03 April 2012

Believe It...Or Else...
Yes, friends, if it's the first Tuesday of the 4th month of the year, that means it's time once again for some stories that will get you scratching your head in disbelief, pondering the improbable, and questioning the impossible.
And, it also means that whatever I was going to post today got tossed out the window and I decided to limp this one back to the barn instead...LOL.
So, without any further ado, let's get cracking.
*** Suppose that after EIGHTEEN YEARS, a once settled (and notorious) criminal case reared it head AGAIN...would you be interested?
Well, the O.J. Simpson murder case has some startling (but circumstantial) evidence that can prove that O.J. was NOT the murderer.
Here's but one (of many) links to the story:
Now, I've an affinity for this case, and my position has changed more than several times over those years, but the credibility of the P.I. that has been investigating this during the time that's passed lends itself to perhaps another, and more thorough revisit to the case.
What was weird to me, was that my (first) wife and I had flown back from the L.A. area the day AFTER this occurred (and no, I was nowhere near the neighborhood in question, and I have witnesses that were with me). It was damn odd to see all this unfold while UNPACKING from that trip to the left coast.
You do have to remember that the P.I., one William Dear is promoting his book ABOUT his findings (576 pages in length).
Mr. Dear makes some very good points about WHO really killed Nicole and Ron Goldman, but what surprises me is that the investigative team back THEN seemed to MISS all this...makes on wonder WHY?
We will have to see what the pundits and reviewers have to say on this, and then make OUR OWN decision.
Guilty or innocent? It might not be over just yet...even after 18 years.
*** And that reminds me, I've been neglectful of another blogger who has written his OWN book (a novel).
So, allow me a few moments to hawk his goods here and now.
He's a PPD officer (A Philly guy - I liked that from the get-go), and his blog is called SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL GUNFIGHTER (link at left - the "usual suspects"), and goes by the handle of Wyatt Earp (another reason to like him).
Take a stop over there and buy the book...or at least check out the link found here:
I think you'll find his honesty refreshing, as I have.
And it's a way for him to live a dream; to get published (and not necessarily rich, trust me).
Anyone that wants to reach for their dream has got MY vote.
So maybe it's not a classic...it IS from the heart (and mind) of a good officer, and that's enough for me.
(and no, my check is NOT in the mail...I do it gratis...lol)
*** Next up, some local "fun and games".
The Citilink buses here in the Summit City are rarely PACKED (unlike other cities), so it's little wonder that sooner or later we'd have something like THIS, given the nature of those riding them:
Nyelah Hayes, 29, thought it would be a good idea to bring a KNIFE to a "bus-fight", and she came up short on that premise.
(Even though the story doesn't say, you wanna bet what her ethnicity is?)
An altercation broke out over something that another passenger, one Juwan Jones, 33 (wonder what HIS ethnicity is, hmm?) made about her.
There are times when keeping one's piehole the hell SHUT works wonders.
Must have been something REALLY bad that was said for Nyelah to pull out that steak knife. (maybe she was headed to Sizzler and preferred using her OWN utensils? I can relate)
Anyhow, it was Nyelah who wound up getting cut on her hand with that knife.
Other passengers were transferred to another bus.
Hayes was charged with disorderly conduct, attempted (and failed) battery, and criminal recklessness. Jones was able to disarm, says the article.
Nothing about him PROVOKING the "attack", though...guess it still IS okay to GOAD someone into doing something STUPID.
(note to self - that should work on almost ALL the locals down here.)
*** When is it fine for a police officer to catch a few Zs while on duty?
Answer: NEVER, as pointed out in THIS story:

Yeah, officer Gregory Addison was on "candid camera" in his OWN squad car when the "nap" happened.
Big Brother IS watching (the officers) but who watches the watchers (besides me)?
Along with this suspension were a few others and a couple of promotions to SGT.
*** Now, the NCAA "March Madness" crap is FINALLY over (Kentucky won - big, fat, hairy deal).
And wouldn't you just KNOW something like THIS (madness) was going to happen, given the nature of the beast:

Again, we see that "celebratory gunfire" when improperly applied, DOES result in serious injury...well, DUH!!!
This is in addition to numerous FIRES that were set with DOZENS being arrested.
There was even a wreck involving a FIRE ENGINE in Lexington, KY.
I'd be very careful about setting those fires....and for one important reason.
*** The parents of Trayvon Martin ask for probe of the special prosecutor.
And here I thought his parents were okay and "down with that" prosecutor coming on board...imagine that.
Here's the story:
To say this case has developed a "life of it's own" would be understatement.
And certain people are calling for "taking this to the NEXT level"...
I wonder what that's INFERRING, anyway?
Civil disobedience? Rioting? Looting? Burning parts of cities across America DOWN?
Personally, I'd have to say ALL of the above.
That's JUST the way such people (with an entitlement mentality) operate, and it COULD wind up taxing the resources of the police department across America.
(gee, time for Obama to roll out that "civilian police force" he talked about a couple years back?)
There is a VERY short fuse on this powder keg, and if we're ALL not careful, someone's gonna light the damn thing the hell OFF, and then we'll have a lot more crap hitting a lot more fans, directly MAINLY against the more lighter-skinned of our populace.
It's only going to take ONE asshole doing ONE WRONG thing at the WRONG time to the WRONG person.
*** Lastly today, it can be said that America is at a "crossroads" (I look at it more like a "five-points" )...in many ways.
One need look only to the housing market, the economy, the Middle East conflicts, our currency, inflation, civil unrest, and several other things to notice as much. And the immediate future is not looking ALL that rosy, either.
In the long term, I believe we WILL prevail and remain a major global player, but until then, we're going have to traverse some really rocky ground.
Think of it as a mountain trail...twists, turns, ups, down, and a few critters tossed in for good measure (like that snake under that rock you just kicked accidentally). We need to be prepared for whatever lies ahead.
The foliage might be think, but we can find a way THROUGH it.
The trail might be treacherous, but we will find a way PAST it.
And the journey might be prolonged, but we shall ENDURE it.
There was never a guarantee that life would be easy, and that every obstacle would be magically removed from all our paths.
Hell, it's JUST such things that allow us to learn, and thereby develop character.
We need to never lose sight of that, or of the eventual completion OF this journey, and whatever hazards we find.
Just something to think about...that's all.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John D. said...

"Now, the NCAA "March Madness" crap is FINALLY over (Kentucky won - big, fat, hairy deal)."

Glad to see I'm not the only one that feels this way about MM. :)

Interesting read about the OJ case. I've heard of Dear before. He's been pretty successful as a PI. He might be on to something, but we'll probably never know for sure.

I read this piece about the Trayvon Martin case on the Washington Times website and thought you might find it interesting:
Debunking the ‘stand your ground’ myth

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Nice to see there's TWO of us...(wow, enough to start a "movement")...LOL.

I figure you heard about Bill Dear...he's got a good track record and speaks at many police functions and seminars.

That link IS quite interesting.

Our Indiana (no retreat) law is an adjunct to our CASTLE DOCTRINE law, and that applies to being AT HOME or ON one's property (or in my case, in one's fortress/castle...lol)

Makes me wonder what would shake out if Wifey and I were attacked at say...a PARKING LOT?

Should absolve me nicely, as far as the whole "retreat/stand my ground" aspect is stated.

That probable cause also usually dictates that there is sufficient evidence in some way that would amend that "reason or cause" behind the detainment or arrest.
Such has not been forthcoming w/ Zimmerman, and that explains much regarding the actions of the local police.
A VERY good link...great explanation.

Thanks much for taking the time to roll on up today and comment.

Stay safe out there.

Momma Fargo said...

Good day, Bob G.!

You knew the Trayvon Martin case was going to take a course of its own. It is going just as suspected. Crazy down a path of US division and public disaster.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Living the life I've led (which seems several lifetimes ago...lol)took me to some "interesting" places, and I got to see a LOT of "stuff"...good AND bad.

Human nature is the ONE thing that, no matter HOW much you're exposed to, rarely if ever changes.
In fact, after a while, it becomes VERY predictable.

Right now, we're walking a VERY thin line between justice and chaos.

The LAST thing we need is anyone to go off half-cocked and do something really DUMB...and that includes making conclusions before ALL the facts are in.

The ramifications of such rhetoric can only lead down a very dark path...and we don't want to go there, whether you're in UNIFORM or just an average citizen.

Hey, hope you're feeling better and I appreciate you taking the time to stop on by today to comment.

Roll safe (and codone-free) oput there.

ms nk rey said...

According to Fox News the audio recording of Zimmerman and the police dispatcher was edited.. Shocking I know.. here is a link

Bob G. said...

That's a really good link...thank you.
The audio was "abbreviated" (by the lame-stream media) for some reason, and whenever you do that, it can change the ENTIRE tone OF that audio.
FOX played the whole thing, and it adds interesting things like when dispatch asked Zimmerman "Is the person black, white or HISPANCI (and not "white-Hispanic".

Seems trivial to some, but when taken in context of the WHOLE investigation, makes things a bit more clear.
Such editing "license" is the kind of thing that will inflame some people even more
Bad for NBC - good for FOX.

Thanks again for the link and for spending time here today to comment.

Stay safe down there.