21 June 2012

Another Hot One...

Yes, friends, records are being busted all over the place, and the latest part of the nation to feel this heatwave is my former stomping grounds - the NORTHEAST.
And while that might appear great for those along the New Jersey shore (and all points both north and south), it can be BRUTAL out in such heat and sun. If however you prefer a bit more rainfall than the Midwest, try MINNESOTA - the latest area to become FLOODED.
I've some suppositions as to WHY we're seeing all this happen (based in science, of course) because ALL weather conditions on this planet seem to be CYCLICAL in nature (and that's damn convenient).
Be glad to hear any guesses you have (as long as they don't contain stories about all the INCANDESCENT BULBS we've used over time, or references to Al Gore and his rhetoric...
In the meantime, we've more LINKS today than the BREAKFAST BUFFET at Azar's Big Boy on Bluffton Rd., and some more fun stuff happening out there in spite of the heat...
*** The answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote...
"We can get along with anything but food and ammunition. The road to glory cannot be followed with much baggage."
...was none other than Confederate Lt. General Richard S. Ewell, 1862, orders during the Valley campaign. And yes, he does have his own WIKI:
An interesting man from the (now) D.C. area of Georgetown, who had controversy follow him like a dark cloud.
Moving on...
*** Restaurant and Jewelry store heists occur within an hour of one another.
So, it started out with a robbery at the Laredo Restaurant, south of downtown...
In this robbery, one of the two perps had a STUNGUN, while the other carried a pistol.
Both men got away on foot (in opposite directions - hard for ONE officer...have to pick one, and hopefully, you choose the SLOWEST of the two), even after a brief police chase (guess he chose the other one).
And then there was a holdup attempt at Do's Jewelry on State Blvd.
At least in the SECOND robbery, there was an arrest made, for the wheel man involved.
Stafford Staples, Jr, 18 of Fort Wayne (bet'cha he lives on Marcy Ln with his DAD...a habitual traffic offender - long rap sheet) was arrested in connection with the jewelry store robbery, which sent one person working at the store to the hospital after being pistol-whipped by one of the AT-LARGE thugs.
The two robbers wore ski masks and both were carrying handguns.
Fortunately at this strip mall, there were several other store owners coming forward with vehicle descriptions and direction of travel.
Staples was pulled over along Hessen Cassel Rd. driving a grey Blazer and evidence from the robbery was found in the vehicle.
(sounds like probable cause for an arrest to ME)
Staples is sitting his thug ass in jail on $25K bail...never too young to become a PLAYA on the...(...altogether, gang...)...SOUTHEAST side of town.
And then, there's THIS...
*** Fort Wayne has come to the rescue of those in ABOITE (with their Aqua Indiana woes).
Since that area has suffered reduced water pressure (broken water main - an odd thing to happen in HOT weather).
Here's the link:
Hell, I figure if the area is PART of Ft. Wayne, they should already BE on the city water...
Aboite never asked to be annexed in the first place (and see how government LISTENS to it''s people?)
Still, it's a good stop gap measure...just want to know what it will COST.
*** And speaking of COSTS...we have this:
It appears that Fort Wayne is going to blow about $97K on a "study" on HOW to monitor it's performance in collecting sewage and distributing drinking water...
Don't we have complete SYSTEMS in place that already DO such things, as well as people monitoring those systems?
What's the frigging point of the redundancy...and at $97K?
I don't even care where the money comes from...it's a waste of time and resources to do something you're apparently already doing (and well enough so that no one's bitching about water quality).
*** And just so you don't think the local paper isn't providing information you already have KNOWN FOREVER, there's this from the CAPTAIN OBVIOUS file:
Yep, you still have to water the GARDEN and the PLANTS, even if the lawn has long gone dormant...DUH!
(that's why people have gardens, and its NOT to watch them shrivel the hell up and blow away)
*** The lovely Mrs. Bobby G. and I are doing some banking, and that means a trip TO the bank...to talk with a PERSON, because somehow, we must have SO much damn money in there now (yeah, right), that "they" (the bank) feel we need to see about other options..?!?.
((...rolls eyes...))
Cripes I feel like Jed Clampett who always seem to have Mr. Drysdale (the bank president) at his heels, (like a puppy dog) wanting to do anything to keep Jed's money in HIS bank...LOL
The only thing I'd be concerned about is HOW to make our money make MORE money...that's about it, really.
But the bank guy was really insistent (I didn't want to be bothered), and so we HAVE to go there to see what this is about (have to remember to leave ALL my weapons in the car...ROFL)
*** Lastly today, as a salute to profundity, as the lovely Miss D agreed to partner up with me and become the lovely Mrs. Bobby G. lo, these FIFTEEN years ago...(damn, seems a lot longer...always does in the ghettohood, I guess...lol)
And on such an auspicious occasion, as an anniversary, we mark the day with something "different".
(no, that doesn't mean renting a bulldozer and razing some rentals, although THAT idea was brought to the table, as was putting a brown bear in a local POOL...by ME)
We usually have ourselves a nice day (this year, trying NOT to suffer spontaneous combustion) and look back as to why the hell we made such a decision to get hitched. And we laugh...a lot.
With me it was simple, I couldn't marry for money and my good looks wasn't gonna win any awards, so I figured I'd try the love angle.
I think Mrs. Bobby G. just wanted a good cook, launderer, housekeeper, pet handler, chauffeur, home repair and appliance technician (and someone around to shoot intruders...LOL)
However it turned out, it wasn't a bad deal for either of us...
So, here's to the first 15 years...I think we both do OK, despite living on the edge of Dante's Inferno (the SE side).
And with God's blessing, we might manage another 15...or more.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Fifteen years? She's an EXCEPTIONAL woman (only kidding sorta)! Happy anniversary, and may you have many many more!

ms nk rey said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Mrs Bobby G. I am happy that you found each other, that meeting is a story I would like to hear. Enjoy the day and Congrats to you both.

Bob G. said...

Yeah...and here I was looking forward to gifts celebrating FIFTY years...ROFLMAO!
(helluva typo)

(this year is CRYSTAL...so I bought some lemonade-flavored CRYSTAL light...hey, it's HOT outsid...and WAY better than CRYSTAL meth...!)
We JUST SAY NO anyway.

Thanks for the kind thoughts...and for taking time to drop by today and comment.

You all stay safe (and cool) up there.

Bob G. said...

That "meeting" is the stuff of R-rated films...and LOTS of phychiatric therapy...if we could afford EITHER...LOL.
We're too busy feeding the wildlife to get our heads screwed backl on THAT straight (again), so we learn to live with our FOIBLES.*

*(they're kinda like hamsters, only fluffier and can handle firearms...LMAO).

I do promise to someday unlock THAT file from the basement and tell the tale.

THanks so much for stopping on by today and taking time to comment.

Stay safe (and keep cool) down there.

John D. said...

We got clobbered here yesterday. Hot and humid. I spent most of the day driving back and forth to Syracuse to see my mom in the hospital (hip replacement). Thankfully, the air conditioner in the car was functioning properly. It got a good workout yesterday.

Happy anniversary to you and the Mrs.