15 August 2012

Humpday Happenings...
Welcome to the mid-week edition replete with comfortable temperatures, and a nice day ahead of us here in the Heartland.
But, as is the case today, we've got to take care of out Military Quote of he week - aka - WHO SAID THAT?
"If we are strong, our character will speak for itself. If we are weak, words will be of no help."
So, who said that anyway?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the library...
*** Animal cruelty charges finally made against Fort Wayne man.
Here's the story:
(A word of warning - it's not for the squeamish)
Here we have this dumbass punk, one Matthew Jerome, 22, of the 600 block of Yellowstone Drive, who looks like some cast out refugee from Barnum & Bailey with a penchant for harming a little kitten, because he just didn't like it around his girlfriend's place.
(If I were HER, I'd have looked for another boyfriend a LOT sooner)
The GOOD news is that the kitten is doing well, and is expected to be adopted in the next few months. A lottery will determine who will adopt the cat (named Sparkles), because SO many requests were forthcoming.
Interestingly enough, Jerome ALSO had a domestic battery charge back in 2009 (19 years old and already in jail for abuse...whatta loser), so he apparently didn't get as rehabilitated as he SHOULD have.
Still, a happy ending to an almost fatal story, thanks to the intervention of a caring individual, and EIGHT additional lives (from Sparkles).
The perp gets canned and the cat gets to live her life in MUCH better conditions.
I like when that happens.
*** We've heard it said that it can rain "cats and dogs"...or, as the song goes, it can be "raining men", but how about raining BIRDS?
Well, if you're anywhere near Millville, NJ,. that's what's happening.
Here's the story:
A farmer there lost $15,000 in crops due to the birds, so he got permission to use a pesticide (and obviously, a damn EFFECTIVE one).
I wonder if Mr. Farmer might be cited for wildlife endangerment now?
Guess that a SCARECROW didn't work out for him?
Crazy stuff...indeed.
*** This story about the Indiana BMV caught my eye, and with good reason.
Here's the link:
Wow, just when you thought it was safe to go back there, hmm?
Actually, the 2 situations mentioned in the article are a rarity and thankfully NOT the norm for the agency, which has seen it's share of ups and down over the last decade, as far as service-related problems go.
Fortunately, most all of them have been ironed out, and the BMV is one of the state's BETTER entities to deal with.
The cases mentioned in the story relate to people who were having issues anyway, and I would find it damn near impossible to have a person with a spotless record targeted for suspension or revocation.
The story is worth a read, even if YOU have a clean driving record, because it shows what CAN happen if you get "into the system", and find you can't get out as easily.
*** I was watching the season premiere of the American version of TOP GEAR, because they were "testing" three new POLICE CRUISERS -
The Chevy Caprice PPV,
the Dodge Charger Pursuit,

and the Ford Police Interceptor.
Shades of MAD MAX, eh?
Now, as they look, I'm partial to the FORD. Hell, I already miss the Crown Vic (except when pathetic morons buy them at auctions and then turn them into rolling LOUDSPEAKER SYSTEMS for rap music).
The Ford is AWD, so I'm curious as to how good the MILEAGE is gonna be on this buggy.
Usually, that takes away a 1/3 of what you SHOULD get per mile.
The Charger looks mean as hell, and the Caprice...well (imho) it always WAS a nice "family car"...LOL.
Makes me wonder WHAT ever happened to the PPV entry from CARBON MOTORS here in INDIANA?
Now THAT car is PURPOSE-BUILT, and not a retool of a passenger vehicle...and incorporates a TON of safety features designed specifically for the LEOs out there. You won't be finding THIS in some civilian's driveway, as all cars and parts are returned to the factory, so none of those "auctions" of ex-PD cruisers the thugs can "ghetto-up" and make into some monstrosity we see on our streets, meant to intimidate regular folks.
My money's on the FORD, if the Carbon E7 can't be had...second choice would be the Charger.
Here's the "4-1-1" on this cruiser (warning, there is an annoying video for something UNRELATED you have to silence first...lol)
My take is that a TURBOcharger can have it's faults, the renown SUPERcharger might be the way to go.
These are cars that the civviie might only be able to get way after-market.
(hopefully not, though)
*** Lastly today, the Lovely Mrs. Bobby G. took the Wifeymobile in for service (brake noise), and while there, the servicemen noticed it was under warranty, so the entire brake job ONLY cost $50 and change (that was with a wiper blade swap as well).
Good to see people of decent work ethics and character still alive and well.
The place is Yeoman's, located along the 500 block of E. Pettit, and they do good work.
Like US, they are also "holdouts" down here from a better time; a time when the neighborhood was JUST THAT...and not some "future slum of America".
Much can be said for people willing to stay and fight the good fight...as long as the city acknowledges that fact, ant is not willing to ignore it.
Such people (like those at Yeoman's) helped MAKE this area...and keep it vital, until crime was permitted to get it's hold on this part of Ft. Wayne.
When those erroneously "entitled" were allowed to proliferate, occupying housing designed for people that were a lot more RESPONSIBLE in both ownership and maintenance, the downward spiral began...and has yet to cease.
I believe in redemption...and the ability to change things for the better, and often it is one helluva fight, as so many "powers" are against you.
The easy way is to RUN...to bug out,. but that doesn't do a damn thing to diminish the problem...it only enables it further.
And it's NOT what made this nation a nation in the first place, otherwise we'd have UNION JACKS at all government buildings instead of OLD GLORY!
Those that stood and fought knew what was at stake back then, and the same can be said now.
We all have the opportunity to affect change for the better, if only we take that chance.
If we succeed, we reap so much good, but if we fail, we simply try again.
THAT is part of the American spirit...and it happens to work damn fine.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Another swing and a miss for me... I guessed Randoph Churchill, just because it sounded Churchillian and you'd already done a few with ol' Winnie.

I know some "little kittens" over at Black Pine Animal reserve in Albion who could deal with that little Danny Partridge wannabe better than current prosecution. Good grief, did they crib that photo from an old talent show, or is he a "flamer" in more ways than one?

Bob G. said...

"Churchillian"...I might have to add that word to "Bob's LEXICON"...LOL!
(right up there with ENVIRONMANGELIST)

As for this walking freak show?
MY 1st thought was a CLASS PICTURE, but I figure the ONLY school that a picture like THAT would work would have been...(you guessed it) The RINGLING BROTHERS CLOWN SCHOOL!

And I know JUST the "kittens" you're talking about.
I'm SURE they'd welcome this perp with OPEN PAWS (and claws).
Let's see him TRY and tie a fircracker to THEIR tail...!!

(I'd actually PAY to watch that...lol)

Maybe we'd should take solace in knowing he's not an understudy for the lead in GODSPELL!

Hey, thanks for taking the time to drop by and comment today.

You stay safe (and chipmunk-free) up there.