12 July 2012

Some Days, Everything Comes Together...
Welcome to the home stretch part of our sojourn towards the weekend.
And, it happens to be a marvelous day in the Summit City...nice sunrise, comfortable temps...the type of morning where you can take your morning coffee out on
"the veranda".
Okay, so maybe it's not a REAL veranda and more like our PATIO...that you have to share with the bunnies that come by to eat...AND the squirrels...AND the birds.
Still, it sure beats having to hear the dulcet tones of the neighbors' arguing, or their barking dogs, or even those damnable boomcars.
And the best part, we get to ENJOY this until about 1100 hrs...when the mooks decide to fall off the mattress onto the floor and stagger through ANOTHER "government-sponsored" day in their meaningless and pathetic lives.
Good thing WE'RE not part and parcel to THAT, hmm?
Anyway, let's get busy with ALL the fun stuff we have lined up, shall we?
*** First up, the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote...
"Self-control is the chief element in self-respect, and self-respect is the chief element in courage."
This is attributed to the Greek historian Thucydides, The History of the Peloponnesian War, 404 B.C.
(and for the purists out there, this IS a MILITARY quote, even though the person writing or saying it was probably NOT strict "military"...like Churchill during WW2; He was more politician then, but said SO many pertinent quotes regarding the military).
Anywho, we've much more coming at you today...
*** Who could have imagined that a black guy from YODER (didn't know they even HAD black criminals in a town that small) would attempt THIS stunt...and LOSE...big time?
Here's the story link:
Yep, nothing better to do yesterday morning but to TRY and rob a bank...and then duck into the TARGET next door, and try to change your clothes IN the store, and have NO ONE NOTICE...sure, that'll go over like a pregnant pole-vaulter...lol!
Davion D. Brown, 19, of Yoder was busted by several officers that confronted him inside the Target store. His "weapon of choice" turned out to be a BB gun...like I suspected it was.
We're seeing more instances of using fake weapons to hold places up, and maybe it's time some store personnel started "calling the bluff"...with a REAL weapon on THEIR hip...just a thought.
Bet'cha those types of crime would PLUMMET after such tactics were employed.
That's a pretty BIG rap to lay on oneself that early on the morning...ANY morning, and at such a young age.
Was it REALLY WORTH IT, Davion?
Seriously, WAS IT?
(you dumbass)
Hope you like the color ORANGE...and flip flops...and bologna sandwiches.
Yes friends...a HAPPY ENDING.
And then...there's THIS...
*** Another piece of human filth heads to court...and not soon enough.
Michael A. Combs, age 27,  of the 1000 block of Van Buren St., is the person accused of various atrocities against the children of Shanna Vorndran, 25, who also is facing charges of dependent neglect.

Here's the link:
Another case of abuse of children by a live-in boyfriend, and as we can see, COLOR DON'T MATTER one damn bit.
Such predators come in ALL flavors!
This bastard needs to be tossed FAR away from everyone...and for a VERY long time.
We're talking sodomy, broken limbs, and sundry other levelled against this POS.
The trial of Combs is expected to continue through today.
I don't think you can get a HEAVY enough book to toss at this f$cking pervert and sadist.
I'd say castrate and then hang the SOB (one less problem to harm the children)...but I'm one of those that likes JUSTICE...to be SERVED.
*** Okay, boys & girls - pop quiz time:
When is it nice to see the FEDS in YOUR city...and doing the job they're HIRED for?
Why, when they're handing out a 70 page indictment and busting down doors to a biker gang hangout KNOWN to be doing SO many illegal activities, it would make your head spin (don'cha hate when that happens?)...THAT'S when.
The OUTLAWS, a national biker gang with chapters seemingly in too many places...like Ft. Wayne, Indy, and even Gary, had their HQ raided by the FBI (and other local law-enforcement agencies) yesterday in a wonderful OP that netted a LOT of the "good stuff".
Over FORTY arrests were made with one person, a Terrell Adams, age 28 still "at-large".
Here's the link to the story:
I briefly mentioned this in yesterday's post, because it was unfolding as I was posting...so I have some more links.
In a related story, if you want to know ABOUT the OUTLAWS, here's THIS link from WANE:
What do neighbors think about this?
Well, here's yet another link that describes the reactions:
As you could expect, the FBI found drugs, guns (several assault rifles) and about $14K in cash on scene at the "clubhouse", located on Main St., and the charges range from extortion, to money laundering, to drug distribution (and we're talking the entire GAMUT of street pharms), and revenge, with a special addendum to the RICO act (shades of Capone).
Cripes, they almost sound like the nemesis of James Bond...SPECTRE!
(which stood for Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion)
Just so's you know.
Here's the WIKI on the gang itself:
Here you'll find the list of prosecutions in OTHER states against the gang.
But, if you want to see the national club website, and perhaps purchase some decals or jewelry (and who doesn't THESE days?), here's the link:
And now YOU Know a lot more than you did before you stopped by, right?
(probably way too much...lol)
Nice to see yet ANOTHER "Happy Ending"...and kudos to U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett for leading this charge, and doing something that our venerable U.S. AG Eric Holder can't seem to manage...namely HIS JOB!!!
*** Lastly today, we can see the result when crime pays too much and for too long...BUSTED!
And we can also see that SOME people are just not cut out to become criminals, no matter HOW HARD they try (or which store they duck into with officers in pursuit of the perp and his "BB gun").
It's the regular folks that carry the brunt of making it less of a monumental task for law-enforcement to do their jobs...the jobs WE hire them and WE pay them to do.
Too many times, we just slough it all off..."let the other guy do that...I'm not getting involved", and for some, that might not be a bad idea...THEIR life is WAY more important than their own safety...or the safety of their family...or children.
There becomes this disconnect with reality, in favor of the immediate...and that's sad.
We call that APATHY...or disregard.
America is beginning to wake the hell up...MORE people ARE getting involved; making those calls to police when warranted, contacting their politicians when they have questions, and seeking answers when they are required, because we ARE a curious species.
You may never know the impact you might have in making your neighborhood a better place to live if you never try.
And even when you DO help in some small manner, it might have much farther-reaching effects that you never know about.
That makes life better for you and for everyone else.
After all, isn't life ITSELF busy enough in it's attempt to deter us from what we KNOW to be right?
We need to work THROUGH all the "busy", and find ways to make it LESS complex...not more so.
We need not ALL be armed with guns, be we CAN all be armed with knowledge...and wisdom...to do the right thing.
And THAT you CAN take to the bank.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America


CWMartin said...

About Davion: At last I get to see a pic of the famous bandaid by which the teller gave her positive ID (should have hit the bandage aisle to change colors while he changed clothes).

BTW, my ex grew up in Yoder... just sayin'.

About Combs: I'm sure our darling "prosecutor" will find a way to let him off easy.

John D. said...

Only 19, eh? I guess Davion wanted to get an early start on his prison career. Gotta give him credit for his getaway strategy. It wasn't too bright, but it was original. :)

Bob G. said...

Maybe Johnson & Johnson could develop a "mood band aid" - one that CHANGES COLOR as you wear it???
Just a thought.

Hey, I got no bone to pick w/YODER...they make good ONION DIP (at least I think that's where YODER brand products come from...lol)

Yeah, I suppose we can NEVER discard Richards..or the "defense" attorneys like the FORMER Allen Cty. prosecutor, Bob Gevers.

I say turn this predator over to THE PEOPLE...let THEM mete out some street-corner punsihment.

Hey, thanks a lot for taking tiome to drop by today and comment.

You stay safe (and not stuck on band-aids) up there.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Yeah, an early start for sure...
And a nice FELONY to boot.

Wifey said he'd learn how to pull it off MUCH better while incarcerated!
(and the scary part is...I know she's RIGHT)

It may have been an original type of getaway, but the disrobing in the aisles I think might have had a hand in tipping hilself off to the po-po and store security.

That kinda stuff DOES still draw attention, believe it or not...lol.

I guess the store chain found ANOTHER reason to keep calling themselves TARGET...!

Thanks much for rolling on up today to comment.
Much appreciated.

You stay safe out there.

Slamdunk said...

With many of your local crime stories Bob, you are definitely getting a leg-up on spotlighting America's Dumbest Criminals. The Target one is a true laugher.

And,you won't get any debate on me conceding if Thucydides' thought count as military--his works are considered respected by the military historians I know.

Bob G. said...

Our fair city of fort Wayne might be known by a number of OTHER names (like the City of Churches, or The Summit City), but with us being such a magnet for the criminally STUPID, there has GOT to be a "tag" for THAT...

Thanks for the props for Thucydides...I tried to get that point across to Wifey...now I can just point her at YOUR comment...to show her how apropos the quote IS when it comes to a military application...lol.

And thanks for dropping by today and commenting.

You stay safe out there.