13 July 2012

Friday Follies - The "13th" Edition...
Welcome to the start of another weekend, people.
And rumor has it that we MIGHT (that's perhaps, perchance, and possibly) get some RAIN this afternoon and evening.
Amounts are expected to not even come close to quenching the thirst the state of Indiana finds itself in, however.
We're pretty much looking at 0.1 inch...better than NOTHING, I guess.
Got the CORN farmers worrying to no end...and that means a real domino effect with pricing, feed, consumption, AND...(drum roll, please)...
(all this is exclusive of what we export, mind you).
Gonna be an interesting ride with THAT clusterf$ck.
Meanwhile, let's take a peek into the wonderful world of the lovely ghettoesque part of Fort Wayne, where our Fortress is located, otherwise know as...(...all together, gang...)...the SOUTHEAST SIDE of town.
*** Uh, oh...ANOTHER shooting on the SE side?
Say it ain't SO, Bob!
(wish I could, but you know THESE moolies)
Here's the latest from the J-G on a shooting that took place last evening around 2130 hrs:
This site has a map as well.
Now, the lovely Mrs. Bobby G. had just gone out onto the "veranda" (okay, it's STILL a patio), and wanted to know if I was going to join her. That's when she heard the gunfire (the *20* is only a mere 5 blocks EAST of our Fortress...on a SIMILAR corner)...imagine that.
After I went outside, all we heard were sirens for the better part of a half hour.
I listened to the FWPD radio, and heard some "John" cars (another sector north of us...we're NORA sector) clearing intersections so the EMS could run clear to Lutheran hospital with a *58* victim (shooting), so WE knew something was definitely UP.
What we did NOT see in the aftermath were FWPD cars criss-crossing the neighborhood, as they usually seem to do whenever we hear of a *58* or even a *62* (party armed)...and I thought that was DAMN odd. I thought it was SOP.
The shooter(s) came to the house ON FOOT, and no mention of a getaway car, so I can only surmise that they also FLED on foot...and we're a spit and a slide away, so no police patrolling, looking at VACANT properties where these perps duck into?
I know I heard rustling at the (vacant) house next door and went with my gun and spotlight and I would have shot anyone hiding back there...it was probably the OTHER type of "wildlife" scurrying about...I didn't see anything.
The 10 PM news didn't have any coverage and even the 11 PM news was devoid of any mention...another ODD thing.
I mean if Wifey and I knew someone had been just shot nearby, you'd THINK some media source would be all over it, especially since it happened down here in the crotch of the damn city, right?
Naturally, this MORNING every source was all over it.
It appears that a 3-year old girl was taken to hospital in CRITICAL condition and a man at the house was also shot, but no information on the extent of HIS injuries. And, according to the pictures, there were AT LEAST 8 rounds expended.
Wifey heard two separate groups of rounds totalling around NINE shots.
This morning I smiled at Mrs. Bobby G. and stated that: "Guess they were fixing to off ME...and got the WRONG house. Maybe they should STAY in school and learn how to effin READ?"
Somehow, she wasn't all that amused as I was about saying that...
Actually, that wouldn't help them...I already LEARNED HOW TO SHOOT (and a lot better than they ever could).
That's ALSO why I say it's a wise choice to carry a firearm EVEN if you go out to mow your lawn around here.
You take NO chances...not with these assholes...and if things get sporty, YOU shoot first.
"Better to be JUDGED BY 12, than CARRIED BY 6", is what I like to say.
But, we wouldn't even be HAVING this conversation, IF:
a) City LEADERS gave a f$cking damn.
b) BLACK leaders gave a f$cking damn.
c) The FWPD would PATROL more and do the "stop and frisk" gig...screw the race-baiters.
d) Section 8 rental cribs were CLOSED and drug houses RAZED.
e) ALL of the above being REPEATED as often as necessary.
Sooner later, SOMEONE has got to take notice of this sh*t down here...and DO something about it, and not spreading about the rest of the city in the name of "diversity"...were already seeing evidence of decision.
Totally FUBAR...!!!
But, it's not like I haven't bemoaned this for AGES...with NO effect at all.
Maybe ONE house gets shut down...only to have another groups of mooks, worse than he last bunch of primates move in, and we start the "game" all over again with no REAL solution.
Then, there's that SORRY ASS SALOON...how appropriate a name...that says it ALL down here.
I suppose if I were to voice my thoughts, it would go like THIS:
Hey, Mayor Henry...I mean YOUR MAJESTY...you gonna get offa that THRONE of yours, take a tour of MY part of town, and actively set about DOING something to keep three-year olds from getting shot on THEIR OWN PROPERTY by some pedestrian THUGS???
(The girl might not have even lived there, according to sources, but it's the PRINCIPLE that's important here.)
That goes double for YOU, "Princess"...I mean Allen County prosecutor Karen Richards...stop bleaching that mop of yours,. and get your prosecutorial ass in gear to get these gangstas OFF of MY streets, and the streets of ALL the other decent, law-abiding citizens of this side of Ft. Wayne.
You...owe...us...big time!
WE pay YOUR salaries, NOT the thugs...NOT the gang-bangers...and certainly NOT all the welfare queens that are seeking to suck the life out of a large portion of this city, as they HAVE been.
WE are the ones with the vested interest in seeing OUR neighborhoods rise from ghettohood status into areas we can FEEL SAFE living in ALL the time, and not just when we bolt our doors, load our shotguns and wait for all hell to break loose.
I would chastise ALL of those in city or civic positions that CAN (but won't) do something to keep us from our descent into Dante's 7th layer of Hades.
You people wield the power to make it happen...so WHY not?
WTF is stopping you?
And where the hell is the outcry from the BLACK community, councilman HINES?
You should be even more PO'ed than I am, because its YOUR people either committing the crimes, or become the VICTIMS of the crimes.
How the hell do YOU people manage to sleep at night with THAT kind of sh*t hanging over YOUR heads.
I'm astounded by your ignorance and your apathy, and believe me, it takes a helluva LOT to get me there at my age.
Many of you don't deserve the money you take from OUR pockets.
Well...that's just how *I* feel about this, anyway...and I'm SURE there are a few others like feel likewise.
We just don't have the clout needed to get through the obviously THICK skulls of those "in charge".
Maybe we just need BIGGER 2x4s...LOL
Yeah, it's a sad picture that one paints down here...when you give a damn.
And you SO want to believe that something...anything can be done to stop the rising tide of crime.
Then you begin to believe more in YOUR ability to keep it from YOUR door...by any means possible.
You would like to see the potential for prosperity that your area can be capable of...IF ONLY the city would do it's job, and civic leaders cared like they're supposed to.
Until things like that happen (and much more) I feel we're just going to see more of the same down here.
I suppose it could ALWAYS be worse...it could be Philly...or NYC...or (God forbid) even Chicago.
In that small vestige of hope, one can take solace...and salvage a bad start for a better day...eventually.
Have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John D. said...

Sounds like you should consider lining your fence with kevlar. Glad to hear that no stray hunks of lead flew your way. Stay safe out there, Bob.

CWMartin said...

I'm just glad you guys are okay. I wish you did a print version of this that could be put into the mailboxes of those who need to see it. And how does Hines sleep at night? Same way they all do- just blame the mess on "The Man".

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I think I have the lovely Mrs. Bobby G. well on the way to gun-ownership.
I showed her a lavender-metaled 5 shot "Ladysmith" wheelgun in .38 special for UNDER 4 Franklins...and she liked the color...LOL.
As for me?
Well, a nice .308 with a 10x scope can work WONDERS.
Might even start browsing for some PAS/G head covers...you never know when a hawk might crap on the old noggin...!

Kevlar fencing...now I REALLY like that idea.

We're locked AND loaded here...no worries for now.
It's not Wabbit season...or duck season of mongoose season...it's ZOMBIE season.
They're the disease...and I might be the cure.

Thanks for rolling on up today and commenting..

Have a great weekend and stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

I'd love to do the print gig, but none of the mooks around here can READ, except when it comes to seeing the acronym E...B...T...!

I SHOULD send this "letter" to every media source AND City Hall...
(and see how soon the FBI shows up at MY door for being a "threat"...lol)

That's not a THREAT...it's just a PROMISE (that I intend to keep).

Yeah, I blame "the man" too...the MAN that's been sitting his ass in the mayor's seat...for the past 20 years.
They're ALL to blame in some manner.

Time for these "victicrats" to find ANOTHER place to play...and for the civil SERVANTS to do the bidding of those that PAY THEIR WAY.
(and not the other way around)

I think that's ONLY fair.

Now, if someone can find King Henry down at the Three Rivers Festival...volunteers...anyone?

Hey, thanks so much for taking the time to stop by today and comment.
Much appreciated, CW.

Have yourselves a great weekend and please stay safe up there.

ms nk rey said...

I could hardly bear to read this post. A 3 year old child. How very sad that they are put in harms way. I have a very nice pink pearl handled pistol. I am thinking lavender might look good in her hand. Please stay safe my friend. I worry.

Bob G. said...

I have to be brutally honest here...these people care for NOTHING except whatever they want to do...
Safety for the kids isn't even an issue with such animals...and many times they're just a nuisance (as the abuse cases see here will tell you).
But they keep making babies...so the gov't will "help" with the bill. Free money. Free food. Free housing...free everything...except the ability to better oneself.
(which has ALWAYS been "free".) That they can't figure the hell out.

And this is a "trickle-up" prospect, because if the BLACK COMMUNITY leaders and/or the CITY cared one damn lick, THEY'd have gotten involved a LONG time ago...and maybe we wouldn't have lost all the good neighbors, the businesses, the MALL, along with the ability to raise a family, have a QUKLITY-OF-LIFE, sit outside or take a damn walk around the block WITHOUT becoming a damn target in sone gang-related "civic-function".

Thanks so much for your concern...and for taking the time to stop by and comment.

Have a great weekend and DO stay safe (and keep cool) down there.

gadfly said...

December corn is now being projected at $7.74/bushel - a price that will send farmers looking for alternative animal feed and - if we had a free economy - would result in gasoline companies cutting back on blended sales. But our brilliant Congress, supported by the nutcases from both parties in Indiana, have helped set requirements that all retail gasoline has to be the blended variety.

Once again the farmers get out of a bad growing season scott-free and us taxpayers will supplement their income while our grocery and fuel bills will also rise. Hey - but its FAIR - right?

Momma Fargo said...

I think you need to put a moat around your house, pull the drawbridge up, and arm the cannons. Just sayin.

Stay safe.

indysunshine said...

its been a long time. i know i havent been reading your blog lately. but, when i saw the news in indianapolis i thought of you. i was like omg. then i looked the address on the map. played that map game where you had the clues m&m streets intersecting. then i thought of my own granddaughter. she is a little over a year old now. i only wish all mothers and fathers could change their lives around like my daughter has. i find this whole shooting thing strange too. even though they said it was gang related its still strange. no updates on the girls well being in the hospital. is the girls real daddy the shooter? for some reason i feel the girl of all things was the target. makes me sick. take care and keep thinking of moving. i know its not in the cards. but, you really should think of it again. i went back to the east side the other week and i was literally scared to stop for gas and i needed it bad. i got 10 dollars worth and got the blank out of dodge. my daughter and i swore we were being watched. take care it is dangerous out there.

Bob G. said...

I was thinking along the same lines with DOING AWAY with ALL these "blended" fuels...
A long time ago we had TWO:
1- regular
2- premium

That was the same no matter WHAT PART of the nation you travelled.
None of this "regional" fuel crap.

And since we use CORN in so DAMN many things (whiskey and sweeteners to name two very important ones for ME...lol)...there is gonna be several kinds of hell to pay when the dominoes begin to fall.

Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I keep petitioning the city to issue me a VARIANCE in order to get that MOAT put in...LOL.

Then I gotta tackle the DNR and other assorted animal rights groups when I proposed stocking said moat with some Florida GATORS...(sheesh).

I won;t EVEN tell you about the hassle with the BATFE when I asked about that TREBUCHET (the cannons require a class III permit, so I might just steel on a machine gun tower, even if it
"clashes" with the moat...if I manage to get that dug...ROFL!)

The RED TAPE never seems to stop, does it?

Hey, thanks so much for taking time from your busy day to roll on up and comment.

You stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

Hey there...it's so GOOD to see you again...I often think about you and your daughter.
Glad to see things are looking a lot more UP for you and her.

Yeah, it's "interesting" around here to say the least.

But I've gotten to the point where I'm just not going to take this crap from ANYONE around here...and if that means using "stronger" tactics, and busting on the FWPD to get down here a lot more...so be it.

Then again, I'm only do what SHOULD have been done for ages around this part of town.
I speak out...and up...OFTEN!
I just wish I could form a coalition of like-minded folks and THEN storm the bastions of City Hall.

THAT might scare THEM into ACTION.

I plan to do some followups on this shooting early next week, so stay tuned.

Thanks you so much for remembering this old blog and stopping back here to comment.
(and if you're ever near our "Fortress", feel free to knock on our door and have a cup of coffee.)

You and yours stay safe down there.