ONES they have.
Either way.

Thanks much for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe up there.