21 May 2012

Monday Musings...

AAaaannnnd...we're off again, beginning another week with a bit of clouds out here in the Heartland.
Chance of rain sometime today in fort Wayne.
(about as much chance of hitting the lottery or getting some DECENT neighbors, too...LOL).
So, let's take a peek into what all's been happening since last we convened through the miracle of modern science and technology.
*** Robin Gibb, age 62, the second of the musical triumvirate known as the Bee Gees to pass away in recent years leaves behind brother Barry as the remaining member. Brother Maurice passed away back in 2003.
Here's the story link:
Their string of hits are almost too numerous to mention, but I'm sure that CWM (Tilting At Windmills blog) will do proper justice to a remarkable group that spanned generations with their unique talent and individual song writing.
*** Yesterday was ARMED FORCES DAY and got about as MUCH attention as National Police Week (imho).
Hardly a mention in the lame-stream media, but locally, towns recognized the effort and sacrifice that ALL our men and women in uniform have displayed as they protect our nation and our liberties.
Granted this comes as a prologue to Memorial Day, but the day WAS set aside for a REASON.
Guess too many were busy getting into those NBA playoffs to bother, hmm?
Well, at least we had something that I swear was going to give me a CORONARY - or a STROKE - or BOTH -  We had REAL (living) people going through our area and picking up honest-to-God TRASH for the Great American Cleanup this year...simply A-f$cking-Mazing...!
That has GOT to be a freaking first (that I've seen on the street since 1997)!
*** Wifey and I got some more plants in the ground over the weekend, and managed to catch some hummingbird activity as well.
Always nice to find a break (albeit a minuscule one) from all the drama and noise this part of the ghettohood has to offer.
And we usually attract an "audience" as we toil...LOL.
Used to be a time when such banes like that noise and that drama of our society were the "oddity"...the once in a great while sort of thing...the curiosity...not any longer.
Today, you sometimes think it guilty of yourself for being able to ENJOY some peace and quiet on YOUR property and in YOUR garden.
And take it from me, such things were in MUCH greater supply when we used to live on a city block that had well over FIFTY FAMILIES in it.
So, one would think that finding some reverie that would allow you to "center" yourself would be available by the bushel on a street with ONLY TEN HOUSES...well, think again.
Fewer people = less noise and fewer problems?
Not even close...!!!
If anything, it's worse, and that really gets me scratching my head...shouldn't have to be that way, numerically-speaking.
Well, as ALWAYS...it's the PEOPLE that cause the change for the worse.
People with no sense of limitations, totally irresponsible, and given to fits of rage at the drop of a hat like some spoiled 2-year old on a sugar jag.
The police blotter bears that much out...
Imagine that...a bunch of "adult" children...who run unchecked until law-enforcement intervenes.
Hard to believe so many others seem "comfortable" with that...
*** I like guns...any kind of guns. They are the right tool for the right job, and they can actually RELIEVE stress (punching paper beats shooting disgusting neighbors, and is a LOT cheaper, adding in court costs for the latter...lol).
But, like a car that has no muffler, they're LOUD (and that's why you wear ear protection of some sort).
So, how do you quiet a firearm?
Simple...get a "silencer".
Here's the story link:
(good video, too)
Actually, they don't SILENCE...they SUPPRESS the noise, JUST like a car muffler (and are made in similar fashion).
They're not cheap (a REAL muffler for the car costs LESS), but they work damn well.
Sure, you give up a little on the muzzle velocity, but not enough to affect bullet trajectory at short or middle range use.
It's a GOOD trade off, and you can get away without using ear protection (often sounds like a BB or pellet gun).
And in a related article, there's THIS:
If there is ONE thing that Obama has done right in his presidency thus far, it's to INCREASE gun sales...
Think of HIM as the nation's TOP salesperson when it comes to firearms (according to the NRA)...!
That's not a bad thing, really (unless you're secretly trying to wrest guns FROM the populace and all but negate the 2nd Amendment).
I am definitely going to get my CCW after Wifey gets out of school, even if it means trekking all the way DOWNTOWN (now) to do the paperwork.
Where WE live (and how the area has devolved over the last decade), it's not just a whimsical desire...it's pretty much a NECESSITY, and the recent chain of events should serve as a motivational force to make ALL law-abiding citizens do likewise.
The story says that the President is trying to ban guns (outright).
Okay, but there are OTHER means to make whatever guns you have relatively worthless (and a nice paperweight on the coffee table).
The ban this administration TRIED to place against LEAD bullets for example (and thankfully dismissed due to LOTS of public and political outcry).
The DoJ "Fast and Furious" debacle which is still unravelling like a cheap-ass sweater, was a marvelous precursor to more stringent gun laws.
As I said earlier...guns are TOOLS (not to be confused with politicians who also can be "tools" ), much like a saw or a screwdriver.
And ANY tool which is placed in the hands of a PERSON who has no inkling or desire to PROPERLY use it, quickly can become a WEAPON.
So, once again (as always)...it's the PEOPLE who cause the harm, and not the gun (except by it's misuse).
We good with that now? Everyone on board with the FACTS?
Alrighty then...moving on...
*** When you live in an area that has changed into a ghettohood before your eyes, you get to see ALL sorts of sh*t unfold around you, and hopefully, you're not caught up in it, or become part of it.
If anything, you DISTANCE yourself from it (and the "people" ) as much as is possible.
And that's not easy when they want to force themselves into your life (and you didn't even ask them to).
Presumptive folks who take everything and leave nothing but refuse and some sort of destruction in their wake...that's what you got.
We used to have a "watering hole" called The SENATE across Pettit Ave in the 4900 block of Monroe.
Wasn't a bad place...ate there once and it used to have a fairly good clientele for a business that was a bit more than just a "taproom".
But, with change comes...well, more change.
The Senate owner moved on and in it's stead is the same building...with a new name.
Imagine that...a "tavern" with the proper nomenclature for the area surrounding it.
Kinda describes the "new" clientele to a "T" (whoever they might be nowadays)
Funny thing, the phone books STILL have it listed as The Senate...wonder WHY?
Even the one fence worker (Jerry) mentioned it when he brought the truck around to mix the concrete last week.
I snapped the picture yesterday when I took the "Batmobile" (my Firebird) out to fill up the tank...doing what we used to call "A Philly Stop"...a slow roll under 5MPH.
I just had to share this with all of you to demonstrate the level of civilization we're LACKING down here...when you name a BAR in such a manner.
*** Lastly today...we can see how change affects many of us...some prepare, and others resign themselves to whatever fate is around the next bend...
There are those of us that seek solace in this ever-changing world the best we can and hope to hell we succeed in our venture.
Others couldn't give a rat's ass as to what happens today, tomorrow, or next week.
I'd like to believe that the BEST way to go through life is with SOME kind of "plan"...
Doesn't have to be some grandiose goal for ultra-mega-uber riches and power, simply because such things will elude the best of us, unless we're willing to do whatever we need to do to accomplish it, and that can often mean doing something illegal, uncivil, and immoral.
Many of us just want to live our lives as uninterrupted as we can manage, bothering as few people as possible along the way, and focusing on what is important to us and our families as we go...
Now THAT doesn't seem like such a BAD thing...does it?
I like my country the way it is...or to put it more correctly...the way it USED TO BE.
I have no problem with going through life with a good outlook, well-intentioned and with the purpose to render aid when needed or to ask for help is required. To be able to find my OWN way, through my OWN initiatives and creativity, acquiring knowledge and some wisdom along the way seems a good fit for me. And I'm sure such things have a similar appeal to you as well, otherwise you wouldn't be where you are today.
These all are not NOBLE causes, nor are they unreachable...they're just good old COMMON SENSE causes...things that we know to be just and proper.
And I'll take that kinda "just" over anything UNjust any old day.
Have yourselves a great week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John D. said...

First Donna Summer, then Robin Gibb; the greats of the disco era are dropping like flies. I wonder if John Travolta is getting nervous. ;)

I'm opposed to silencers on moral grounds. I believe that I have the moral obligation to scare the crap out of someone as I'm shooting them.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I'll tell 'ya I'm getting tired of seeing SO many REAL music artists dying off.
I've lost count at this point.
(And Keith Richards just LOOKS dead over the last 25 years)

I DO like your "opposition" to silencers...LMAO!

You prefer the "soiled-pants" argument, obviously...LOL.

I roll either way on this...just wish they were CHEAPER (not that I can't make a "one-shot" version easily enough if need be...'cause I can.)

You hate to buy a $400 pistol and then slap a $600 suppressor on the damn thing.
For that SAME GRAND. you can just up and get an M-4 carbine(basic)!
(decisions, decisions)

Thanks much for rolling on up today and commenting.

Stay safe out there, Boss!

ms nk rey said...

OMGosh I got a good laugh at the name of that Saloon. But what an awful sign for kids to see. I am guessing that is pretty tame for the area tho. I sat out back for a bit today, I have a ton of hummingbirds to watch this year. They are so very territorial, and yet so fun to watch. Please stay safe.

Bob G. said...

I wish that were the MOST tame thing the kids see around here, but it still IS a societal "eyesore" nonetheless.
It is better than the drug deals that go down with kids IN the cars, however.

A ton of hummingbirds, hmm?
Hope you got enough FEEDERS for them all....they go through that "nectar" like there's NO tomorrow!
(sugar is about $2.19 for 4 lbs, BTW...lol)
You'll just have to let us see some pictures of the fun out back.

Thanks for the well wishes, too.
We always PLAN to be safe, and that's the best leg up we can have.

Thanks also for stopping on by and taking time to comment.

Take care down there