11 June 2012

Monday Musings...

Welcome back to the beginning of another week, sure to be filled with all the "fun" stuff you'd come to expect.
We finally are getting some rain (accent on the "some" )...call it a smattering, with no REAL accumulation (supposed to total less than .4 inch).
At least we're not in Pensacola, FL where they've gotten OVER 13 INCHES and expecting more (talk about your flood conditions). Parts of Alabama are suffering a similar fate.
Meanwhile, out in northern Idaho, they're getting SNOWFALL...and down in Colorado and New Mexico, they've got some serious WILDFIRES burning up the acres.
Don'cha just LONG for the days when weather seemed a lot more "predictable"...and SIMPLE?
Funny, life USED to be like that...a lot less complex, and I miss that.
Anyway, let's see what's been going on since last we met, shall we?
*** Looks like we're creeping CLOSER to that "magic number" of (25) homicides in Allen County (and Ft. Wayne).
On Friday night, we had HOMICIDE NUMBER EIGHTEEN (nineteen if the coroner EVER releases the cause of death for Joshua Frisby).
Here's the story:
The sad part was that the victim's son was left IN a vehicle in the parking lot while "dad" was being offed.
And Christopher Mhoon really wasn't one of those career criminals (like all the OTHER thugs)...he just liked to make mistakes, as we can see from his RAP SHEET:
02D04-0210-IF-016343 Mhoon, Christopher M 10/21/2002
Allen Superior Court 4 IF - Infraction
02D04-0305-IF-006890 Mhoon, Christopher M 05/29/2003
Allen Superior Court 5 IF - Infraction
02D04-0402-CM-001470 Mhoon, Christopher M 02/27/2004
Allen Superior Court 6 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
Decided BATTERY (A)
02D04-0407-IF-009268 Mhoon, Christopher M 07/31/2004
Allen Superior Court 5 IF - Infraction
02D04-0408-IF-010569 Mhoon, Christopher M 08/21/2004
Allen Superior Court 6 IF - Infraction
02D04-0408-OV-002071 Mhoon, Christopher M 08/27/2004
Allen Superior Court 5 OV - Local Ordinance Violation
02D04-0606-IF-009800 Mhoon, Christopher M 06/13/2006
Allen Superior Court 4 IF - Infraction
02D04-0611-FB-000224 Mhoon, Christopher M 11/03/2006
Allen Superior Court 4 FB - Class B Felony
02H01-1008-IF-10015 I1961771 MHOON, CHRISTOPHER M 08/13/2010
New Haven City Court IF - Infraction
Decided 9-21-5-3/IFC: Speeding - Exceeding Posted Speed Limit
02H01-1108-IF-009707 K317081 MHOON, CHRISTOPHER M 08/01/2011
New Haven City Court IF - Infraction
Decided 9-24-19-1/IFA: Driving While Suspended
He got 4 years PROBATION for the robbery...and he LOVED to break the vehicular laws, didn't he?
Even had a LEARNER'S PERMIT violation...got an early start.
Naturally, he had various addresses (as do they ALL):
437 W Branning Ave
Fort Wayne, IN 46807
8102 Bridgeway Cir
Fort Wayne, IN 46818
4312 Austin Drive
Fort Wayne, IN 46806
Other Agency Numbers
132980 Fort Wayne Police Department, 82500 Allen County Sheriff's Department
APT Z (2?)
Fort Wayne, IN 46807
"He was one of the funniest guys in Ft. Wayne", according to friends...guess THEIR idea of fun differs from MINE.
(and every other normal person)
And another one bites the dust...still on track to reach 25 (easily at this rate, I might add).
The following morning (several hours later, to be exact), there was a shooting in the 900 block of Francis St.
No fatalities, no motive, and no suspects.
And, not ONE peep out of the BLACK community, either...that's just pathetic.
Moving on...
*** If you think that STUPID is relegated SOLELY to Ft. Wayne and the black community...think again, my friends.
I really have to take my hat off to the Steuben County Sheriff's Department for having to deal with some of our more "stellar" citizens...
Here's the story:
Now, I readily admit that there is a LOT of crap on TV these days, and I've been tempted to on many occasions to just haul out the 12 gauge and "pump away", but I figure why waste a perfectly good (albeit ancient by today's standards) TV set?
Not to mention...the AMMO...LOL.
However, if the TV was broken beyond repair, I'd be more than happy to cap that idiot box...but NEVER near a camping area!!!
That's where these morons decided to pull THEIR stunt.
Somehow, having a family cooking by a campfire doesn't seem QUITE the same with bullets whizzing by and hitting nearby trees...does it?
Kinda takes away the old appetite, especially if I didn't plan to "return fire".
Well, Dumb and Dumber got busted for creating a safety hazard (criminal recklessness) and posted a $5K bond and were released Sunday.
I'd also advise them to stop watching TV...it's damaging their brains.
*** Question- When does a BAD idea become even "badder"?
After you read this story, you can tell me, okay?
Here's the link:
The GM Volt for 2013 will be getting a LONGER range...imagine that.
(Wonder what the "SS" stands for...STILL STUPID?)
The BAD news is...(...wait for it...)...it's only THREE F$CKING MILES MORE on a charge...!
Yepper, starting the week off with a "WTF???" moment...who'da thunk?
Geez, down here in the ghettohood, that three miles would ALMOST get you OUT of the ghettohood...LOL!
Let's just put this tech away until we can make it both PRACTICAL and AFFORDABLE...sound like a plan?
Sure, the car costs $39K (and change) and you DO get a $7.5K "credit" back from the Obama regime, but come on now...it's just NOT worth it.
For that same $39K, you could get a pre-owned Mercedes C class or a BMW with a LOT more going for it, even with a gasoline engine (that gets decent mileage)...and you wouldn't be worrying about whether the batteries will catch fire, or the charge will die in the middle of a traffic jam.
Mr. Fusion...where for art thou?
*** WOWO radio in a state of "flux"...
Anyone else notice Greg Henson absent from Friday's time slot?
I suppose that is a case where ONE person can make that difference...(like AWB).
Here's the Kevin Leininger story:
There are no plans to bring Pat Miller back (a shame) and Pat White is on another station, but let's be fair here...talk radio is not (nor ever was designed to be) the forum for "shock" radio like Howard Stern...
And Lord knows that the conservative voices have been all too few (and all but absent on TV).
Many listeners recall the hey-day of WOWO...and wonder where the hell it has gone.
I don't feel I have a dog in that hunt, because I've only lived here for 15 years.
I remember little (if none) of the broadcasting you folks USED to have here "way back when", but it sounds like it was better than what we're being inundated with today.
Back to basics is always a good (and proven) method for winning, and that can apply to radio, education, law-enforcement...whatever.
*** Lastly today, we need to take a good long look at things hat used to work for this country.
And, I'm not just talking about certain methodologies...
I'm talking about every one of us...what have we done in our pasts that have "worked" out provide us that which we needed to make it through life with as little angst as possible?
We make hundreds of decisions daily...many of them without much thought, because we know that the decision we make AT THAT MOMENT will be the one that works...for it has in the past.
But, when it comes to tougher calls, are we as readily able to accept the "cruise-control" mentality, or are we willing to suffer ourselves to find a BETTER option - one that will produce the results we seek.
That might require some thought and we must we willing to indulge ourselves to reap the benefits of a good decision, rather than a whirlwind of problems.
I think if we ALL can do that, and do it consistently, we will be headed in the right direction.
And that's not a bad road to travel, is it?
Have yourselves a great week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


ms nk rey said...

Not sure about you but we did not get a drop of rain down this way. Lawn is brown. I think you may be a bit low on the homicides this year. I always am impressed by how "nice, funny, loving, giving, happy" the victims are.

Bob G. said...

We got a few "drops"...enough to wet the streets (and the morning paper - the ONE morning the jerk DOESN'T put a damn bag on it...)
And that's what microwave ovens and air ducts are for...to DRY it out...LOL.

As to the homicides, yeah my primary "call" was 25, but I added that it would NOT surprise me if we hit THIRTY (which is looking better as well)
Amazing how ALL these people are SO damn good...where's the NOBEL PEACE PRIZES for such marvelous individuals anyway?

When you mention a GOOD person who recently passed, JAY WALKER from WPTA comes to mind...a REALLY honest-to-God good person.
(not some ghetto-flea)

And...they NEVER mention where these people USED TO WORK...as if they really did anyway.
Sure makes you go "hmm..."

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

You stay safe down there.

CWMartin said...

I'm sure you saw my post (and feelings) on WOWO. I know its a different world and a different time, and a lot of people wouldn't want a WOWO the way it was. And that is why the world today sucks- not because things change, or even change for the worse. But because it changes for the worse and nobody cares.

Bob G. said...

Yes, I did read your post about WOWO (and AWB's one as well), and I hear where you're coiming from.

And perhaps YOU have stated it in the most PERFECT manner when you say that the world changes for the worse...AND NOBODY CARES.
Those last 3 words speak VOLUMES.

THAT is the qunitessential explanation...period.

VERY well said.
Thanks for shaking the splinter from my eye...
(now, anout ALL those with MOTES...lol)
And thanks for stopping by today to comment.

Stay safe (anbd well-learned) up there.