12 June 2012

What Happened To The Rain...

We're still waiting to hear back from the prognosticators who were saying we were going to get "some"...
Didn't see much SOME to any of it, really...a brief shower before 0600hrs., and then pretty much NOTHING the rest of the day.
(well, THAT sucked)
Yeah, and that means we're back to the garden hose to water the plants...AGAIN.
I'd wager we didn't even come CLOSE to that .4 inch predicted...probably barely .1 inch (if that).
Well, at least yesterday's morning PAPER got wet...had to use the microwave to dry the bugger out.
The ONE day the carrier SHOULD have used a bag over the paper...and he DOESN'T...whatta f$cking MORON!
Today, the paper was up against the house, beside the steps...again, a gross MISS. (at least it wasn't in the FLOWER BED...again)
The paper is to be delivered on the STEPS.
Says a lot for someone who just opens the vehicle door, tosses it poorly and then drives away.
Used to be called WORK ETHICS...and for a good reason.
(personally, this guy would be better off without a job, if he's going to take something as simple as newspaper delivery SO badly.)
Anyway, let's get into a couple UPDATES from stories concerning our favorite topic - SHOOTINGS.
*** We begin today with the story about Broadway Joe's Tavern (see 29 Nov 2011 post), and the officer involved with that police-action shooting that left one person DEAD.
Here's the story link:
Good to see the prosecutor figured this one out...finally!
Wasn't that difficult (imho), based on what was released to the media sources (and some good old common sense).
Being able to match a shell casing from the crime scene to the gun (the still-deceased) Antron "Feti" Pearson was carrying on his person was another nail in that boy's coffin, so to speak.
I say this was the perfect scenario for the officer being...JUSTIFIED.
FWPD Chief York stated that the shooting "was a tragedy for all involved"...I don't know about that.
Seems we got ONE gun-wielding THUG (with a history of hatred for the police) off of the streets...seems like a "win" to me.
Interestingly, last December, Pearson's family (defending his thug lifestyle) staged a "march for justice" from the tavern to the courthouse...
How'd that ever work out for them, hmm?
Never heard one single peep since...guess they found out they were WRONG.
Officer Joshua Franciscy has been reinstated to full active duty and is back patrolling the streets (good for him).
I like a LEO that knows HOW and WHEN to shoot...and shoot WELL.
Personally, I'd prefer to see the officer get a commendation for his actions...
Think of it as a form of URBAN RENEWAL...one perp at a time.
Moving along...
*** Police now believe that there were THREE people (of interest) involved in the Cap 'N Cork shooting last Friday evening along S. Anthony Blvd, down on the city's...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE.
Here's the new
"4-1-1" :
I'm including the pictures at the WPTA website as well, so you can get a gander at the "people of interest".
(who actually look a lot like damn near everyone ELSE in our part of the ghettohood)
One of the people involved was wearing a grey/tan Yankees baseball cap (a lot of them do down here), and an "R.I.P." tribute shirt - the same (minidress-length) shirt worn by another one of the men.
Khaki saggy pants were also worn, and police believe them to all be "associates".
I prefer to call them partners-in-crime.
And I have seen men in our area that have worn those khaki pants with the stupid-ass dress-length oversized white t-shirts, so if the FWPD wants to conduct patrols in OUR neck o' the woods to find these perps...you're MORE than welcome to do so.
Feel free to view my (rather) extensive library of ghettohood photos and see what (or who) you can turn up.
You have to realize that from the jump, there is NO means to reason with such people, so trying to TALK with them is like you shooting an unarmed person...totally ONE-sided on YOUR part, and that is exactly WHY such thugs so rapidly gravitate to VIOLENT behavior.
It's in their genes...don't even try to argue against that point, because the frequency and level of violence such people display has no other reason behind it.
We ALL have the choice to seek other options when confronted...these people simply DO NOT.
And that is why I really don't "ask" them to move from (or off of) my property whenever I find some hanging about...I TELL THEM...rather tersely (another word they don't understand), and between MY demeanor and my lack of pleasant expressions, they pretty much comply.
(not to mention when I do so from on MY property, I have MY gun very handy...just in case)
If they ever wish to "up the ante" (and the level of violence), Ill just pull an "Officer Franciscy" on them...FIRST!
Then, I can do a "HAN SOLO", toss a coin to the coroner, and say: "Sorry about the mess."
*** FWCS is going to get iPads...oh, for God's sake, I can see THIS being a clusterf$ck of the first order...
Here's the story link:
Now, to me, this is a road that doesn't really need to be travelled at this time.
You're basically "forcing" teachers and kids to "get on board" with all this high-falootin' technology.
Of the units to be purchased (2,490 total), 950 will be relegated to MIDDLE SCHOOL and the remainder to be used in HIGH SCHOOLS.
And this $1.2 MILLION buck price tag is coming from WHERE, exactly?
Oh, the SCHOOL BOARD is voting on this, so that means it's coming from...(...wait for it...)...YOUR TAX-PAYING POCKETS!
Now, these will be kept IN HOUSE, meaning that (according to the article) the iPads will NOT be going home with the kids (where they can lost or stolen).
And this FALL, the teachers will be trained on their use...
(nothing like waiting until the LAST possible moment to do THAT, hmm?)
Of course, this WILL mean that the schools will be much more of a "target-rich environment" when it comes to THEFTS (which we will no doubt come to expect). Ever think that a back to basics approach would net better results in LEARNING, as opposed to all these damn "bells and whistles"?
Think of this as part of that whole "social justice" gig - everyone the exact same...no winners or over-achievers.
We move from the "everyone has the same OPPORTUNITY to learn" to "everyone gets the same stuff to make them EQUAL".
That dog just doesn't hunt for me.
*** Lastly, how many times have I spoken to the fact that we ALL either succeed OR fail based on our OWN merits (or lack thereof)?
And that's the way it SHOULD BE; none of this levelling the playing field BS.
The field has BEEN level for decades, but the socialists among us can't figure that one the hell out.
They want some people more equal than others, and if that means they take from you to make it happen, they're fine with that.
It should not have to come down to the amount of "stuff" you can get (for free or at another's expense) that makes you a "better" person.
YOU should have to WORK AT THAT to prove it not only to yourself, but to others.
When that aspect is taken away, you become just another "gimme" in the crowd.
Every one of us has the capacity TO learn...TO become more than we should settle for, and TO achieve things we can dream about, but the chief motivator in all this is OURSELVES...and not every chunk of tech or liberal pundit that wants to give us "something for nothing", for we ALL should know by now that nothing is ever "free"...someone has to pay for it sooner or later.
Armed with THAT mindset - knowing that WE are the captains of our lives and destinies, and not some piece of silicon chips and plastic, we can go a lot farther than we could ever imagine.
The "right tool" for that job is the HUMAN SPIRIT, and no store has that on their shelves.
And that you can take to the bank.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John D. said...

I haven't gotten a soggy newspaper in years. Of course, I do all my news reading online these days. It saves me aggravation AND money. :)

Re: Life - I'm definitely feeling like the hydrant today.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I can relate to doing the online news gathering...but I do like HOLDING a newspaper while having my java...blame THAT on my Father...LOL.

And although I would like to succumb to having to be the HYDRANT some days, with this lack fo RAIN, I dare not because SOME yahoo will come around, want to put a wrench on me and open me up to let the kids play...LMAO!

(that was a BIG NO-NO back in Philly...always PO'ed the fire department - haven't seem it HERE in Ft. Wayne...yet.)

Hey, thanks for swinmging on over today to comment.
Much appreciated.
You stay safe (BE the DOG) out there.

CWMartin said...

Addendum to the IPad thing- It was tried this year in Noble Co. The school got broke into and robbed of them not once, but twice, and I have it on good authority that at least one middle schooler was observed ( not caught by an authority, just observed) watching porn DURING CLASS! Others had them confiscated when they were contacted by someone that sure seemed to be a pedophile. Yeah, kids get a lot of learning done with them. With all due respect to (and excluding) Missus G, I think its just another way for lazy union teachers to babysit rather than teach. That, and it probably earns the system those wonderful Race-To_THE-Top points (also known as Obama bucks. Can I say those two words together?)

Jana said...

While the ipads are a good idea in theory, I see them leading to big problems like you said before as well: theft, and not to mention, violence.

Which will lead to metal detectors (if they are not there already...I don't know what the schools are like there), gangs hanging out at the schools at night, etc.

The money being spent is stupid. What about field trips to teach and expand their knowledge of the world instead of focusing on a little piece of technology? Community service (which I think EVERY student should be required to at do in high school to graduate, college as well), etc?

Yep, on my high horse. It's nice up here...

Bob G. said...

Good points and all duly noted.
Never fear Missus Bobby G. isn't "all into that" when it comes to the technologies..but she IS ahead of me (she has a cell phone...lol)

ROFL - I used to call it "race to the bank" aka the taxpayer's pockets..in that, we have consensus.

BTW, Wifey LOVED the pictures of your weekend "outing".
Just wanted you to know.

Thanks for stopping on over and commenting.

Stay safe (and "munk"-free) up there.

Bob G. said...

Glad to see here again...

Yeah, the THEFT is going to be a HUGE problem, and not readily addressed...even IF you lock 'em all up in those schools.

The violence that "can" come from it is another thing, especially with minds that are STILL "developing".

The field trips were always a good thing when I went to school.
More of the REAL "hands-on" gigs need to be pursued, instead of all these "gadgets".

Just between you, me and the corral, I DO like horses a lot...no matter HOW HIGH a size they come in...lol.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe out there and tell hubby we say "hi".

gadfly said...

This IPad idiocy is sweeping the state. First Upper Wells gets them, then EACS orders them up, so gosh, what to do at FWCS but accommodate students more interested in games than graduation.

On the subject of schools, check out this article at Q&O that shows the rate of growth in teachers to enrollments since 1970 - un-friggin-believable!


Bob G. said...

That's something I'm sure even the Missus didn't know about.

I could see a "slight" difference but something with THIS wide a gap...cripes!

I'd like to believe that because cities CLOSE public schools (rebuilds, consolodation, etc.) this "GAP" would be somewhat explained away...not so.

I know many classrooms are already overcrowded, and therefore the ability to teach to the individual is diminished.

The mention of "employment" (total staff numbers) makes more sense, because I would tend to think the UNIONS have a very VESTED interest in this.

Since 1970 (ironic)...the year I graduated and said that education started it's downward slide...plenty of reasons for my claim, too.

I've known for decades that money was (randomnly) tossed at educational problems, with litle if any REAL progress.

That was a great read...
I appreciate you bringing it to our attention.

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

You stay safe (and informed as always) out there.

Momma Fargo said...

Your weather forecasters are better than ours. LOL. It's the only job you can be wrong 100% and still have a job. Crazy!

Soggy paper? Don't they put them in plastic when it's yucky out? That's the pits.

Love the poster Why Carry A Gun? Made me spit my coffee up this morning.

Have a great day, Bob G.!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:

--I swear those weatherpeople just toss darts at a board...!
Next life, I promise to be a weather man...love the whole getting paid to be WRONG thing.

(even thought bring right most all the time NEVER gets old, either...lol)

--The carrier is SUPPOSED to bag 'em when it's inclement...
He doesn't like us because WE don't settle for POOR WORK ETHICS under THIS roof...that's gotta be it!

And that is a picture of MY hand holding MY .45 ACP Taurus...my "other sweetheart"...LOL.

BTW, if I could "carry a cop", I would ONLY want her to be YOU, as long as YOu carry YOUR gun!

(I know...the check's in the mail...LMAO)

Hey, thanks so much for rolling on up here today and commenting.
You always make me smile.

Stay safe out there
(and keep that SHINY side up)