24 May 2012

Thoughts For Thursday...

I hope you're enjoying this morning's rather nice temperatures, because by late afternoon, you might think otherwise.
We're diving into a mini-heatwave with the thermometer expected to be tickling the low 90s. This will continue into Sunday when we're supposed to top out in the MID-90s. Thankfully, the overnight temps will be a lot more tolerable.
So, plan your outdoor activities accordingly, get that yard work done EARLY, so as not to place undo stress on your body in the heat.
Now, with that "Public Service Announcement" over with, let's get onto some business...
*** First up today, the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? military quote:
"The nation that will insist on drawing a broad line of demarcation between the fighting man and the thinking man is liable to find it's fighting done by fools and it's thinking done by cowards."
This was said by Lieutenant General Sir William Butler ( 1838 - 1910)
And here is HIS WIKI:
William Butler had a wonderfully colorful career, and not in a bad way, mind you.
He served in the Zulu Wars and the Sudan, as well as the Ashanti operations and the Red River Expeditions.
Not bad for an Irish born man educated by JESUITS, and touted as an "adventurer".
 Reminds me of Alan Quartermain.
He was also a writer AND a painter, and was later made Aide-de-Camp to the Queen herself.
After his mandatory retirement at the age of 67, he devoted much of the remainder of his life to education.
His daughter completed his autobiography and had it published in 1911.
*** Next up, Ft. Wayne wants to "raise the bar" (and the "cost" ) of sewer overflow work.
Here's the story link:
Now, I'm all for keeping the sewer (and it's contents) right where it is now, but you have to wonder why these certain sections are to get the "big fix".
One of them is along Old Mill Road, and that I believe is over in Waynedale.
(( Ed. note - Wifey corrected me...it's the UPSCALE area near Foster Park...where money TALKS...make that SHOUTS, and BS walks...well, that figures. I was thinking of Old TRAIL Rd instead, which IS in Waynedale...sorry about that.))
Still, there IS a new LOW-INCOME housing project for Waynedale (named Hopewell Pointe)...
And amazingly, here's a link to THAT story:
This is almost EXACTLY like the new houses (and payment  "plans" ) going up in Renaissance Pointe (what the hell is it with the "pointe" gig???)
If the location in Waynedale attracts the RIGHT clientele, not a problem (at either location), BUT if it attracts the WRONG people (as I believe it will, thanks to government "assistance" ), you'll have a brand new slum on your hands in less than 10 years...at BOTH locations.
And crime will follow close in THAT wake...believe you me.
I've noticed a slight downward slide over in Waynedale for some time now...more crime (petty sh*t like burglaries and robberies)
Wifey and I used to live there at the Willow Creek (read CRACK) Crossing Apartments, which has become SO crime-ridden since 1997, it's not funny.
You see dubious people meandering about (just like where we live now) and the loud cars, the louder clothes and the still louder mouths of the refuse living there...and it's spreading like the disease it truly is.
When you see sections of the grocery store exclusively labeled with items that are "Food-Stamp Eligible", that should serve as a caveat as to which direction the area is headed. And those items include FRIED CHICKEN...LOL (how appropriate)!
I say if this city wants to take care of the sewage "overflow", why not BEGIN with the two-footed sewage we have flowing in and out of in once-nice houses?
Find a way to process THAT sewage, and make parts of this city not have to suffer in hip-deep stink on a daily basis.
*** Next out of the gate, we have this little gem which demonstrates how much regard many in this city have for THE LAWS.
Here's the link:
Now, you would "think" (because it really doesn't hurt the average person to do so) that when the city and county enacted an ORDNANCE to halt the sale of this synth-pot (K2 and Spice primarily, along with it's "clones" ) that those stores that were hawking this crap would get with the damn program and oust this vile stuff...
Well, not really.
On the surface, you don't see the "spice" available, so you have to use a "code word"...in order to be able to purchase it.
City Council is seeking help from the public as to their input and suggestions as to how to make the ordinance more effective.
Cripes, seems EVERYONE in this town wants OUR help from City Council to the Mayor to the FWPD.
(thing is, when you OFFER it, it goes into the circular file..at least that's what I'm seeing)
So, I'll bite once again and offer MY suggestion...so here goes nothing:
How's about you follow a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY...NO exceptions, NO exclusions, and NO second chances?
It does have the novelty of NEVER HAVING BEEN TRIED in this city (and Lord knows you people have had plenty of opportunities to do so).
You set a date (like 1 June) and tell ALL these places, that if you have spice (or ANYTHING even close to it) in your store, shop, or business...we shut you the f$ck DOWN...period.
And it will cost you a BUNDLE O' BUCKS to reopen the hell up?
Sounds like a plan to me...!
(guess we'll hear soon enough that the FWPD doesn't have the manpower to enforce THAT either, much like the NOISE ordnance)
Well hell, we can always hope, right?
*** Next on the agenda...a young man that DOES have a plan...and a damn GOOD one, too.
Here's the story link:
Question: How does one get to a school when the closest bus stop in about TWO miles away?
Answer: Petition for a BUS ROUTE to that school.
And that's exactly what Wayne High School freshman Wesley Pollard is doing...(good for you)!
The video is pretty cool, and shows that one person CAN make that difference.
Even the Gen. Mgr. of CITILINK (public transportation) is showing interest in this petition.
Now, Citilink doesn't have to create a permanent route to Wayne, (especially after school lets out for the summer), but suppose parents and friends want to attend an after-school event AT Wayne?
No...can...do...right now, unless you drive, bike or walk there.
A route designed to accommodate those people at those times might well be in order.
You can sign the petition at the WANE website and help Wesley get his wish...to have that bus route added so that people aren't unjustly inconvenienced by the LACK of a bus route.
*** This blog is fast approaching a small milestone...we're getting VERY close to having 100,000 VISITS.
Should happen any day now, and I an truly amazed...more so than when I hit 100,000 page VIEWS.
All I attempt to do here is bring you the truth, and sprinkle it with some of "my" thoughts and observations, but it's up to all of YOU to decide for yourselves. And hopefully, I am saying much of what you are all thinking (because I can't hear you nodding in agreement from where I'm sitting...LOL).
So, to all my "visitors" (and you know who you are), thank you very much for your continued readership and support.
*** Lastly today...nothing wrong with doing the RIGHT thing for the RIGHT reason.
But there does come a time when people will do the WRONG thing for the RIGHT reason, and the RIGHT thing for the WRONG reason.
And there ARE those that just plain do the WRONG thing for the WRONG reason...and that's why we have LAWS...and PRISONS.
These stories above offer up several ways regarding the "right" aspect to reasoning.
This young man is doing the right thing for the right reason...
The city seems to be doing the right thing for the wrong reason with the sewer projects. The OLDEST sewers are the one breaking...and overflowing.
And the "crims" do the wrong stuff for all the wrong reasons...that much is a given.
Anything I do in life I try to do the right way, and for the right reasons.
And that's simply because I HATE doing things over, and I don't like to have that whole "cause and effect" beasty up and bite me in the ass.
If I'm wrong, I correct it, too...like the story above,...LOL.
I live as normal a life as I can manage, and if I were YOUR neighbor, you'd have someone that doesn't intrude on YOUR life, but someone who you could count on to help when needed...that's just the way I play...always have and always will.
Now, if all that makes me some kind of outcast or pariah, that's not MY fault, nor my concern.
I just do what I do..as should we all...and for the right reasons.
When reason takes a holiday, that's when trouble begins, and each of us needs to know that.
We have the capacity for so much more, not only as individuals BUT as a people, as long as we can find methods to reason together.
And I think...that's "reasonable" enough, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


gadfly said...

Bob G:

Hate to disagree on the student who wants to force the super-expensive City Link buses to ride more empty miles. I would point out that even if he gets a thousand signatures, it does not mean that a thousand people will suddenly ride that bus to and from Wayne High School.

According to City Link, it costs $6.03 for every vehicle mile driven and the fare recovered is only $1.25 for the entire trip.

How about having the city donate a vehicle confiscated in a drug raid to this family and pay for their gas and insurance. the taxpayers would be far better off.

As a matter of fact, since passengers transported per mile driven equals a ratio of one to one, we need to get rid of the big buses and have our overpaid bus drivers get behind the wheel of mini-vans instead.


Bob G. said...

Oh, I KNOW this young man's got a REAL uphill battle here...as does damn near any other "regular Joe or Jane" that doesn't have the "blessing" of our "King" (read Mayor) and the money to sound the trumpets.

I know that a LONG time ago when I went to high school the public transportation (PTC and then SEPTA) was ALWAYS a choice for us...but we had a LOT more ridership AND routes in Philly.

I think a lot of the fault in the LACK of ridership HERE (and the subsequent high cost per mile) of Citilink can be attributed to the "gas-ass" generation and mindset.

Of course, down HERE, we've little in the way of REAL places to shop, eat or anything else we could avail ourselves of (except for crime), so many of us HAVE to drive someplace ELSE, and don;t wish to become a target or victim on a bus stop corner..

I know I can count ALL the people who get on the bus near OUR place on ONE HAND...and that's a lot busier street.
(guess some folks LIKE the odor of stale urine)

I totally AGREE with the BUS SIZE in this city...the smaller "shuttle buses" or those "minis" would be the BEST thing to happen here, rather than a STANDARD size "NYC" bus...that's just a damn waste.

Hey, thanks for stopping over today and providing some GOOD food for thought.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe out there.

John D. said...

I hadn't heard of Lieutenant General Sir William Butler, but that's an awesome quote. Going to have to remember that one.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I hadn't really heard about him either, but he WAS an interesting fellow.
That quote book I bought has introduced me to LOTS of great men we NEVER covered in ANY history class.

Feel free to use that quote whenever the mood strikes 'ya.
It's a GOOD one.

Thanks a lot for rolling up today and comemnting.

You stay safe out there.