13 April 2012

Friday Follies...
End of another week with a Friday the 13th staring at us...(almost forgot that one), and a break in this seasonal weather we've been enjoying. We're slated for highs in the mid to upper seventies through Sunday, but NOT without a good chance of rain during the same period (gonna play hell with me trying to mow the lawn under such conditions).
Naturally, we've no shortage of "stuff" happening out there, so I think it's high time to put aside our "superstitious nature" for the day, and get to seeing what all the hubbub is about...fair enough?
*** Wouldn't you just know we'd have ANOTHER house fire on the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST side of Ft. Wayne.
And here's the link to the story:
Responders said the fire was in both the kitchen (big surprise there) as well as the living room.
And it occurred around 0130 hrs. (typical time for these mooks to go cook something and then leave it unattended).
I mean fires RARELY start THEMSELVES, right?
They kinda need some help, and they can always find plenty down here with the level of education and class these people tend to shun.
At least the PETS got out okay (as did the resident).
It's funny, the brief article almost makes it appear as if the house spontaneously caught fire (as they all seem to do down here).
Hell, at THIS rate, we could the ONLY house standing in say...another 12 years...!
(think THAT would make our property value go UP then?)
*** An early morning credit union robbery (yesterday) in New Haven (just east of Ft. Wayne) netted two robbers some cash AND a getaway vehicle (now THAT is service even my bank doesn't have).
Here's the story:
What I want to know is what is meant by "apparently armed with a handgun"...either you ARE...or you're aren't (unless they're now counting FINGERS IN POCKETS).
The two men are described as wearing dark masks and dark clothing...no other description is available.
Now, here I was all set to applaud the fact that it might have been two BLACK guys that pulled this off, but then I realized that pretty much ALL the ones in MY part of the ghettohood NEVER get up THAT early. And the few (all five of them) that DO are usually off to REAL jobs.
(( Editor's update: Whoops, spoke too soon - The men WERE described as being BLACK, so I guess THESE two didn't get home to sleep yet, and wanted somthing to do to pass the time.))
The getaway vehicle that belonged to one of the employees and is described as a 2009 Saturn Vue (SUV) with Indiana In God We Trust tag RLE654.
(Don't worry, I am looking to see if it comes through OUR area)
*** Another prime example of the "STAND YOUR GROUND" law in Indiana.
Here's the story link:
This happened around 2215 hrs last night up in the Black Bear Creek Apartments, on the 1600 block of Reed Rd, just north of Lake Avenue.
Now, when you kick in someone's door (armed with a handgun) with the purpose of something illegal in mind, you might want to consider "IF" the resident has his OWN gun, brandishes it with rapidity...and is more than happy yo "show" it to you...BULLETS FIRST.
That is exactly what transpired during this botched attempt. The perp got shot...and he staggered off about 100 feet, where he dropped to the ground.
He was transported to hospital where he died shortly afterward.
Guess we can call this homicide number SIX?
Police did not say what TYPES of weapons were used...(I'd say one that WORKED DAMN WELL for the resident)
No names, motives, or arrests have been made, and the investigation is ongoing.
(the police will be the first to tell you that IF you have to shoot someone, make sure it's INSIDE your residence...and dragging them back INTO it counts, as well...just so's you know)
*** Just as soon as baseball season begins, we tend to see more stories like THIS little gem:
Yep, some duffus alpha male with no regard for women in general (and his "girlfriend" in particular) decided to practice his "swing"...on HER!
Now, this ALSO occurred in the early morning (0248 hrs) in the 6300 block of High Point Run in the northern part of the city.
(nice neighborhood, too)
At least the dumbass male had the decency to call 911 and ADMIT to battering his girlfriend with the bat.
As usual, names are being withheld at this time, pending the investigation.
The female was transported to hospital in critical condition.
*** Lastly today, this weekend marks the centennial of the sinking of the Titanic, and if you look hard enough, you'll find some interesting shows on TV (History and Nat-Geo channels specifically), regarding this tragedy.
As I mentioned earlier this week, the cruise ship Malbamor has set sail on a chartered cruise that will RETRACE the voyage of the ill-fated liner from 1912.
What I find interesting are the back stories about not only the Titanic, but her sister ships, Olympic and Britannic.
Everything from the actual building of those three ocean-going behemoths to personal recollections from passengers.
And if you really want to read a most fascinating story, look up the name VIOLET JESSOP
Here's her WIKI:
This has got to be one of the most remarkable accounts to one's life that I have ever read about.
This young woman was a REAL survivor, and when you look into her life, you'll understand exactly WHY.
Sadly, she passed back in 1971, but her accounts are worth a read..trust me.
I wish I could believe that I could have that much personal fortitude, but then again, I have never had the opportunity to be thrust headlong into such situations as she was.
I suppose it comes down to the human condition...as it should.
We take life as it comes at us, for we can never predict with any certainty what will transpire in our future.
We can propose possibilities, and thereby exact that which we need to do to either avoid such things, or allow such things to occur, as long as we understand the outcome (which is something else we can never fully predict).
Life is to be cherished, that much is known...or should be.
But above all...life is to be LIVED, and whenever possible...to it's FULLEST.
Now there's something to ponder over the next 72 hours.
Have yourselves a fantastic weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

Got to watch out for those spontaneous fires. In our little college town, the locals had to crack down on the slum lords renting to students. Combine carefree young folks with poor rental management and it was a regular fire department action series here.

Thanks for the pitch on Violet's story Bob. Off to read it now.

Have a good weekend.

Momma Fargo said...

Have a great weekend,Bob G. And I love, love the sign...found here tonight...found here tomorrow. Tee hee. Gave me a good chuckle.

Keep those Fort Wayneians honest and accountable.

Bob G. said...

...And here I thought SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION was only limited to the HUMAN BODY (who knew?)

Yeah, the deadbeat slumords are certainly to blame for MUCH of this.
Totally irresponsible.

You WILL find the Violet Jessop story a mind-boggling one.

Thanks for stopping on by today to comment.
Stay safe out there this weekend.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I thought you'd get a kick outta that sign...
(one of my personal faves)

Right up there with the: "GUN CONTROL MEANS USING BOTH HANDS" one...LOL.

Hon, I am dyin' from tryin' when attempting to keep ANY of these mooks honest AND accountable.
(Fighting City Hall for the hell of it.)

I also like to keep my distance as well...safety FIRST, eh?
(and a strong hand on the holster thumb-break)

Thanks for rolling on uptodaty and commenting.

You stay safe out there this weekend.