04 July 2012

Humpday Happenings -
Welcome to the 4th of July...the BIRTHDAY of America, and I must say that for 236 years old, she ain't looking all that bad.
We are going to forego the military quote as there are WAY too many to include about today, so instead, we're taking a gander at the holiday itself.
((Caution - History lesson ahead. You may learn something.))
And, as expected, here's the WIKI on today:
There are many people out there (you readers not being inclusive of that crowd) who believe that the 4th of July marked the END of our war for independence. It was more like the FIRST SHOT instead.
The Revolutionary War REALLY began (at Concord) in 1775 and ended in 1783.
Yes, Virginia, there's a WIKI for THAT, too:
And, as wars go, we got a "bargain" as it ONLY cost $37 million at the national level and $114 at the combined state level.
The Brits spent 80 million Pounds (sterling) and the French 1.3 BILLION Livres (about 56 million pounds sterling).
What sets US apart from other wars for independence, is that ours ACTUALLY SUCCEEDED, and our nation GREW and expanded outward, as opposed to other nations that became fractured by in-fighting from rival factions after their wars had ended.
Our economy and trade grew and thrived - other nations...not so much.
Our population set about expanding the boundaries of our nation.
All of it was due to the fact that WE (back then) wanted to be FREE FROM TYRANNY and OPPRESSION from what the colonials believed to be an unjust government, bent on control and domination of a people wanting to set their OWN course and live their OWN life here in America.
And, as they say: "We done good...we done REAL good".
-- Here, at this website is the COMPLETE text of what was included in the Declaration of Independence, and I would take a read on it, as it speaks to WHY America had to extricate itself from the ever-tightening grasp of England:
And after reading this, you can plainly see that our very own CONSTITUTION addressed ALL these issues, and provided for the people in these matters.
At THAT time, there were NO celebratory gatherings...this was all done "behind closed doors", as it were.
Any REAL commemoration came a year later in 1777 in Bristol, Rhode Island - the first documented account.
In 1778, General George Washington marked the day with a DOUBLE ration of RUM for the troops.
And the rest, as they say...IS history.
-- Celebrations only GREW with time.
The 4th was really an UNPAID federal holiday until 1938, when Congress decided to change that to a PAID day off.
Today is usually spent setting off consumer fireworks, watching professional displays of fireworks, singing patriotic songs (BTW, the song "THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND" has some progressive-socialist terms included in it...just wanted you to know that Woody Guthrie was okay with that)
Aside from that, the STAR-SPANGLED BANNER (derived from a 17th century British Antecreontic Society - a men's "social club"...I heard it was a PUB song...same thing?) and MY COUNTRY 'TIS OF THEE (derived from the British melody GOD SAVE THE QUEEN) are two favorites.
We even do THEIR songs prouder...sure glad we decided to "break away".
I think in some ways , we, as the people of AMERICA, have lost touch with what the REAL meaning is...
We're often too occupied elsewhere, doing the cookouts, and the fireworks, and hitting sales at stores to even concern ourselves of the SCOPE of what transpired 236 years ago today...it was a pretty big deal back then, and what was accomplished by these brave men echoes today...if we stop to listen.
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness."
Think of the sheer POWER of that one sentence...what is being stated, and HOW it is presented.
Look at the words THEY capitalized...especially the word CREATOR...the acknowledgement that there was (and still is) a HIGHER POWER to which we ALL answer to, and it's not J.C. Penney...or Kingsford.
There truly is power in the blood, and certainly power in the written word, as evidenced here...and then, all those 236 years ago.
Take some time to get to KNOW your Declaration of Independence...why YOU enjoy all that you do, and know that if not for a few score of brave and uncompromising patriots in a fledgling colony, things for us would be a LOT different today.
We call that being APPRECIATIVE...and HUMBLE.
Have yourselves a fantastic 4th.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Now for the "real" scoop on Independence Day, come see my post, "4th of July at Mount Rushmore"! Sorry to leave such a shameless pimp, but I'm very proud of it.

Bob G. said...

Hey, sometimes the BEST pimp is a SELF-pimp...no problem with that at all...LOL!
(just don't wear a PURPLE suit with matching hat and drive a super-fly Caddy, kapeesh?)

Thanks for dropping by today and commenting.

Stay safe (and DO keep cool) up there.

ms nk rey said...

I give you one of my favorite quotes:
Republicans believe every days is the 4th of July.
Democrats believe every day is April 15th.----Ronald Reagan.
Happy Independence Day to you and Mrs. G.

gadfly said...

Bob G:

Not to rain on your patriotic parade, but I have to tell you about the scene I witnessed in the Blackhawk Forest subdivision this morning.

About a dozen huge I & M vehicles were parked on a tree-lined street which took a while just to get around. No humans were visible until I reached the end of the vehicle line where I observed a couple of dozen IBEW unionists sitting on their asses in the middle of a shaded yard on private property.

In this instance, I was not able to accuse anyone of sitting around watching someone else work - because nobody was working. Hey, its the 4th of July and double-time-and-a-half is the pay rate.

Bob G. said...

Well said...!

Hope you're holding up well under this oppressive heat (hasn't been THIS hot around these parts since the mid-1950s, when they MUST have had "global-warming" as well...lol)

Be well and enjoy the day.
Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe down there.

Bob G. said...

I can see this from two POVs...

1) They are taking it EASY because they're UNION workers, can get away with anything, and the fact that OTHERS came in from OTHER states to do THEIR job for them.
2) They were taking a much-needed (and frequent) water break or rest from this sweltering heat and humidity.
Hey, Ft. Wayne has to qualify for FEDERAL relief SOME way, right?
(pad the tab)

And, I would appreciate ANY rain on ANY parade at this point.

Let it POUR, my friend!

Thanks much for taking time to drop by today without spontaneously combusting.

Stay safe (and keep cool) out there.