25 May 2012

Friday Follies...

(~Pre-Memorial day Edition~)
Welcome to the weekend which usually is a portent for the official kickoff to everything from cookout season to school letting out (which already has the parents nervous as hell), and as expected, there is no shortage of interesting stories out here to peruse, so let's jump right in and get wet...shall we?
(just make sure it's NOT the shallow end, hmm?)
*** First up today, this gem which was all but ignored by EVERY other news source...(hmm...wonder WHY?)
Here's the story link:
Yep, another shooting at the Eden Green Apartments...sent one to hospital and as usual, NO suspects...just like the WINTER ST. SHOOTING a couple weeks ago that also mysteriously "disappeared" from public view.
Anyone seeing a "pattern" here with reporting and following up on these acts of "gun play"?
*** Regarding another recent FATAL shooting, the OBIT for Brandon Abernathy appeared in the paper, and here's the picture
And here's the obit as it read:
(( BRANDON K. ABERNATHY, 23, of Fort Wayne, passed on Thursday, May 17, 2012. He was born Feb. 23, 1989, in Fort Wayne. Surviving are his mother, Jennifer Abernathy; grandmother, Carrie Abernathy; brothers, Damon, Lamar and Brian Abernathy, Ronald and Ralph Jr. Shorts; sisters, Danielle Beasley and Kenyel (Fred) Jackson; special uncle, Sean (Gwen Clark) Abernathy; and a host of other relatives and friends. ))
Now forgive me for saying, but "he" looks like a nice "woman"...even better looking than the recently convicted Mikki White (a biological woman), so that bears out the REASON for Brandon's untimely death...some black MALE must have been getting it on with "Brandon", found out SHE was a HE, and could not bear any embarrassment for making it with another MALE (big taboo in the thug community - loss of street cred), so this other male goes and shoots Brandon dead...
Now, could we consider this a "hate crime" considering the nature of Brandon's gender "identity"?
And if this COULD be called that, WHY isn't the media taking notice of and speaking out about it?
They always seem to do so IF a white sets about on a black, don't they?
Another "double standard" here?
I'm just offering up the possibilities based on what facts have been presented (and what I've learned over the years dealing with various people of different persuasions)...some conclusions just make sense.
*** Now...the FBI wants your help, and is willing to foot some CASH for it, as evidenced HERE.
Apparently, they are STILL looking for this Derrick Cleo Tennant in connection with a federal drug dealing conspiracy which netted FIFTEEN others way back in 2009. And apparently, Tennant has been on the down low ever since.
I passed along a couple pictures to our quadrant captain MONTHS ago, with the thought that the person in the pictures MIGHT be this Derrick Tennant perp.
I mean the resemblance was rather close and he was hanging out near our "Fortress", thanks to government-sponsored housing provided for the people who were putting this guy up - he did wander between TWO houses, both of which were vacated by the occupants in a rather hurried manner...wonder why THAT was?
I haven't seen the guy since these two houses went vacant; one has since been re-inhabited by another "family", but I could probably point the Feds in a direction that might get them closer to nabbing this creep.
Thing is, when I sent the pictures along to the FWPD captain, I wasn't in it for the money...not one damn bit. I just thought it was one helluva coincidence, and MAY-BE she would take the time to follow up on this "tip".
I guess THAT got the circular file, as well, which tells me that whatever information I'm providing is getting as little attention as is possible.
And that makes me wonder WHO citizens are supposed to turn to when those were SUPPOSED to turn to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear?
(just a thought...and a damn GOOD one, too)
*** This story is both funny AND pathetic at the same time, and you'll figure out why when you read it.
Here's the link:
Now, I think that darkening up to HALF of a city's streetlights sends a very CLEAR message to the "crims" in the city of Detroit...don't you?
And it also sends a message to the law-abiding...as in "GET THE F$CK OUT while you are STILL alive to do so!"
Here is a city that's broke, busted, financially bereft of solvency, and going down the crapper faster than diarrhetic excrement.
So, we only light certain areas, and hopefully corral the remaining populace into THOSE areas.
What about those who still live in the areas that will be darkened and don't want to "give up" their homestead? Who speaks for THEM?
Half the lights are broken anyway, thanks to criminals, and the city has not the money to replace them.
And who caused this problem?
Who allowed crime to get it's damn foot in the door in the first place?
Who allowed all this Section 8 housing with unvetted renters to move the hell in with their thuggies in tow?
Who thinks that an "entitlement" mentality would somehow make the city BETTER?
Sorry, but you don't rise to the "top o' the heap" when it comes to CRIME without SOME of this crap being allowed to flourish, do you?
THIS is the result, and don't think it can't happen ELSEWHERE in America, because it IS, just not as bad nor as quickly.
Oakland, Philly, Chicago, Cincy, Lansing, L.A...all are showing signs of following suit with Detroit.
And even parts of cities like FORT WAYNE exhibit similar "trending", albeit it in a microcosmic manner.
*** There is this doctor in Pakistan that provided important INTEL to us , so we could bust in and nail Bin laden...which we DID.
Well now, this doc has been arrested by the Pakistani government for...TREASON...!?!
Yeah, this is a "WTF???" moment!
And now, the U.S. is goimg to be holding back aid to Pakistan.
My take on the situation, IF I were the PREZ would go something like THIS:
" Yeah, get me that sonuvabitch that RUNS that towel-headed nation on the phone NOW...
Hello? Is this Asif Ali Zardan?
Listen up, you jaw-jacking, money-grabbing, aid-sucking camel-jockey that thinks he can wear a SUIT like a normal human being...that doctor you've tossed in jail? Turn him loose unharmed NOW, as in immediately, because as long as he's behind bars in your country, we're cutting off EVERY f$cking red cent we've been sending to your 3rd century loving excuse for a nation...effective IMMEDIATELY.
Oh, and don't think we're not doing anything about any HOLDINGS you have in OUR country...we've JUST SEIZED all THOSE assets as well...should be able to send a few BATTALIONS of troops over to your freaking BORDER with that cash...thanks.
Now, you can either comply with our "request" to release him to U.S. custody for extradition...OR you can eat your young and shoot one another, because that's all you'll be able to do from this day forward without OUR help, that we've given freely all these years...we CLEAR on this, you mook?"
Yeah, and that is WHY I will NEVER be President...LOL.
*** Lastly today, we're on the edge of the Memorial Day weekend, and there's a LOT to cover on Monday, but between now and then, let's remember some of the traditions we have for our troops...
There is the Old Guard, entrusted with placing small flags on EVERY grave in Arlington National Cemetery.
There are the ceremonies held at various places to denote this important day, and they begin as soon as today.
There are the cookouts that allow friends and family to congregate, and perhaps have someone who has served among their ranks. Enjoy their company.
The solemnity of Memorial Day need not be wasted solely on SALES of things...a sale can happen for ANY reason on ANY day.
And yet, we HAVE those sales because of those who we remember; those who served, and fought, and often died to protect this nation...this "grand experiment" in self governance, so, if we think of it in THAT manner, even that Memorial Day Sale item has more value.
Sure, we can have "fun", but we must never neglect to remind ourselves WHY we can be so endulgent.
We have too many to thank, and never enough time to do so.
So, if you come across someone who has served, thank them.
And if someone has passed that served...remember them.
We'll see you all back here on Monday for the Memorial Day edition.
In the meantime...
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


gadfly said...


Just for grins and to save embarrassment, could it be possible, even remotely so, that the obit writer used the wrong pronoun?

Wiki sez:

Brandon is considered to be a masculine name; however, in the United States during the 1980s, the name cracked the top 1,000th names recorded for female births; the name has since then fallen out of the top 1,000 female baby names.

Bob G. said...

Normally I would run with the typo thing, BUT back in 1997, Brandon was arrested and the description was listed as a FEMALE black...all subsequent arrests were listed as MALE black.

Plus, he had this penchant for wearing feminine attire to school, and showed up for graduation dressed as such.
(musta been one interesting PROM)

I think the family wanted him to be remembered as a female. otherwise they wouldn't have allowed the picture they published.

Makes sense, considering the lifestyle.
(cute, not using *Y* for BOB...lol)

Hey, thanks for swinging on by today and commenting.
Have yourself a very nice weekend.

Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

Thanks for a post that makes you ask the question (Why Detroit? Why, Detroit?) and then gives a good starting point for an answer. Have a great weekend, and Eighties countdown will be up in the morning as usual (barring a coronary in the next, say, 20 minutes).

Bob G. said...

Hey, you know me...I just call 'em as I see 'em, and usually wind up asking the MOST OBVIOUS questions...as should we ALL.
Nothing wrong with that, right?

And I will eagerly await that 80s countdown...another trip down memory lane (certainly for ME...)

And don't have that coronary...tends to muck up your day (so I hear).

Have a great weekend up there.

Stay safe.

Jana said...

Speaking of Detroit...

Have you ever watched Hardcore Pawn on TruTV? That show has made me never want to go there.

I HAVE been there once, but only at the airport to connect flights.


Bob G. said...

Hey, long time, no see...hope you're doing well.

Yep, I watch Hardcore Pawn once in a while...reminds me of EXACTLY the same people we have living around us now...SERIOUSLY!
Those "more attitude than brains" folks that come in the pawn shop and "demand" money for crap...SO damn typical.

I wouldn;t go to Detroit on a dare...unless I had the SWAT team with me...LOL!
(and I was armed as well).

They've lost close to SIXTY PERCENT of their population there...wonder WHY that was?
(the wrong people w/ entitlements)

Detroit was once in the TOP TEN cities for population (and growth)...now it's at the top ten for CRIME...how the mighty have fallen.

Hey, thanks so much for spending some time here today and commenting.

Good to have you here.
Have yourselves a great weekend.

Stay safe out there.