03 July 2012

There's Got To Be A Tuesday After...

With apologies to the writer of the original song to which I've paraphrased, the big cleanup continues in and around Ft. Wayne, and according to sources, will continue for MONTHS.
Not the best way to get rolling this AM, but it's better than standing still, right?
So, let's get busy finding out how things have been going since last we convened, shall we?
*** Close to 40K citizens are still without power, traffic lights in certain areas are still not functioning, and the police radio was abuzz with continuations about downed tree limbs and power lines.
Guess those trees weakened by the storm that did NOT come down are finally giving up the ghost.
And there is no lack of related stories regarding this "land hurricane" as some have labelled this recent storm.
Our mayor (the venerable King Henry) is petitioning county council to seek FEDERAL funding for the cleanup and to declare a state of emergency for Allen County.
And here's the story link:
(This link also provides the list of intersections with NO working lights.)
Now, I've often learned that if things are messed up, you "circle the wagons", all pitch in together , sort it out, and clean the damn mess the hell up yourselves...BUT, if you want to take that mess and make it worse, the best recourse is to get the FEDS involved...!
*** Temperatures around the area are expected to top out in the mid-high 90s most all this week, and with the HEAT INDEX factored in, it will FEEL like the low 100s outside, so be aware of such things IF you have to venture out and about.
Remember those safety tips I tossed out last week, and you'll do fine.
*** With such scenarios as what we have had here in the Summit City over the past 72+ hours, coupled with the human nature we see displayed these days, as compared to times past, you just KNOW you'll hear about stories like THIS one.
Here's the link:
People rushing out to grab needed supplies and items with which to weather the bad situation...when ALL it really takes it a lot better methodology when it comes to PREPARING for such an event...even if it never arrives.
Yesterday, the lovely Mrs. bobby G. and myself booked out to Menards, because we had a short list of things not that we NEEDED, but rather what we WANTED, in order to NOT NEED them later...makes sense, huh?
We picked up TWO more of those battery-powered LED camping lanterns, and for ONLY $5 each!
We also found some sale plants to amend the garden (always a good thing), and some suet cakes for the birds, and I was surprised at how FEW people were sharing the aisles with us...I had expected more folks stocking up on all those little things that people find themselves without, whenever some nasty thing comes along...like this recent storm.
Now, knowing this part of town (and it's inhabitants) the way I do, I can imagine where they were, and what they were buying, based on behavioral "norms" (for them). They were at WalMart, stocking up on CHARCOAL and PROPANE tanks for their GRILLS (with a damn BURN BAN IN EFFECT through the rest of this week).
What part of "NO OPEN BURNS" are they not wrapping their primate brains around, anyway?
Maybe they should try cooking INDOORS (if they have an electric stove), or maybe even go OUT for the 4th, instead of placing themselves, their house, or the houses of OTHERS nearby AT RISK...'ya think?
People like this are not concerned about such things...it's all about THEM, and what THEY feel they can do.
Fireworks are another issue...sales are still brisk around town, and in OUR part opf the ghettohood, there has NOT been ONE night for the past 2 weeks that has NOT included SOME type of loudass fireworks.
The FWPD has stated that people will be cited or arrested because of the ban that's in place with this drought.
(Yeah, like to see THAT happen...about as much chance as me hitting the PCH million buck giveaway, too...right?)
I know I WILL call in anyone using fireworks during the drought/burn ban...got NO problem with that.
*** In a related article, you might find this interesting, if not sadly disturbing.
Here's the link:
The story relates the trouble with PTSD that many vets suffer from, thanks to inconsiderate asshats playing WITH those store-bought pyrotechnics.
I can understand the situation these folks feel when exposed to such noises.
There is always that "specific" boom that catches you off guard, and you immediately feel your body tense, your heart race, the breaths come in short gasps. You might even feel yourself flinching to "avoid" whatever it might be. Some might refer to this as a panic attack...whatever.
A LOT more people suffer such things than you might realize, and unlike the common cold, doesn't just up and go away when you take a pill or chug down some medicine.
I've said MANY times, that the greatest problem that can be found in and around a city is NOISE, and we're not talking the typical background road or even construction types. I mean the noise created specifically for the "wow" factor...the FEAR factor, or even the intimidation factor, by certain moronic individuals who have more time to waste than brains between their ears to understand that the world doesn't revolve around them.
Nuff said about that...for now.
*** Here's another storm-related story about WHY it sometimes seems to take forever to get things going again...and it's a decent read:
Keeping our power grid up and running is like stacking Faberge eggs...very DELICATE deal.
You need to tread cautiously, and any outside influence is often enough to bring everything crashing down.
And then, you pick up ALL the pieces...for a long time.
There really aren't any "band-aid" fixes here...and that's because the AGE of the power grid is such where most of the entire system is ALREADY slapped together with band-aids...and bailing wire, and spit...and rubber bands!
Hasn't been much in he order of UPGRADES to it for a long time, and we see the evidence of such neglect (and about 40,000 here in Fort Wayne are still feeling it).
There is a proposal floating about the county council here for BURYING some of the power lines to prevent another situation like we just had...great idea.
The ENTIRE downtowns of most cities have NO POWER LINES above ground, and with good reason - got enough gridlock there as it is...don't want another reason to have even MORE, right? And that works.
So, maybe it's time to do likewise in areas that have trees in abundance...in case they are taken down by storms, and subsequently take down the power lines...or when a drunk driven marries his vehicle to a utility pole. It has promise, and would serve to bring a LOT of the problems we not face under better control.
*** Tomorrow is Independence Day and along those lines, columnist FRANK GRAY has a very good tale to tell.
Here's the link to his article:
(( Caution: there is some HISTORY involved and you might learn something. ))
I found out there is a lot more Revolutionary War history here than I first thought, and it's rather intriguing.
I mean we ALL know about (Mad) Anthony Wayne, but there is so much more. And maybe we should take some time to check it out.
*** Lastly today, tomorrow IS the 4th of July...pretty important date in this nation's history, if you ask me.
And with this drought and burn-ban, it makes sense to perhaps forego the USUAL fol-de-rol when it comes to celebratory behavior.
Let's face it, too many people don't REALLY celebrate the 4th in the manner to which the holiday is meant to be celebrated...they just USE it as an excuse to do STUPID SH*T...a LOT!
(and it shows)
I've done the cookout gig, downed my share of brews and had some great times, but we always knew WHY we were celebrating, and NEVER taking it to the point where we bothered others, or caused unnecessary harm to anyone else or ourselves...maybe that was just the way WE were brought up.
We were told from early on, that Independence Day as a pretty BIG deal for America...and we ran with that.
Most times, we went to parades and public fireworks displays, because they were better than ANYTHING we could dream up (or afford).
Today, we see laypeople with NO idea what's behind the proper use and display of street corner pyrotechnics getting drunk of high and then proceeding to show everyone else how "cool" they can be with the hundreds of bucks of fireworks they just bought...
Where they even GET all the money to BUY all those items is beyond me, because NONE of them works a lick!
(it must come with the nice new car with the loudass stereo and 24 inch rims the government gets for them on OUR dimes)
I say take the time to REALLY understand what the 4th should mean, and celebrate in the manner intended.
Don't become a poster child for DUMBASSES...we've plenty enough to go around as it is.
You can enjoy the holiday while being perfectly responsible...
It's things such as THAT which hold true as to what it REALLY means to be a citizen of this great nation.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I would add to your post, Bob, that the "pursuit of happiness" also means that others are allowed to pursue happiness. And that can mean you shouldn't start filing noise complaints at the first firecracker. While the vast amount of 4th of July problems stem from those abusing their freedoms, we also need to keep in mind that we should be patient and allow others their REASONABLE celebrations as well. Where the line is is debateable but let's keep in mind that lighting off some poppers at 6:30 PM for your toddlers is probably on the okay side, where mortars and drunken carousing at 2:30 AM is stretching it. Lte's all play well together!

Bob G. said...

I hear what you're saying and I am fully observant of others' rights to "REASONABLE" celebratory gathering and the obligatory fireworks...BUT there are a several things to note about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY on THEIR part:

1) We (in Ft. Wayne) are in a SEVERE DROUGHT situation.

2) The entire COUNTY is on a BURN BAN for at least a week longer, and that includes Ft. Wayne, as we are not self-incorporated as our "own county" like Philly is.

3) People in our ghettohood will ALWAYS do the EXACT OPPOSITE from what ANY law, ordinance, or ban dictates. Call it Oppositional Defiance Disorder - it works for THEM.

4) Their rights END where MINE begins...and vice versa.
I don't do anything to bother them or place them at risk, and expect like mindedness from them (I know that's asking for the moon).

5) Laws are for EVERYONE and for the safety of ALL...not a couple, or a few, or even some privileged class...EVERYONE, or they are not worth the paper and ink used to create them.

6) There are PLENTY of places to set off personal fireworks that NO ONE has even thought about,.,..like the OLD SCOTT'S PARKING LOT along Decatur Rd...
Wifey came up with that one, and that makes TOTAL sense, unless the idiots CHOOSE to break the laws, and bother everyone around them. (which is usually the case - intimidation on their part)

That's just my short list...I've "lived the adventure" down here for way too long to NOT know what CAN be done for the betterment of all the people.

We CAN all play nice together, as long as THEY are willing to make the first consighnment to behavior that uplifts rather than degrades those committing violations, as well as those around them.

I think THAT'S only fair.

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

You stay safe up there.

John D. said...

"...petitioning county council to seek FEDERAL funding for the cleanup and to declare a state of emergency for Allen County."

Petition? All he needs to do is to make his case convincingly enough, like the Russian fellas in this video:


I hear you about the fireworks. We're not at drought conditions here (yet), but still, let's leave fireworks to the professionals. Besides the obvious fire/safety hazard, they're driving the dogs crazy. Which drives me crazy. And, as you may have surmised, that's a short drive for me.

Have a good 4th of July, Bob.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
--Right now, the mayor and county are crunching the numbers to meet the eligibility for FEDERAL aid (somewhere in the 7 MIL range)...and I think we're damn close to that figure if not OVER it at this point.

--A funny video and a VERY good flick (that I saw on the BIG screen a LONG time ago).
Wonder if it comes with BURMESE subtitles for parts of Ft. Wayne?

The irresponsible folks that HAVE to set off fireworks do so with toddlers running around, are never respetctful of other folks PROPERTY or QUALITY-OF-LIFE, and are oblivious to ANY potential hazards where FIRE might be concerned.
It's ALL about THEM, and them ALONE.

I mean, look at ALL the dumbasses that burn down their HOUSE "while cooking" (after they fall asleep)...DUH!!!

--The article about the PTSD factor is a good read and I feel for that young vet...a nice outing ruined by fireworks.
That just ain't right (or fair).

Agreed - leave it ALL to the PROS!

--LOL - a short drive, huh?
Whenever Wifey says I drive her crazy, I'm already OUT in the garage, warming the car up!!!

You have YOURself a great 4th as well...don't forget to put that flag out!

And thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

You roll SAFE out there.