12 April 2012

Thoughts For Thursday...
Being able to stare another day in the face in the early morning is something I suppose I will NEVER tire of.
Hearing the songbirds pierce the silence with their chirping just seems to make living a bit more worth it.
Now, before the din of the locals and their cacophony comes along and spoils this wonderful reverie, let's get busy with today's post, shall we?
*** First up, the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"You don't hurt 'em if you don''t hit 'em".
This is attributable to our old friend, Lieutenant General Lewis "Chesty" Puller, quoted in: Burke Davis, Marine, 1961
Sadly, author Burke Davis passed in 2006, but this book is still in print and available.
And the WIKI for Chesty Puller can be found HERE:
He was the MOST decorated marine in history...and one hell of a patriot.
Moving on...
*** Can we say that since the arrest of George Zimmerman for SECOND degree murder of Trayvon Martin, the nation can sleep easier?
Not if you hold any credence in what Michelle Williams (of the Tampa NBPP) has to say.
Here is part of a transcript (with accompanying audio) from a conference call "to action":
If anyone other than me thinks this is a dangerous person, please join in raising your hand.
She is more INCITEFUL than INSIGHTFUL, that's for sure, and her spewing vitriolic hate in such a manner can only serve to toss fuel onto an already smoldering fire.
But let's step back to Zimmerman for a moment...he TURNED HIMSELF IN, rather than have the po-po go and look for him (not a flight risk), and the special prosecutor IS charging him with 2nd degree murder and not merely manslaughter...that can be a game-changer.
It has already been said that when given a voice-stress analysis test, Zimmerman PASSED, so he wasn't lying to the police when he was first taken in after the shooting. So, where does all this go from here?
Personally, I think that some people won't be happy unless they SEE Zimmerman hanging from some tree in Tampa.
And I also think there will be some people that STILL won't be content even if they DO see him like that.
There are those that demand the "pound of flesh" from Zimmerman, and I would like to believe that our judicial system would be adequate to render the proper judgment in this case.
I also believe that the current judicial system is highly FLAWED, and needs serious repair.
Now, just suppose that after a jury trail, that the defense makes it compelling enough that Zimmerman gets a reduced sentence or perhaps is acquitted...how will THAT shake out?
Short answer: Not that well.
When these folks who demand BLOOD are denied that, I would become quite concerned with the safety of anyone who is not black, and that includes Asians, Hispanics, and all those from other nations living here who are light-skinned, including the Jewish population.
We can already see the anti-Semitic sentiment by some fringe groups...that goes relatively UNpunished by the "system", and we can also see that other groups, like the NBPP get a "free pass" as well (how SOON we forget the voter intimidation in 2010, or the racist comments directed against whites on South St in Philly around the same time).
THESE are the really dangerous people in America today.
And if the DoJ (read Eric Holder) can stop sending guns to Mexico, or suing Apple Corp. long enough to notice this, and then DO something about it, other than ignore it, we might ALL be a lot safer.
Suppose Zimmerman IS found guilty as charged and sentenced...will it all just "go away" and we'll be done with it?
Short answer: Not hardly.
What I can see coming from this is some type of gun control...rest assured. Take guns from the law-abiding, and we all know that when you outlaw guns, the only citizens having them will be outlaws.
I can also see more race-baiting (by blacks) in order to precipitate ANOTHER instance like the Martin shooting...so they can get riled back up again.
The whole "stand your ground" aspect to self-defense could be rendered as toothless as an 18 year old bloodhound!
More people would become "targets of opportunity", thanks to such knee-jerk reactions.
Hell, it could even make law-enforcement take a step back, sad to say.
It's like I said a few days ago when I mentioned the "nature of the beast"...human nature, if you will.
Some folks will stop at nothing to take anything they can from anyone else...be it the ability to defend oneself to one's possessions or life.
And these folks are the ones that need to be stopped, before this gets too much further in the out-of-control realm.
Meanwhile, back at Fort Apache, the Bronx...
*** They finally released the name of the FWPD officer that shot (and eventually killed) the shooter (the STILL recently-deceased Marcus A. Hayden, 26) of the deputy U.S. Marshal earlier this week at the Eden Green (taxpayer-sponsored) Apartments..
Here's the story link:
I know it might be hard for Officer Derrick Demorest, a 9-year veteran of the department, to realize that he had to take a life, but given the situation, he made the RIGHT call (Hayden was still armed and dangerous).
Besides, a shotgun blast to the torso (as was mentioned in the story) tends to settle things with a lot more permanency.
Not too bad for an 8 year veteran of the Marines, who also served 2 tours in Iraq with the Indiana National Guard. As is SOP, the officer is on "administrative leave".
Case closed there, as far as I'm concerned.
(and another thug bites the dust)
*** What's a city to do when you're given $8.5 MILLION DOLLARS...?
That's the scenario that's playing out on Ft. Wayne.
Here's the story link:
Mayor (read King) Henry wants to achieve a balance between city needs and neighborhood needs...how "noble" of him.
I say just blow the wad UP NORTH...where you usually do...and HAVE done for the last 20 years!
Just go ahead and f$cking IGNORE us down here in the crotch of your fair city, Mr. Mayor...like you and your predecessors have ALSO done over the last 20 (or so) years!
Time and space prevent me from listing ALL the needs that can be found down here in the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE of town. but suffice it to say that OUR needs are plentiful...and immediate, but those ivory-tower inhabitants of City hall wouldn't know that...because they never get their finely tailored and nicely coiffed ASSES down here to take a walk through...or even a damn drive-through.
Now forgive me if a sound just a tad BITTER over this...because I'm actually FUMING!
Fixing a few potholes and tearing up perfectly healthy trees to plant some saplings along a curb strip or three doesn't make THIS area any damn better, believe you me.
Cripes, people like myself, the Missus and our one neighbor a block over are the REAL reason this area hasn't gone further down the damn crapper. WE keep it looking nice (at least at OUR houses).
As to everyone else?
Hell, none of them work, so you just KNOW they aren't going to lift a lazy-ass finger to do ANYTHING like raking leaves or cutting the lawn, unless it's absolutely necessary (and they get a notice from NCE..or several).
Being "poor", or even not having work is NO reason (or excuse) to NOT get involved in making your life a bit more...well, livable.
And it's certainly no reason to NOT keep whatever place you're living in nice in appearance.
Drive through a neighborhood where people give a sh*t, and what's the first thing you see?
A NICE area...homes well-maintained, lawns cut, trees pruned, no downed branches or other refuse (natural or man-made) and an air of good stewardship, and that tends to make people in general MORE friendly to one another, thereby creating (or furthering) a real COMMUNITY.
None of this BBQ grills on the front lawn, toys strewn about the property, no abandoned vehicles, no overgrown grass and shrubs, and certainly no litter being tossed from cars or dropped by children.
BIG difference between two such areas...and it all comes down to PEOPLE (as it always does).
Our mayor would be smart to take note of such things, because no matter what is done to make our side of town "look" nice, it won't matter worth a damn. He has to find a way to change the hearts and minds of the people first...and maybe then, the city wouldn't have to spend nearly as much (wasted) money to fix things that would not need fixing...
Chasing CRIME away would be a damn fine beginning...would it not?
*** Lastly, there are never two people exactly alike (that includes identical twins), and this world is comprised of ALL these different people.
One would think that with so many different folks around, there would be utter chaos, but such is not the case.
Many come together in a like-minded way to work in unison...in harmony to make their lives better for themselves as well as all their children.
And that's the way things "should" be.
Granted there are external forces that pull us in many directions, and without focus, we soon lose track of our goals.
But through it all, we still maintain some sense of community.
Not all places around the world (or even in our nation) are like that.
Inner cities are ripe with evil elements that seek to tear families apart, cause fear and dread, and disallow any form of unity, other than to form gangs or a cadre bent on control of others.
We all need to realize there is a lot more to life than existence...there is being able to LIVE...to enjoy all that we have, as well as those we can share it with, and they with us.
And in doing so, we make it possible to move forward, and not stagnate or retreat.
Just something to think about...
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Hello, Bob G.!

Another very informational post with your humor twist and honesty on politics. Love it.

I think I'm glad the Florida situation is down there. What a mess.

And you are right about poice officer killers...shotguns do wonders.

You can be happy to know your Fort Wayne politicians are the same as the ones here. LOL

Have a great day!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
--I've always said that if I couldn't (or wouldn't) be a politician,. I would AT LEAST be an HONEST individual...LOL.

My word is my bond.
(and usually the truth)

--There are SOME things (and people) in life you just HAVE to smile about...even when you're a CYNIC like me!
(funny thing, I had to LEARN to become one...wasn't born that way...no, ma'am.)

--Nice 12 gauge "calling card"...always sends just the "right" message, don'cha think?

I could see this perp drop right in front of the officer...that's a Hollywood moment.
(at that point, I'd WHISPER "drop the gun" and then rack off 2 rounds of "00", and call it a night)

As for our politicians...must be a "cultural" thing with them all, no matter where they live (the culture of denial)...lol.

Hey, thanks so much for taking time from your busy day to roll on up and comment.

Much appreciated.

You stay safe out there.

gadfly said...

Well, Bob G., the arrest affidavit has been revealed and the "new evidence" that supposedly turns this case against George Zimmerman includes evidence dug up by the Martin family lawyer which includes Mrs. Martin swearing that it was her son that was screaming on a 911 tape. Funny thing is that GZ's Dad swears it is George - so I guess that proof will come out when and if George screams again for the 911 recording device and a proper electronic test can be run.

The second piece of "damning" testimony came from Trayvon's "girlfriend" who said he was running to get away from George. Funny thing is that she had not a single word to say about anything until the family lawyer had a discussion with her. Hearsay evidence at best without a recording.

Bob G. said...

This case reminds me of a faucet we have in our house...the manner in which the information is jsut NOW being brought out...drip...drip...drip.
(one drop at a time)

My only hope is that justice WILL be served and whatever verdict is rendered, that will suffice for everyone involved.

We sure don't need another O.J. trial...(aka media circus).

But I have a nasty feeling that is just what we'll get.

This really did not have to go to jury trial (grand jury or bench trial could work as well), but there has to be enough preponderance (of evidence or the lack thereof) on both sides to warrant otherwise.

Thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

John D. said...

I'm wondering how Zimmerman can get a fair trial under these circumstances. Any fair-minded juror will have to be willing to acquit him if the evidence points to his innocence. But how many people will be willing to trigger the kind of riots we saw in L.A. after those 4 cops were acquitted in state court in the Rodney King case? Let's face it, thugs like the NBPP are not above putting out bounties on jurors who reach the "wrong" verdict. With that kind of threat hanging over their heads, can they really be fair? Even if the evidence points to Zimmerman's guilt, there'll always be room to doubt a guilty verdict. The waters have been so badly polluted here that we'll never be able to have confidence that justice has been done in this case, regardless of the verdict.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
The court of "public opinion" is ONE thing...the court of LAW is quite another (when it functions without diversions or meida hype).

You make some excellent points to that fact.

What IS needed is for the DoJ to monitor these fringe groups and then be willing to move on them whenever they threaten lives needlessly.

Getting a truly FAIR trial will be the tipping point here, that's for sure.
And those involved on BOTH sides MUST be willing to accept whatever verdict is given (if rendered impartially and objectively).

No spin, so smoke and no mirrors.
(the way it SHOULD be).

Hey, thanks so much for swinging by today and commenting.
Stay safe out there.