02 April 2012

Monday Musings...
Welcome to APRIL, and the showers that come with it...or so they say.
Supposed to have a nice day in the Heartland, with a chance of showers later this evening.
But, we've plenty of things to attend to this spring morning, and with today's post packed tighter than Ron Jeremy's BVDs, we should get busy checking it all out. (but I'll pass on the BVDs thing)
Oh, and just so you know...we DID NOT hit that mega-lottery, so if you were expecting that huge gift from us...sorry, wasn't our fault.
*** First up a very good OP-ED in today's paper about how Al Sharpton (one of only several men in America that sets back the black race EVERY time he opens his mouth) is not exactly "helping" the whole Trayvon martin search for justice.
Here's the link to the original editorial from the Bloomberg Report:
It's a decent read and and chronicles the gaffes perpetrated by Sharpton over the years, going way back to the 1987 Tawana Brawley incident (in and of itself quite a troubling story)...and yet people STILL buy into his rhetoric.
How soon we even forget the DUKE LACROSSE TEAM mishandling and "rush to judgment" led by Sharpton.
Now, I tend to embrace a few "lost causes" in my OWN right...like trying to get the FWPD to patrol MY area sufficiently to quell the ever-rising number of boomcars (which we'll discuss a little later here), and to shut down various houses where drugs play an important part of fostering a continuance of illicit activities, but at least in MY situation, the END RESULT is actually a BETTER neighborhood than when I started...IF those in City hall would heed my rallying cry and get off their asses and DO something.
*** Next, we have another very good article by Bob Aldridge, a local firearms instructor.
The article is about carrying a firearm in it's holster UNLESS and UNTIL you are presented with a clear and present danger.
Guns are not for "show and tell" he says...and he's correct.
Deaths from improper handling of weapons under such circumstances have resulted from such displays.
Your responsibility is NOT to have "public safety demonstrations" with your firearm...
I know that just having a HOLSTERED piece on your hip is often quite sufficient to dissuade some braggart, especially when you lean your hand upon the holster...and SMILE...a lot.
Word to the wise time here...and it works.
*** Next, we have a situation.that just SCREAMS "WTF???"
Are ICE CREAM TRUCKS too loud?
Does that repetitive melody of "Pop Goes the Weasel" (aside from conjuring up memories of grade school OR the Three Stooges) make you cringe in terror, or cause you to turn up YOUR TV or stereo in your house?
Apparently, some folks ARE bothered by this...and to some degree.
Here are some links you'll find very interesting:
(That was in Massachusetts back in 2011)
And this one:
(That story was from back in 2010)
Now, you have to understand that (apparently) ICE CREAM TRUCKS are EXEMPT from noise regulations...
Yes Virginia, they can play "Turkey in the Straw" repeatedly at loud levels
And here's the proof:
They just can't play the music TOO loud...
Wonder what constitutes "too" loud anyway?
Someone out there with a DECIBEL METER, checking things out?
Amazing that ice cream trucks get a pass...for music that doesn't have a THUMPING BASS while ALL these damn boomcars get ignored, isn't it?
Oh, wait...SOME cities actually DO cite noise violators, and some EVEN confiscate the VEHICLES...just not here in Fort Wayne (unless you're thumping in a NICE neighborhood or near a city official's house...THEN you get busted).
A marvelous DUPLICITY at work here, is it not?
*** And that brings us to the center of today's shrubbery maze.
Boomcars...I hate them...honestly.
Actually, I hate those that drive them, because of their blatant disregard and disrespect for OTHERS.
We ALL have our likes and dislikes, but when it comes to things we REALLY like, do most of us go and FORCE such things on others with no reason or excuse other than we CAN do it?
Certainly not, otherwise, I'd have a lot of people around here that were choked to death when I poured hot coffee down their throats as they walked my streets (because I LIKE it...they have to also, right?). We (meaning most of us) tend to be a lot more CIVIL in that regard...and admittedly so.
We were brought up with VALUES and PRINCIPLES...and BOUNDARIES.
We didn't bother anyone when we played outside...or we were called inside, PRONTO.
We just didn't scream our lungs out because we could...or run slipshod over everyone else's property becasue it was simply THERE.
That was THEIRS...and we had our OWN property to play on.
Same goes for music - to each...his (or her) own.
Now, I find it astounding that the ONLY music that exclusively is played at decibel levels rivalling jet aircraft ramping up for takeoff is (c) RAP music.
Well, there is some rock and roll, but none of the pure exclusivity that rap "enjoys" (and I do not).
In all my years, I have NEVER heard SAMMY DAVIS JR being played loud enough to shake my house.
Same goes for SARA EVANS...or FRANK SINATRA...or even the STAR WARS SOUNDTRACK or TED NUGENT, and Ted begs to be played loud. I know...I attended a sh*tload of his concerts - great performer with a lot of class.
So WHY this infringement upon OUR ears and our lives (and rights), with seemingly NO intervention BY the local constabulary, hmm?
They can cite an ICE CREAM man in Boston, but they can't (or won't) ticket the thousands of boomcar violations here in Fort Wayne?
Yep...DUPLICITY at it's FINEST, folks.
Wonder how those loudass drivers would take to MY "hobby" of PAINT BALLING their obnoxious vehicles...and how long that would last before *I* was arrested for expressing MY self while "having fun" on my OWN property?
*** Lastly today, got to watch a lot (read marathon) of Three Stooges features yesterday on our "Antenna TV" station, along with some classic BENNY HILL later on...not a bad April Fool's Day.
I did have a "joke" of sorts indirectly played upon me...courtesy of all those local boomers driving past the house.
When I went outside to turn on the garage lights, one of the floods didn't go on. I figured it was blown out, as they tend to do over time...
So, out I go with ladder in one hand, replacement bulb in the other.
UP the ladder I go, and when I went to remove the bulb, I rotated it slightly the wrong way (tighten), and lo and behold, the light CAME BACK ON...!
Apparently, the bulb was VIBRATED loose enough to break the contact and keep it from going on...imagine that.
Nah, those boomcars don't bother anyone...just cultural "expression"...MY ASS!
It makes me wonder if the CITY would back up their claims to such nonsense when I send them a bill for the slight cracks that are appearing in our plaster walls INSIDE out house from all that (non-existent, yet cultural) vibratory expression.
I don't plan to hold MY breath waiting...
But I DO Plan on continuing my fight (read open war) against these loudasses, because people have a right to that "quiet-repose" our mayor is SO keen on reminding us that we HAVE...or in our case, have NOT.
Have yourselves a great (and hopefully noise-free) week.
Remember it is HOLY WEEK, not that those boomcars will take kindly to THAT one.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

Rain rain go away...

I'll have to take a look at the article on "Slick Al." Such the opportunist.

I remember enjoying enforcing the noise and window tint ordinances; much more than any of the other ones.

Enjoy your day Bob.

Bob G. said...

Hey, the rain HERE shuts up sopme of those boomcars....LOL!

As for "Al", I really diislike giving him ANY "time" here, but he's so out of control these days (along with Jesse Jackson) that this NEEDS to be made as available to as many as possible.
Call it a "public service announcement" of my OWN...lol.

I wish they WOULD enforce BOTH the NOISE and the WINDOW TINT ordinances HERE (down where WE lie)...be a welcome CHANGE from whatever is passing for the "status quo", and it's not like they are NOT able TO BE ENFORCED, as you mentioned (unless the top dogs dictate otherwise)...they CAN be REAL fun(esp. when contraband is "discovered" during a search)...right?

Thanks a lot for taking time and droping on by today to comment.

Stay safe out there.

John D. said...

Al Charlatan is a cancer, and should be treated as such. Surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation, take your pick. I vote for all three, just to be sure.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Have to hand it to 'ya partner...when you're RIGHT...you're DAMN RIGHT!

And to think that NBC released "doctored" 911 tapes from Zimmerman (total falsehoods in abbreviations)...the same PARENT company that has a channel (MSNBC) that has a 1/2 show hosted BY Sharpton...imagine that.

You add up Sharpton and Jackson and then add in Farakkhan, and you not only have the TRUE instigators of RACISM in America, but you have a perfect storm of rioting, looting, and more "free stuff" whenever they want to get some.
(all in the name of "reparations", mind you).

What a farce perpetrated upon ALL Americans...
Damn shame some can't see the forest for the trees.
It might take those chains off their wrists and snkles a LOT sooner.

But that's just my take on it.
(an old white guy that lived through the civil rights era, and had MANY friends of color...and took heat from whites because of it)

Glad to see we've "progressed" so far since then..(he said sarcastically).

Hey, thanks much for taking the time to roll on up today and comment.

You stay safe out there.