16 July 2012

Monday Musings...
Welcome to another week of hot temps, further lack of rainfall in the Midwest, and the occasional shooting on the ...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE of Fort Wayne.
I suppose it COULD be worse...like in JAPAN where they're suffering FLOODS, or in ENGLAND, with the impending Olympic Games, where the newspapers there issued a proclamation: STOP THE RAIN.
Over there, they've had the wettest year they can remember, while back HERE in the Heartland of America, we're seeing the worst drought since the dust bowl years...be nice to reach some accord and "share" with the UK...some rain for some LACK thereof?
But anyway, we've lots to tackle today, so let's get cracking...
*** Yes, friends, another shooting in the SE part of Ft. Wayne...does the fun ever stop?
Antonio L. Hamlet (aka "TATTOO"), age 34, who lived at 4615 Standish St (latest address given),  Fort Wayne was the victim of our fair cuity's latest (drive-by) shooting.
(Nice long rap sheet, too, including multiple arrests and citations for resisting, drug use, sale of synth pot, public intox, intimidation, dealing in a sawed-off shotgun, obstruction of justice, and even a noise ordinance violation back in '02...amazing.) .
 Here's the link to the story:
Seems we have some guy walking along a street, when a car pulls up, caps the man 3 times, then speeds off.
Guess a common thug CAN'T even take a stroll in the evening any longer?
The perp vehicle was believed to be a silver 4-door sedan, possibly a Grand Am.
No information whether this was a retaliatory shooting for the one along Gaywood & Maple Grove...or just practice FOR the retaliation.
*** And the latest from the shooting which sent a 3-year old to hospital in critical condition and another man in fair condition:
Nothing new on THAT story, unfortunately, and both remain in hospital.
Police believe THIS shooting to be gang-related...
The male victim DOES have a street name of "Q-Jack"...so what does that tell you?
*** Had a house blow the hell up on the NORTH side of the city Saturday morning...
And we're talking ripped the freaking house to shreds, leaving one occupant with 3rd degree burns over 70% of his body.
Here's the story link:
The occupant was taken to hospital and remains in critical condition.
Authorities have no cause of the explosion yet.
(had to be a serious gas leak for THAT kind of "boom"...)
And that's why an additive is included in ALL natural gas fed to homes...so you can SMELL it and get the f$ck OUTTA DODGE!
Get to know the smell, and if you DO, call 911 immediately and vacate the premises.
The police will best know how to handle this, and can call NIPSCO to have the feed shut off.
*** The TRF is under way (Three Rivers Festival) here in Fort Wayne, and we can only hope the carnival ride operators are not drinking on the job, the Junk Food Alley is e-coli-free, and that security will be sufficient to protect everyone and anyone, especially from the children that wander of from parents not paying all that attention to them...as we've already heard on the police radio.
And this is the 44th year the city has pulled this 10-day festival off...but how many of you know about "our" little festival down HERE?
Bet'cha didn't even know we HAD one down on the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE of Ft. Wayne, but we most certainly DO.
It's the 10th annual THREE GHETTO FESTIVAL.
And if you want FUN, brother, do we have it.
We've got LOUD "music" all over...just pick your (c)rap artist and follow the POS car the "music" is coming from.
We have our OWN "junk food alley"...which winds up in damn near EVERY alley down here, when it's not happening on every other FRONT LAWN.
We have (illegal) fireworks every night, too.
You just have to keep watching for the people to toss them out their door, so the po-po doesn't catch 'em.
Yeah, they're sneaky that way.
-- We have our own balloon lady with inflatables of every shape and size for the kids.
Nothing like a blow-up hammer to whack the children about with, right?
And let's not forget the Wandering Sisters (of the Order of the Blessed Mother Harry Callahan Parish) in case you feel the need for spiritual guidance. (and who doesn't down HERE, hmm?)
-- We even have "Bubba", our very own security staff, who regularly patrols with stick in hnad, and gut out front.
A rather "substantial" individual. (and by the size of him, he doesn't seem to need a partner)
-- You might even see the local constabulary get involved in the "festivities", especially when you hear the "starting gun" for the NEXT event...whatever that might be.
Yes sir, a never-ending time of fun and frolic is to be had...and ALL for FREE! (but life insurance IS required, if you're going to drive through and LOOK for parking)
 -- Which reminds me...parking IS abundant...look at all THESE happy people parking wherever the hell they want to...none of that "meter" parking of pre-paid amounts for THEM...so, sir.
-- And if you're looking to score some "recreational" street pharms...look NO further.
They are as plentiful down here as a fully-charged EBT card,,,and just as easily had, too.
But, when it comes to EVENTS....we have them by the basketful.
-- And the NEIGHBORHOOD FENCE-VAULT (bring your OWN police officer to pursue you)
-- And the PIT BULL LOOKS LIKE MY GIRLFRIEND event - judging will be held at the local SPCA.
-- We have the "Guess my STD" booth this year...something new.
-- We also have the PANHANDLING EVENT, where people try to ask for a cigarette and then attempt to rob them at gunpoint...points are awarded for the BIGGEST HAUL.
-- We have an interesting twist on the old "how many can you fit in a phone booth?" gig - We see HOW MANY ILLEGALS you can cram into a BUNGALOW and still remain under I.C.E.'s radar.
-- For the horticulturalists out there, we have the OVERGROWN FOLIAGE EVENT...awards are given for the BEST method to have shrubs and trees hide your drug deals (and house) from the curbside...now THAT'S really fun!
-- For the kids, we have STICK FIGHTING and STONE TOSSING galore. (who needs all those fancy rides and crap?)
And if the kids really NEED a ride, they can get strapped to the hood of some old Chevy and be taken to a liquor store....OR, they can pile into some person's pickup truck bed and get illegally hauled around the ghettohood IN STYLE.
-- As for trash receptacles...just toss your sh*t anywhere (as everyone seems to do anyway)...some dumb, taxpaying white person that cares will clean up after YOUR mess (like I tend to do)...or just drop it in the street and let the CITY clean up your crap (as it always does).
The BEST part about OUR "festival"...is that we just don't do it for TEN DAYS...we do it ALL F$CKING YEAR...EVERY YEAR.
(because some people just don't give a rat's a$$...that's why)
So, if you want something "different"...come down HERE (if you dare), and partake in our HOME(y)-STYLE form of fun.
You'll NEVER be the same afterwards...TRUST ME!
Now, with my tongue firmly removed from my cheek, let me wish you all a great week.
Remember, it's still hot outside, so plan accordingly.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there.


CWMartin said...

First thing I said to Laurie after the three-y-o got shot was, "Just watch. In a day or two, someone else will get shot in a walk-by, and everthing will be even again." So predictable.

As for the fesitval(s), the only thing I go for is the flea market- and believe me, I have no desire to see the fleas in your "market".

Bob G. said...

Oh yeah...whenever someone gets capped down here, we start the "countdown clock" until the NEXT followup shooting...doesn't usaully take all that long, either, does it?

Good thing we have our crack team of FWPD's GANG SQUAD (BOTH of them for a poplulation of over 250K and 30 KNOWN affiliated gangs )

I feel SAFER already...how 'bout YOU?

As to OUR fleas in OUR market at the 3 Ghetto festival...hell, we use 'em to HELP PARK CARS (when they're not trying to "jack" them)...LOL!

Thanks for stopping by today to comment.

Stay safe (and flea-free) up there.

John D. said...

"The male victim DOES have a street name of "Q-Jack"...so what does that tell you?"

Well, law-abiding citizens don't have street names. At least no honest people I know have a street name. I don't have one. My wife doesn't. Hell, when I was growing up, a street name was something to help you find an address.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
LOL...yeah, that's what a street NAME used to be used for.

Wifey and I don't have street names, unless you consider "demolewhitebitches" a UNIVERSAL form of nomenclature.

Neither the Missus OR I actually fit into that category, except for the race part of it...!
(wow, THEY are the racists, aren't they? Who knew?)

Hey, thanks a lot for rolling on by today and commenting.
(gonna go out and name me some streets)

You stay safe (and hope for rain) out there.