20 June 2012

Humpday Happenings...

Another day of the "same-old", weather wise...hot and rather arid in the Heartland...Welcome to the NEW Tatooine.
But after today, it's "supposed" to drop to the 80s...with the upper 70s rolling in by the weekend.
This has been MORE dry a spell than what was had during the DUST BOWL era here...amazing.
Be nice to be a weatherman, and get paid to say the SAME thing for like 2 weeks in a row...and be wrong at least HALF of the time, wouldn't it?
Anywho, let's poke a stick into that hole in the ground and see what comes out, shall we?
*** First up, this week's military quote aka WHO SAID THAT?
"We can get along with anything but food and ammunition. The road to glory cannot be followed with much baggage."
So, who said that? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the Officer's Lounge...
*** While yesterday's story about the JEDI TRAINING made me SMILE, stories like THIS get me ROFLMA(the hell)O...!.
(but for entirely DIFFERENT reasons)
Here's the link:
So now, some group called the Northeastern Rural Electric Membership Corporation (?) wants customers (that would be YOU...and ME) to CONSERVE ENERGY...
...During a frigging quasi-DROUGHT with temperatures in the MID-NINETIES and no real relief (like rain) on the immediate horizon...are they SERIOUS?
Oh, yeah...this IS a "WTF???" moment!
What in God's name are we SUPPOSED to DO, hmm?
Sit at home with the drapes pulled and wait around to spontaneously COMBUST?
Sorry, that's not on my "to-do" list THIS week...or ANY week for that matter.
Now, I will admit that wasting ANYTHING isn't a good thing...(remember how Mom used to tell you NOT to waste food at the dinner table?)
I know the lovely Mrs. Bobby G. and myself always try to CONSOLIDATE trips in the cars...that just makes sense (besides, I REALLY hate to have to go BACK OUT for something we neglected to remember to get the FIRST time around).
And who in their right mind turns on a faucet in the house (to wash something or get a drink), and then walks the hell AWAY from it for like a HALF HOUR?
Same goes for leaving the LIGHTS ON (As Wifey does in the bathroom after she leaves...lol)
If you're NOT going back INTO the room, no need for burning the bulbs out, is there?
Ditto for the TV...after all, you can only watch ONE at a time in ANY one room, right?
(unless you moved ALL the sets to ONE room, stacked them and are staring at them all incessantly)
Some things you're not going to get away from, though...like the REFRIGERATOR...!
THAT bugger HAS to run in order to keep all the stuff you bought to eat...edible (unless you LIKE having a side order of e. coli with your salmonella).
We also have to wash our clothes, too.
(And drying them outside in THIS weather sure as hell wouldn't take more than say...FIVE minutes...TOPS. That's some energy saved, right?)
We have an electric DISHWASHER, too, but I prefer the "manual type"...as in MY OWN TWO HANDS...that saves it's share of money.
I think ANYONE with at least a few synapses still firing already KNOWS how to SAVE energy as best they can.
So, articles like the one above is like "preaching to the choir" (imho).
What these utility companies NEED to do is get the word out to the numb-nuts among us...the morons, the idiots, the dipsh*ts, the dumbasses, the mooks, the intelligence-challenged that are not really having to worry about actually PAYING those utility bills, because the government is somehow "subsidizing" their lifestyle of laziness...yeah, THOSE people.
I'm talking about those that have a room air-conditioner in damn near EVERY window of their crib, and have them ALL running to cool the WHOLE place all the time. The people who make FIFTEEN trips a day, by CAR to the convenience store a block away to constantly "stock up" on crap foods, when they could do it ALL in ONE friggin' trip.
These are the same people who unsuccessfully "attempt" to cook something extremely greasy on a stove at 1AM, only to burn the place down, and then get placed into ANOTHER house to try it all again...
I know I get tired of "being told" what I HAVE to do to conserve energy, when I know damn well that I HAVE BEEN DOING SO...and for a long time...before it was even "en vogue" to do so.
My parents taught the meaning of being FRUGAL with everything...everything in moderation...nothing to excess, and that DOES include utility usage.
That's why we don't use our OVEN for auxiliary heating in Winter (as some others do when they burn their house down)
SO, whenever I hear ANY agency telling me what I SHOULD be doing, I just thank 'em with a hearty middle-finger salute.
I've known how to conserve LONG before these jerks learned how to stop crapping in their diapers...so they really NEED to STFU and STFD.
Moving on...
*** Today is the TRUE start of Summer...not that we've already had it FEEL like Summer for the past month or so, right?
And wouldn't you just KNOW it...there's a WIKI for this:
In actuality, this year Summer "officially" begins this evening at 1909 hrs...if you want to "see" it arrive...LOL.
Typically, this is also known as the longest day of the calendar year when it comes to periods of DAYLIGHT (and not time itself)...so, after today, the length of daylight starts getting shorter again.
This is a pretty big day at Stonehenge...with all the oddballs showing up, prancing about like loons suffering from St. Vitus Dance.
(and THAT is also known as Sydenham's Chorhea - here's THAT WIKI:
St. Vitus Dance was something the grandparents used to speak about, and luckily I remember the reference.
So now YOU know as well.
Reminds me of the OLD saying I heard from an elevator operator (when they used to have such people):
"It's not the UPS and DOWNS in life that bother me...it's the JERKS"
See...you hang around here and you'll learn a WHOLE lot of useless sh*t...LOL!
*** Lastly today, sure it's hot outside...no, actually it's DAMN HOT outside, and that means certain precautions should be taken, by EVERYONE, and not just by those with conditions that would be exacerbated by such weather.
-- If you positively HAVE to be outside today...STAY HYDRATED!!!
The sneakiest thing to happen to you is to become dehydrated.
I know...I've been there more than a couple times...didn't even realize it.
Not fun.
Your body can only afford to lose SO much fluid before it starts to overheat...JUST like your car.
And after your car overheats long enough and severely enough, the engine will SEIZE and it's GAME OVER.
Same for your body...it will "seize" up and pretty much shut the hell down.
(not a good thing - rapid rise in fever is a pronounced sign, as is the lack of perspiration)
-- If you don't need to go outside..DON'T.
unless there is a true REASON to go somewhere, stay inside and take it easy.
If you are outside working whatever job, know that "slow and steady" will win every race...ask the tortoise when he beat the hare.
The only exception is a foot-race with a perp that bailed from a vehicle after a pursuit or robbery, and even then, remember that the PERP has to run in the heat as well, and is probably NOT in as good PHYSICAL shape as the LEO chasing him.
(the perp's saggy pants only aid the officer in such a situation...lol)
-- Eat SOMETHING...!
It doesn't have to be a pepperoni pizza or a taco, because sometimes, the heat gets to you and you don't even feel like eating. But you do have to fuel YOUR furnace. Some toast or a light salad is plenty, and will help with any dizziness you might feel, as well as that headache you might get.
Some of the drinks like Gatorade or Powerade are good for electrolytic balance...and you DO need that also.
So, there you have it...some tips on taking it EASY out there (or in there)...wherever you happen to find yourself in this sweltering weather.
And it didn't cost you ANYTHING, except a few minutes to read it...lol.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

*Sigh*... right war (on the who said), wrong side. I'm getting closer, though.

Bob G. said...

Well, that depends on HOW ypu actually define the word "CLOSE", right?

I say it all is pertinent to the specific APPLICATION...lol
For example, I do know that "CLOSE" DOES counts with HORSESHOES and (especially) HAND GRENADES!

Don't fret...Wifey was on the wrong side as well, so you're in FINE company, buddy.
At least you (like her) had the RIGHT WAR!

I didn't even KNOW that this man had any quotes attributed to him, so I got to learn something, too.

And in THAT...we ALL have consensus.

Thanks for dropping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe (and cool) up there.

ms nk rey said...

I think there are two types of people, those who do and those who don't and no amount of warning, preaching, threatening or cajoling will change them. I am proudly frugal. I may have written the book on Frugal and conserving energy.

John D. said...

We're getting the heat here too, mid-90s for the next couple of days. I'll be conserving energy by running my can opener less, but the AC is staying on full-blast.

As for that quote, hmmm... Ho Chi Minh? ("Charlie don't surf!")

Bob G. said...


Good for you...you sound a lot like ME!
(kinda Willem DaFoe SCARY, ain't it?)...LOL.

I think I have a copy of your book, too.
Or was that a copy that was passed DOWN to us by OUR parents?
(hey, whatever works, right?)

Thanks much for dropping by today and commenting.

Stay safe (and stay cool) down there.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I think the heat is everywhere but McMurdo airbase and Little America these days (and one house in upstate MAINE)...LOL!

You could ALWAYS dig out that old, trusty P38 you swiped from the service (as so many already have)

Or, it's back to zip-top cans and the MRE stash, eh?

As to the quote...sorry, no cigar today.
But, come to think of it, that COULD very well be something the HO would say, considering the troops he had and what he was up against (that would be US).
(I know the quote surprised me a bit)

Hey, thanks for dropping by today and braving the "heat" to stop by and comment.

You stay safe (and well-fed) out there.

gadfly said...

Thanks for the alert about how deep this drought has been.

The NY Times reports that Boise (sound like voice) City, OK has experiences 222 days without a rainfall of at least a half an inch - and this record surpasses everything, including any time during the Dirty 30s.

The difference of course between now and the 1930s is wind. From Lew Rockwell:

The First World War then set off a series of events that would lead to disaster. The dry-land farmers had enjoyed prosperity, working the land and growing wheat with the benefit of new machinery that made them wondrously productive. Then the Turkish navy kept Russian wheat from making its way to Europe and the federal government told farmers to produce more wheat to win the war. And produce they did; from 1917 to 1919, the number of acres put into wheat production increased 70 percent. And why not: the government guaranteed a price of $2 per bushel.

But when the war ended, the price collapsed and there was no one to buy the mountains of grain left rotting in the sun. The debts incurred to buy equipment and property still had to be paid, so farmers continued to plow up the grassland in hopes that the price of wheat would rebound. By 1931, 33 million acres in the Great Plains had been plowed. But farmers could only sell the wheat for half what it cost to produce the golden grain, if they could find buyers at all. And then the winds came.

The black blizzards began in earnest in 1932 and would continue through the end of the decade. These storms would carry enough static electricity that people would avoid shaking hands because the shock would flatten a person. With no rain and temperatures exceeding more than 110 degrees for days on end, more and more bugs appeared. Grasshoppers swarmed over fields; centipedes by the bucketful infested houses, along with Black Widow spiders and Tarantulas. Rabbits multiplied while the people choked from the dust.


Bob G. said...

I saw a History Channel show about the BLACK BLIZZARDS of the '30s, but I didn't know ALL the back-story as to what lead UP to it.

Leave it to both WAR and ECONOMICS to screw up the WEATHER!
(who'da thunk?)
VERY interesting stuff you (and Lew) found there.

Cripes, I hate most of those BUGS, too...
As for the rabbits?
Well, they know I already FEED 'em,. so I guess I'm gonna be STUCK with 'em.

I'll have to mosey over and read your archive post.
Thanks for feeding me some KNOWLEDGE today.
Much appreciated.

And thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Stay safe (and keep cool) out there.