27 June 2012

Humpday Happenings...
Well, friends, if you're looking to practice the art of perspiring, the next several days might be just what you're looking for.
We're back into the swelter box today with highs in the lower 90s, but tomorrow is supposed to be the "kicker" with the day's high to be at or even ABOVE the century mark...
Now, my Dad spent time in India during WW2, and he
said there were only TWO types of heat (over there):
1) HOT!
(that included the monsoon season and the oppressive humidity as well)
So, tomorrow looks to be a "number 2" kinda day here in the Heartland...should play hell with damn near everything and everyone.
With that as our prologue today, let's be mindful of that over the next 72 hours, and take care outside, hmm?
*** First up today, our military quote of the week - aka - WHO SAID THAT?
"Bad news is not like fine wine...it does not improve with age."
So...who said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the PT area...
*** A former member of the Fort Wayne City Council has passed away.
Dede Hall, age 62, who used to be the 5th District councilperson (before Tim Pape came along and ignored everyone, and Glynn Hines wound up taking over OUR part of the 5th and incoporating it into the 6th, which makes us even worse off, now) lost her fight with colon cancer.
Here's the story link:
That's such a damn shame...she was a good person, with whom I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with downtown, when she represented us.
She called me after an email I sent her regarding the way our part of Ft. Wayne was "changing" and not for the better, and I had some concerns.
Dede said she would meet with me in one of the anterooms to see what she could do.
I could tell from chatting with her (and taking documentation I had accumulated) that she DID care, and wanted to do something (which was more than either of her two subsequent councilmen EVER did).
That impressed me, and she set up meetings with (then liason) Lin Wilson and FWPD captain Nancy Chamberlin (nee Becker), and I've been toiling away ever since, and have seen a few changes over those 12+ years ago.
I can honestly say that conditions in our district (or neighborhood, becasue we still HAD one then) were NEVER AS BAD when Dede Hall was councilperson, as they have become under such "guidance" as Pape and then Hines.
After she left City Council, she returned to the family business - several family-owned restaurants around town.
I know I will miss her, for she was a spunky lady, that shot from the hip, and took no guff.
She was an understanding individual, and in my all-too brief time of knowing her, I actually came to believe that governemnt COULD work for the PEOPLE, rather than any ideology or political affiliation.
Thanks for being a part of my life, and for providing me the impetus to continue the struggle to want to make our neighborhood at least as good as it USED to be, even if those that followed you had no such desire...YOU made a difference to me.
Moving forward...
*** Man shot in face at East Central Towers Apartment complex.
Here's the story link (with video):
Now, who would have thought that the 900 block of E. Washington Blvd could be the scene of a midday shooting?
((raises hand..."I would" knowing the people in THIS city))
According to the story, one person living at the East Central Towers complex mentions that there are drug deals going on in the surrounding areas, so it should come as NO surprise that a "spill-over" into such a complex would be impending...I've seen such things first hand (like in Columbus, Ohio, as well as in Philly).
Such felons know NO boundaries, much like the rest of the people that frequent the curbside pharmaceutical "trade".
I can say that we have TOO MANY people that absolutely have NO concept of what is meant by BOUNDARIES...as in "Stay the f*ck away from my property, because every time YOU come near it, the VALUE goes DOWN"...!
Yeah, THOSE people.
*** And speaking of THOSE people...there's a show on TruTV channel that's captured my attention.
It's called Hardcore Pawn, about an owner of one of the largest pawnshops in the Midwest (Les Gold) located along "8-mile" in (guess where?) DETROIT...of all places.
Now, I understand the reason we have pawn shops, and the concept behind them...way too simple, and serves a need in society..and has done so for CENTURIES, in fact.
But to SOME folks, it's a study in knowing one's limits...and many of the people that come into the shop cannot grasp such basic things in life.
To ME, the show is one of those "guilty pleasures" because I find myself yelling at the TV or just shakling my head over some of the "clientele" that frequent the place. They seem too "familiar".
Les Gold is much like a kindred spirit to me...he takes NO sh*t, DEFINITELY NOT GHETTO, and he often gives even MY stubborness a run for it's money.
I admire that.
I like chutzpah...LOL!
(...and people with "brass balls"...)
Here's their main website:
Here's the TruTV channel website:
And naturally, some of the show's "best" (?) moments:
I say, if you want to see what MANY of my "neighbors" look and act like, check the clips (or the show) out...you'll get a REAL taste of what it means to be GHETTO...no sh*t!
(fortunately, Wifey and I don't subscribe to such nonsense)
Yeah, if I want to vent regarding the deplorable conditions in our part of Ft. Wayne's ghettohood, I watch Hardcore Pawn, otherwise, if I just want to learn something and see some REALLY neat stuff with NO drama, I surf over and watch Pawn Stars (with Rick Harrison in Vegas).
(Much better clientele coming through the doors out THERE...that's for sure...!)
Rick, along and his Dad and son do some serious homework when it comes to buying historical items, and they have some experts to help them with that. The "old man" (Rick's dad) is a hoot to watch...he's from that greatest generation, and his view on things is always fun to take in.
Hey, these shows help pass the time between those other shows that I MUST watch.
Like I said...it's a guilty pleasure, no matter which show I choose to view.
*** Lastly today, while it can be fun to watch shows like I mentioned, and you can even come away from them with a better knowledge of things YOU might have thought were junk, you can ALSO get some needful lessons in HUMAN BEHAVIOR...and studies in societal CONTRASTS.
I think many reality shows are placed there to not only "take us away" from OUR troubles, but to point out that there are OTHER people out there WAY more f$cked up than we could EVER be...and we like that...c'mon, be honest, now.
We ENJOY seeing total and blithering IDIOTS doing stupid sh*t and getting what they deserve, don't we?
We watch and then thank our lucky stars that we will NEVER be that screwed up in the head, or with our lives.
That is (supposedly) meant to bolster OUR esteem, therefore...boost OUR ego.
And that can be a good thing, once in a while.
But too much of anything isn't necessarily a good thing...yes, that even applies to CHOCOLATE (just not nearly as often...lol)
What do WE do to help our ego ON OUR OWN?
And why do we need to see everyone else's "failures" to realize our own successes?
Can't we measure them when we look about us?
Don't we already have a life that is pretty damn decent as it is?
I think when we stop to think about it, we do okay without looking to others and their ineptitude, in order to secure our OWN sense of self or worth.
And when we do such things regularly, we can take the reality shows with a grain of salt,...and as pure entertainment, instead of a comparitive life lesson for how WE are doing, right?
After all, isn't our LIFE itself the BEST show that airs 24/7/365 for each of us?
I would like to think so...but I personally, wouldn't mind seeing some reruns from the 1960s, if you get my drift.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.

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