22 June 2012

Friday Follies...

Another tardy post due to grocery shopping, but at least no one was acting like dipsh*ts on the roads THIS morning (they were all spent YESTERDAY).
And we'll be getting into yesterday's happenings right after we take care of some "update" bid'ness.
(I see Joe's keeping his dog nice and cool with that fan, too)
Weather today will be a tad LESS sweltering, thanks to some actual, for real honest-to-God RAINFALL we had yesterday afternoon and into the evening...!!!
And yes, we were dancing around the CENTURY mark, according to some thermometers.
Rain STILL does exist, and is no longer a recent MYTH ...we had RAIN...!
Naturally, you really don't want to spout off about RAIN in cities like DULUTH, MN...they got themselves some decent FLOODS.
Still, weather IS what it is...and the best part of that although we're still in a SEVERE DROUGHT condition, it will be more tolerable in the Heartland over this weekend.
So, let's get down and dirty with all the "good stuff"...
*** First up, the update to the Do's Jewelry store robbery.
Here's the link:
Yep, got us a SECOND arrest...one of the "gunmen"...God, I always like happy endings.
It probably won't be long before the SECOND gunman gets the "cuff n stuff".
Theron Smith, 19, of Fort Wayne, (seen at left) is now the latest guest of the Allen County lockup...right near his soon-to-be EX BFF Stafford Staples, Jr. (below right)
Bet'cha he cuts a nice figure in ORANGE...LOL!
Kinda makes one miss those days of youthful exuberance...right?
I would provide Smith's RAP SHEET, but the court doc system is down for maintenance...
(( Editor's Note - Here is the RAP SHEET for "junior"...Dad has a rather EXTENSIVE rap sheet, going back OVER a decade - guess the nuts still never fall far from the tree.
Dad a Role Model? MAJOR FAIL there !!! ))
Theron A. Smith, Jr.
Fort Wayne, IN 46816
02D04-1206-MC-001634 NA SMITH, THERON A, Jr. 06/22/2012
Allen Superior Court 4 MC - Miscellaneous Criminal (Citation)
Helluva first offense!
Moving on...
*** Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of the lovely Mrs. Bobby G. and myself, so we did what ANY couple would do...we went to our BANK and spoke with some folks about our money...LOL!
Actually, we're looking into annuity options and how those greenbacks can make us MORE greenbacks (especially in a lousy economy).
In other words...we''re building a PORTFOLIO....(loose the pigeons and sound the trumpets).
It's a good hedge in case things take a nosedive...even at ANY age.
Makes me wish I got me some Krugerrands back in the 70s when I had the damn chance!
-- Anyway, after we were finished THERE, it was rolling up to lunchtime, so, we took the Wifeymobile, and headed up north (not to Alaska...lol) for lunch. Good service, good food, and good take-home, too!
-- On the way UP there, we had ONE asshole try and make a lane change without signals, almost into another car that was already IN that lane.
The law of PHYSICS still apply when it come to TWO things not being able to occupy the SAME space at the SAME time.
(guess this moron never studied "law"...lol)
Naturally, I gave him the "ghetto doorbell" (aka the CAR HORN), and he wised up and got back into his initial lane.
Yeah, all this took place right IN FRONT of us...at 40 MPH on Lafayette near the downtown bridge.
Wifey got nervous, too...but she's riding with a "professional" when it comes to mobile evasion tactics.
(Helps to have driven for a living...once)
Never a cop around when you NEED one, either...at least none still on the payroll.
Aside from the rolling moron, the trip both up AND back was great.
Nice and non-eventful...the way I prefer to drive.
Wifey even took some pictures of the new MLK Bridge as we passed under it (after taking that marvelous detour out and around the streets that the city's still working on.
But, you can always tell when you leave the "nice" parts of the city and head back into the ghettohood...everything changes rather abruptly.
(like a door slamming shut)
Thing is, nothing changes for the better...just for the worse...and usually with MORE of it.
-- Now, this morning was wonderfully banal (for me)...and tonight (for a zoo charity gig), the lovely Mrs. Bobby G. and her sorority sisters will be BOWLING FOR RHINOS...
I initially asked why she'd go bowling for Republicans In NAME ONLY???
It was then she informed me about the FORT WAYNE CHILDREN'S ZOO tie-in...and it all became SO much clearer.
(Ohhh....THOSE  RHINOS...the HORNY ones WITHOUT the suits...got it...!)
And speaking of things becoming "clearer"...
*** I've had to wear glasses since I left high school (and that's a long time).
Got it marked on my driver's license, too.
It's only been in the last few years that I had to go with the "many-focals" type of glasses to be able to see BOTH near AND far.
Still, model-building and reading have become problematic...
So, I went and got me some READING GLASSES....!
(no pigeons...no trumpets...let's keep this one quiet...LOL)
Yeah, I found TWO pair online (thank you eBay) - 2.5X - tortoise shell frames...for UNDER THREE BUCKS (yeah, $3 dollars)...!!!
Now, Wifey told me she got ONE pair at Walgreens about a year ago (1.0X) for TEN DOLLARS...?!?
Hardly a "bargain" was it?
But hers ARE ...(wait for it)...FOSTER GRANTS...so THERE!
Mine are NO-NAME...just like Clint Eastwood in those spaghetti westerns...
Oh, yeah, I pride myself of finding deals and bargains...
Used to have a sign in the Parts department I ran for the Philly Circuit City Service Center that read:
"If we can't get it...it doesn't exist!"
And my 15 techs never were wanting for the hard-to-get stuff...not with me around.
So yes, old habits die hard, I suppose.
*** Lastly today, Life is always something to be in awe of, even if it's for some of the small stuff.
Life is precious, and important, and even mundane at times...but it IS life.
And that's always better than the other choice.
My life is pretty much one of certain routines, specific methods of operations with certain tasks (like never mix reds when washing whites, unless you LIKE pink BVDs), and unexpected events...hopefully, most of them of the GOOD variety.
I'm sure many of you also have those "down" times...the times when you THINK you're just spinning your wheels...going nowhere...doing nothing productive.
Don't ever think that.
Never judge your actions by what others might think (or say)...they're not walking in YOUR shoes or living YOUR life. That's YOUR job.
You will know what to do...when to do it, and how to best apply whatever it is you learn throughout your life.
You might stick to routine sometimes, or change up and do some things a bit different, to spice things up a bit...nothing wrong with that.
YOU decide what to do, though...every moment of every day.
So, it's always good to make those decisions the best ones you can...as often as you can.
Have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

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