07 June 2012

Ask Me Another...

That used to be the name of a rather tedious "game" when I was growing up when Mom or Dad would take those times when all I could say was "WHY?" and counter with: "Do I look like I want to play ask me another?", and it sort of fits the bill today because we're going to be asking questions and looking for answers.
And we might even come to know things a little better in the process. Nothing wrong with THAT, eh?
So, let's get our refreshing beverages at hand, grab a piece of real estate to park our keesters on, and cosy up to the computer screens on this very nice Springtime morning.
*** First up - the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote was General Dwight D. Eisenhower...(on the eve of D-Day), and I know you ALL knew that, right?
Moving onward...
*** How do you honor a WW2 veteran and hero properly?
Well, there are many ways, but the most pronounced manner to accomplish this is with some type of permanent MEMORIAL...like a STATUE.
You take a stroll through Gettysburg, and you will see statues of generals and specific regiments all over the place...and rightly so.
And I can probably STILL tell you who is who if we were to go there together...it's that moving an experience.
But what about veterans who served long after that war?
Sure, we have the IWO JIMA monument out near D.C., and that's a tribute not just to those men who raised the flag there, but to ALL who serve in the USMC.
So how about a MAJOR who served in the 101st airborne dropped into France before D-Day, that was raised in Pennsylvania with a Quaker upbringing?
How do you memorialize such a man?
With a bronze statue, unveiled yesterday in Normandy, France.
Here's the WIKI on Major Dick Winters, who died 8 January 2011:
Those of you who saw Band of Brothers know who he was, and he was someone I would have loved to have met.
He richly deserves this tribute, but I would have liked to see a similar statue in his hometown in PA.
It's only fitting that we do so to remember the price of victory...and freedom...and liberty.
*** What happens when you tie fireworks to a kitten's tail?
And I'm sure many of you will be similarly PO'ed...
Well, continuing in the "tradition" of aberrant behavior we can easily find in Fort Wayne these days, we have THIS story:
Belinda Lewis is someone I place a great deal of trust in and have high regard for, even though we have never met personally.
She's the person in charge of Animal Control in Ft. Wayne, and does a remarkable job with the resources she has available.
This is one of the BEST run departments in the entire city.
SO, it greatly disturbs me to see some poor kitten basically tortured in such a manner, especially up on the NORTHWEST SIDE of town.
Guess criminal activity and perversions have spread to ALL parts of Ft. Wayne now.
It sickens me to see people care so damn little about a cutie like this.

I can't even call them people...they're f$cking animals...worse than animals, in fact. I don't know what to call them.
Whoever did this ranks right UP there with the rock-tosser I mentioned the other day...
And I hope to Christ they get caught, someone dimes on them, and they get the book tossed at them...several times.
Better still, turn 'em over to me...for an hour...no questions asked. I guarantee they'll never bother another defenseless animal again
This is beyond reprehensible...and needs to be dealt with...severely.
I think a fitting name for this kitten would be "PHOENIX" ...after all, she damn near had to rise from the "ashes"...
And I KNOW she'll get a good home, too.
*** How about a car that gets 118 MPG?
Well, Bob...what's the catch?
(I'm glad you asked)
The catch is that it would take 11 years for you to see an offset for the PRICE you'd have to pay for the car.
Don't believe me?
Here's the story:
With the 240V charging system, the car gets 82 miles on a charge, and that means a commute would cost NOTHING...
Or would it?
That electricity comes from COAL-FIRED utility plants, so it costs SOMETHING (especially if you're the homeowner that plugs it the hell in every night), right? Well, there's ONE lie.
How about the fact that driving this car would LOWER our dependence on FOREIGN oil?
Well, if we drilled more HERE...and opened a few NEW refineries (haven't had a new one open in over THIRTY years), THAT would take care of the foreign oil problem. Another lie?
And naturally, ANY battery (or pack of batteries) can only be charged SO many times, before they start losing that ability...and that means swapping out the batteries for fresh ones...that's gotta cost SOMETHING, too, right?
How long does a rechargeable battery last in a SOLAR LIGHT, anyway?
Not that long...and they don't retain the charge as well over time. They, like all of us...just get tired.
Now, an electric car is a good idea...IF IT WORKS.
I'd much rather see FUEL CELL technologies pursued...much better return for the investment.
*** What happens to Science Fiction writers when they pass away?
Their books live LONG after them...and so it will be with Ray Bradbury.
He passed away at the age of 91 on Tuesday, and curiously enough, HIS birthday and mine were the same.
(nice to be kept in such good company)
I remember reading his books when I was in high school (mid-60s) and the visions he proposed in his works were much the portent to many of the devices we take for granted today.
Here is his WIKI:
And here is the story regarding his passing:
Amazing that he felt "we have too many cellphones...too many internets...we need to be rid of all the machines"...
Sounds TOO much like ME...LOL.
Guess we also have that much in common as well as birth dates.
I know that Fahrenheit 451 was a very sobering movie to watch (even today, considering it as made back in 1966) and paints that society as one much akin to "the nanny-state", with skewed priorities.
That was his ONLY science-fiction novel...as he would claim "everything else was FANTASY, because '451' was based in reality and fact".
I know that his works will live on in the libraries, book shelves and minds of the readers who dare open the pages and read.
Not too bad a legacy...
*** How much MLK becomes TOO much?
Well, considering ALL the cities that already have SOME sort of tribute to the late Dr. King, it's little wonder that Ft. Wayne would follow suit, considering he visited HERE (back in 1963), so it's befitting that we have a new BRIDGE on Clinton St. named in his honor.
But to some...that's NOT ENOUGH.
The Urban League of Ft. Wayne (Jonathan Ray and Larry Lee) want the entire 11 MILES of Clinton St. RENAMED to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard...
Aren't you people PLEASED (enough) with the BRIDGE?
You still want MORE?
(sounds so typically LEFT-winged in nature)
How's about this...you come down to MY house and visit my MLK Memorial Wildlife Refuge (our patio) where you will find the MLK feeders (for the hummingbirds), and the MLK water dish (which doubles as a bath tub for the birds).
Come sit in our MLK Memorial Patio Chairs and rest under out MLK patio table UMBRELLA.
After that, you can see the new, improved MLK Memorial FENCE we recently had installed, venture past our MLK Memorial Gate out onto our front lawn, soon to be named the Dr. King Peace Garden...just ignore the "neighbors"...THEY'RE not all into this kinda stuff.
You can clearly see how FAR this can go, and how you can easily DIMINISH the man AND his teachings. We should not do that to Dr. King.
I say the BRIDGE is fine...and let's leave it at that.
After all, Fort Wayne is NOT Selma, Alabama...right?
*** Lastly today...life is an incredible journey; a place where we all will (hopefully) spend more than a few decades.
And, as journeys go, it can be one filled with wonder and awe, or it can one bound by tedium and boredom.
It all depends on what WE decide to make of it.
Again, it always comes down to the PEOPLE.
WE are the ones tasked with making this world turn in a proper manner, rather than in turmoil.
We might not always get it right, but we do have the ability to learn, and thereby try AGAIN if need be.
Life is a treasure to be cherished, not something to be trifled with, nor put upon a shelf like all the other trophies we accumulate.
It is to be LIVED, and lived to best of our capabilities.
To do less does a disservice to ourselves, and our families.
Now, I'm not saying we all try to scale El Capitan in Yosemite, or climb Mt. Everest next week...we do what we feel is right to accommodate our lives, even if it's the simple task of feeding the birds that stop by, or listening to some good music.
We have to find our OWN way when it comes to OUR journey.
That is the part of our individuality that can shine as bright as the sun itself.
As always...it is totally up to us to make that happen.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America


ms nk rey said...

I was surprised to see the kitten was found in another section of the city. I fully expected it to be, well you know, the southeast side. They are everywhere, how sad is that. I would love to visit your MLK Wildlife Refuge and Sanctuary some time .. it looks lovely.

John D. said...

There goes my blood pressure again. I guess our justice system isn't adequate for dealing with some of these sadists out there. Looks like it's time for Thunderdome. Let's put Firecracker and Rock Tosser in together. "Two men enter, one man leaves." The winner goes free, but he's on probation for life. If he screws up again, he goes to Lightningdome, where "One man and 12 hungry pit bulls enter, 12 well-fed pit bulls leave."

Bob G. said...

They have some screwed up people in the NW area, apparently.

I thought (as you did) that WE on the SE side had that all locked down...Lord knows I see PUH-LENTY of the sideshow freaks daily.

MY tongue was firmly in my cheek w/the MLK reference...but you knew that.

However...if the CITY wants to "donate" some time, labor, and money to ENLARGE our area, we can KEEP the name...I'm flexible.
I'm always open to "options" (especially if it rids us of some of the "locals").

Hey, thanks for stopping on up today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

You stay safe (and nicely landscaped) down there.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I'll be honest with you, I'm surprised that *I* haven't popped a few blood vessels with some of the antics these mooks decide to commit!
Totally disgusting!!!

I DO so like YOUR idea of the "Thunderdome"...we can use our War Memorial Coliseum...be a hell of an event.

And the Lightning-dome..EVEN BETTER...LOL!
At least those Pits would come out better off...unless the perp disagrees with something that ATE HIM.

Yeah, we could clean up a LOT of problems..."if only", right?

Thanks for rolling on up today to comment.
Keep those ideas flowing...and saty safe out there, Boss!

gadfly said...

I watched the old 1966 version of Fahrenheit 4510 on Netflix about a month ago. It really is bad. The movie company I think is British, the director is French and the most confusing part was that they let Julie Christie play the fireman's wife and his girl friend. I actually found that out later, but I was confused during the movie about which skinny blond was which.

There have been a couple attempts to do a remake, first by Mel Gibson in the '80s and then in 2008 by a director whose name slips my mind - but neither came to fruition. Maybe with all the attention to Bradbury's death, someone will do a movie that is as classy as the book.

CWMartin said...

Question 1- Yes, I knew Ike.
Q2- Cool, but the best way to honor him is to not forget his sacrifice and that of his brothers in arms- and WHY they did so.
Q3- Hmmm... the Coliseum for "non-Christians" vs lions? Has promise...
Q4- I'll think about electric cars when Woodbridge puts in charging posts...
Q5- Bradbury now? And Pedro Borbon earlier, plus the one you'll see on Time Machine tomorrow. We've lost entirely too many good people this year.
Q6- I won't tell you my response to the MLK thing when we heard it on Pat White on the way home. I think you hit the nail right on the head.

Bob G. said...

I never understood why Julie Christie played TWO roles either...Truffaut tended to deviate in some ways.

The PREMISE was rather intact, and the way the "firemen" were portrayed was wonderfully distopic, as was the cookie-cutter neighborhoods and the HUGE TV screen with "interactive" aspects.

I would maybe like to see some sort of DECENT remake made, but I wonder WHO could play the roles and do the novel justice.

CLASSY would be a good way of putting it, as you have.
Plenty of food for thought there.

Thanks for taking time to stop on by and comment today.

Stay safe (and book-wise) out there.

Bob G. said...

I just heard Bob Welch committed suicide...another one gone.

LOL...I love your reponses to the "questions".

You LIKE the coliseum gig?
It's got a certain poetic justice to it, yes?

If Woodbridge puts in CHARGING POSTS, your rent will DOUBLE...(just a hunch).

Yes, you and Laurie will have to come by our MLK Memorial Patio some time...and enter through the MLK gate (which I can also light up at night...as long as you hold one of the flashlights)
Glad you enjoyed my "take" on it.
I think this city does Dr. King proud enough,...already.

Hey, thanks much for swinging on by today and commenting.

You hang tough and stay safe up there.

CWMartin said...

God, Bob, Bob Welch too? I don't know how many more I can Take..

Bob G. said...

Yeah, I thought that's who you were going to mention...guess you do an "add -on" now, eh?

Stay safe

AWB said...

I love your backyard Bob!

Bob G. said...

Why thanks, Buddy...We BOTH appreciate that.

It's a work-in-progress, especially where WE live.
And Lord knows that the result is often worth the effort, however small and humble.

Goes to show that people CAN have a "nice" place in the ghettohood...
(which shouldn't have devolved into one in the first place)

Still wish the city would gimme a variance and let me put that MOAT around the property (with the crocs)..,LMAO!

Then, the Indiana DNR could list this as a REFUGE...and the "neighbors would have to vacate the area...truly a "win-win".

((BTW, loved the Hensen gig you had going on...Epic!))

Thanks for spending some time here today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

You stay safe out there.