29 June 2012

Friday Follies...

Welcome to the weekend...WHEW!
Now THAT was...HOT!
Joe's got the dog cooling down well with his fan.
Been a hot one out there yesterday in our fair city.
And exactly HOW HOT was it?
Well, the official report was "listed" as 106 degrees...wow, same as Phoenix, AZ...just with a lot fewer illegals crossing OUR border...LOL.
But, it was a DRY heat.
I can honestly state (and I did yesterday) that although my Dad used to say there were TWO kinds of heat:
1) HOT
I would like to now add a THIRD "kind"...and that is:
(pardon my "French" )
Yes, it was one NASTY-ass day out there, and we've little relief in sight, and nestled between TWO of the GREAT LAKES, you'd THINK we'd get SOMEthing in the way of MOISTURE, other than what we're sweating the hell out, wouldn't you?
At least the trip to the grocery was wonderfully UNeventful...the way I like it.
Tanked up the Wifeyobile (and gas is a "bargain" at $3.23 a GALLON...!)
That's WAY, WAY cheaper than the lighter fluid we get for our Zippos!
(that costs $3.09 for a lousy FIVE frigging OUNCES or for you Metric fans out there...a lousy 140ml)
We snagged some deals at Scotts, like Tombstone pizzas (4/$10), baby spinach ($1.89 instead of $3), and mushrooms for $1.60 (rather than $2).
After that, we bopped over to the Walgreens along Bluffton Rd, and got us one of those TOWER FANS...(for like $28 and change).
It's a 30 inch model and is VERY quiet.
Got it running right beside me now, and even at LOW speed (there are 3) it cools quite nicely.
Then again, we've been running the central A/C practically non-stop in this heat (turning it off when we went to the stores), so this fan assists to move the air about in whatever room you happen to be in, and that's a good feeling.
So, all in all, it was a pretty productive morning so far.
None of the wildlife burst into flames (a good thing), but the flowers took some heat-related hits. Had to water the hell outta them to keep them alive.
And the hummingbird was "tanking up" at our feeder every 5-10 minutes since the sun came up. Busy little bugger!
Perhaps there are more than one, but I've yet to see TWO at once this year.
*** If I made ANY mistakes over the past 24 hours, it was turning on the TV and seeing what was going on in D.C.
Thanks to some really BAD calls by the "Supreme" Court (much rather have Diana Ross and HER SUPREMES), we're now part and parcel to a ONE TRILLION DOLLAR TAX HIKE (and don't let anyone tell you differently).
The government will now DICTATE that ALL of us HAVE to have health care...(even the homeless).
That's NOT the job of our government...and should NEVER be to make us "purchase" anything.
(...but we HAVE to have CAR insurance, Bob...)
And driving a car is a PRIVILEGE, unlike LIVING, so the LAW mandates we carry a license, registration, and insurance not so much to protect the idiot who smacks into us, but to protect US FROM that idiot.
The SCOTUS swung and (imho) struck the f$ck OUT on this one, although I DO give credit for the FOUR judges that voted AGAINST the health bill.
Chief Justice Roberts, however, has lost any credibility in my eyes, and I pretty much view his vote as pro-socialistic.
And that was only the FIRST round of this "boxing match"...
The NEXT round came when Congress voted to hold AG Holder in contempt of Congress...(about damn time, too).
What makes this situation VIABLE is that a LIFE WAS LOST because of a botched operation by the DOJ.
It begs the question how would things be if the AG and Prez were REPUBLICANS?
Bet'cha there'd be hollering for them BOTH to step down from the leftards...
But with Holder, the leftists think it's all a witch hunt, fomented by the Republicans.
It's not about partisanship here, but it IS about JUSTICE...what Holder has sworn to UPHOLD as explained in our Constitution...it's that simple.
In contrast to Watergate, the "Fast and Furious" operation is MORE pertinent and MORE severe, becase no one was killed during Watergate - it was just a botched break-in, as opposed to a dead U.S. Border Agent protecting THIS nation's interests and borders.
One could also argue that deaths of civilians BOTH along our border as well as in mexico might be attributable to the guns that were permitted to corss over into mexico from the USA.
It's yet to be DISPROVEN, right?
There are times when I look at what our nation USED to be (as I was growing up), and then look at what's happening today, and it scares the sh*t out of me. And it should scare the rest of us likewise, it we're still giving a damn about America.
This is becoming SO like the governent that was depicted (rather well, I might add) in the 2004 movie V FOR VENDETTA...we're on that road, just nowhere as far along (thank God).
But it was the government in the movie that causes widespread FEAR in it's citizens, forcing them to turn to someone they could have "hope" in, and it turned out to be a VERY BAD choice.
In the movie, the government even orchestrates a pandemic, killing off tens of thousands of it's own citizens in order to promote it's OWN agenda, and have the people flock to THEIR cause, because they have the cure..."all you have to do is follow us and we will protect you".
Peace Through Untiy - Unity through Strength is their "motto"...not bad for a totalitarian regime, is it?
Well, it has been said that:
"If you control a nation's health, you control it's people."
Now, I don't know WHO said it, but I know I saw it somewhere, and when I find it, I will post it here.
Let's just hope that more people will wake up and see what's being done TO this nation, and in time to effect change back to the way this country USED to be when it WAS the number one power on the globe.
(...instead of Qatar, which is the CURRENT number one country in GDP per capita in wealth...sorry Barack, you got THAT one wrong, too, in your victory-lap speech yesterday)
We, as a people, as a nation, can always do better, and we MUST for the sake of ourselves AND for our future generations.
That should keep us thinking long and hard for the next 72 hours.
Have yourselves a nice weekend, and remember to take care in this heat (and humidity).
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John D. said...

We only got into the 90s yesterday, but it was humid. The AC has been running non-stop. It's going on 2 decades old, so I'm just hoping it survives the summer.

As for yesterday's Supreme Court decision, I'm none too happy with it either. This non-tax tax increase is gonna kill the (already almost-dead) economy. Hell, even Bill Clinton agrees that a tax increase during a recession is a bad idea. I guess all we can do is hope we'll see some "regime change" in a few months.

Have a good weekend, Bob.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
We're catching a "break" (?) in the heat today (only going into the mid-90s...LOL), but we NOW have humidity, too.
Feels a lot "closer" outside.

Yeah, we're going to need some MAJOR changes down in D.C.
That's for certain!
And when CLINTON agrees, that's gotta mean something, right?

Thanks for sweating on over today and commenting.

Have yourself a great weekend and roll safe out there!

CWMartin said...

Some break! The humidity's higher, the breeze is lower. Maybe Danny Turkette can't fry an egg on his sidewalk today but I don't think its a bit better.

We topped out at 106.7 somewhere between 3:20 and 3:40. Averaged going up 1.8 per half-hour from 7:30 to then.

You can read my two takes on SCOTUS on my posts of (I think) Tuesday and one coming out around 5 (gotta give the masses time to digest Time Machine, eh?) today.
Basically, no surprise, I agree with you.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, hit is hot, but THAT was downright O-freaking-Pressive!!!
Gonna have to read your SCOTUS posts...bet'cha they're REALLY good!!!

Stay tuned for Monday's post about THE BIG BLACKOUT of 2012...gonna be a fun ride, I promise.

Thanks for sweating on over and commenting.

You stay safe (and back up electrically-speaking) up there!