16 August 2012

Tales From the SOUTH Side...
Time once again for more of the "stuff" that goes down deep in the crotch of Fort Wayne.
But before we begin THAT, let's find out the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"If we are strong, our character will speak for itself. If we are weak, words will be of no help."
I sort of tossed a slight curve ball here, as this was attributed to President John F. Kennedy, (undelivered address), Dallas, 22 November 1963.
(well, JFK was a JG in the navy during WW2)
And it begs the question (to me, anyway) what was the REST of that undelivered address and how important might THOSE words be to us today?
I suppose we may never know the full impact.
Meanwhile, back at Arlington...
*** Uh, oh...ANOTHER shooting on the city's...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST side (you're ALL in fine voice today).
Here's the skinny from WANE
(because for some reason, the J-G didn't have word ONE about it):
Can you believe it?
Oliver Street...AGAIN???
Seems the city has a SERIOUS problem (of late) with the "people" that infest that area.
Two guys walking down the street around 1630 hrs...a black Impala passes them, turns around and gunfire erupts from the vehicle, striking one of the walkers (not to be confused with the "walkers" from the TV show THE WALKING DEAD, although there ARE similarities) in the shoulder.
He's in serious but stable condition at the hospital.
The perp-mobile attempted to then flee, striking a parked car, before leaving the scene.
And imagine that...there were REAL WITNESSES at the scene...(that's a switch)...amazing!
No report as to the disposition of that Impala, but ONE of the three believed to be involved in this shooting is in FWPD custody.
Police also believe that the man shot was initially on the SIDEWALK (that's a change, they USUALLY walk down the middle of the damn streets around here...must be a "cultural thang").
*** And in a related story, we have this column written by Kevin Leininger (and it's a GOOD read):
Now, you have to know that Kevin USED to live down here, only a few blocks from where the Bobby G. "Fortress of Reason" stands, so he has seen the way this part of town has gone downhill over time.
GANGS are the reason we have a spike in the homicide rate...
Even FWPD chief York states that it's mainly AFRICAN-AMERICAN gangs.
(hell, I could have told him that...about a decade ago, but he never returns my emails)
The recent addition of the FBI and the BATFE working with local authorities in the "Safe Street task Force" goes far to add FEDERAL charges to any thug wanting to commit gang-related crimes (such as murder).
Kinda hard to dodge the FEDS in this instance.
Kevin brings up the METRO SQUAD (see my archives from 29 March 2007 forward and you'll get a much better understanding of THAT situation) that was shot down by local civil rights leaders and central city residents as being racist, with one analogy made to the Gestapo by a prominent activist (Could that be...HANA STITH?).
York states that: "People are getting involved because they've had enough." (been saying that for YEARS, Rus...where you been and WHY haven't you listened?), and he's been working with religious leaders of the BLACK community to promote non-violence (and as Kevin writes) - "something that's been tried before, without apparent success" (could have told them THAT, too).
What did (ret) Lt. Col. Ralph Peters say about some people... "ONLY being able to understand a BIGGER GUN pointed at them"...?
(refer to post from 26 July 2012 - WHO SAID THAT? quote)
York states "We can't arrest our way out of this (gang problem)."
I dunno, Rus...seems a damn GOOD starting point.
How's about arresting SOME of them...MORE of them?
Maybe we should NOT be giving rat bastards like Rico Parrish a "pass" because he turns into some C.I. (confidential informant) for the authorities, and still commits crimes in the process. Maybe we need a DA with some CAJONES (instead of a bottle-blond coiffure)?
Maybe we need the BLACK leaders to man up and get TOUGH with families that support, conspire with, and even house these crims?
Or maybe we just need an "open season" for gang members and drug dealers (like deer season...or "wabbit" season)...someone needs to put the fear of GOD back into such people, because they all seem to fear little else and have NO regard for anyone else (especially law-enforcement).
It's just a thought.
*** This is not the BEST way to change out the police fleet.
Here's the story link:
Here we have a female FWPD officer responding to a call...doing the "Hollywood" (running WITH lights and sirens)...when she gets t-boned at an intersection by another driver in a van (check his CELL PHONE)...
The officer was transported to hospital and is in fair condition with no life-threatening injuries.
The van driver was NOT injured.
(but would have been if I were there and saw it...then I'd be arrested for battery...go figure.)
This is the SECOND FWPD cruiser nailed in less than a week.
The last crash happened back on 11 August and here's the link:
And before that one, back on 21 July, another FWPD cruiser was struck:
Here is THAT story link:
Cripes, at THIS rate (and thanks to the dumbass drivers this city seems to have an overabundance of), the FWPD will get the entire FLEET changed out in less than a YEAR!!!
Hey, maybe they can opt for some of those new 2013 Ford Interceptors???
Again...just a thought.
*** One way to spruce up the old ghettohood...NOT!
I snapped this picture yesterday as this house was being "renovated" in the newest fashion.
Goes to show what can be done when "people pull together"...or at least try to break into a nearby crib, right?
THIS is the kind of thing the city NEEDS to address...and not be plopping more strip malls (or housing developments) up north or out west.
New bridges might look nice ELSEWHERE, but critical help in required DOWN HERE...NOW!
I know I get pretty damn sick and tired of ALL these mooks, moolies, and aborigines with nothing BETTER to do than nothing at all...and ALL damn day and night in which to do it.
Be nice to tap some of that (as yet undiscovered) "youthful male workforce" and get these lazy bucks out doing something PRODUCTIVE to make the area a BETTER place to live, instead of driving around and crashing into police cruisers, walking around smoking blunts or swilling that "40", or driving about and shooting at one another.
And maybe it's time to re-re-re visit that whole METRO SQUAD gig, in lieu of the current situation down here in the crotch of this fair city.
*** Lastly today, Wifey heads back to school (to get ready for the urchin invasion next week), and I have to say that some folks are being caught off guard with a "new" policy from FWCS - that being NO FLIP-FLOPS or foot thongs!
Who the hell ever ALLOWED them in the first damn place?
They are about the MOST unsafe footwear you can wear anywhere else but the damn BEACH...and the last time I checked, we didn't HAVE any real "beaches" around here at all - and river banks don't count...!
(no, I said B E A C H E S...I'm not imitating the Hispanics in the area...sheesh)
People can get stepped on, injuring their foot or toes, get tripped up when someone steps on the heels...not a good thing with hard school FLOORING all about, right?
How's about we BAN all types of them from ALL schools...period?
They have NO place in an educational environment at all.
And there is NO reason why kids of ANY age cannot wear PROPER footwear to school...and while you're at it, leave the damn "athletic shoes" in the GYM LOCKER ROOMS!
You take care of your feet NOW...and when you're older, you won't have the problems associated with wearing the wrong footwear.
Again, it comes down to making those GOOD choices in life...AND abiding by THE RULES, which are meant to make YOUR life better, and not through governmental intrusion, but by good old COMMON SENSE.
Besides, you ever drop a English Lit or World History textbook on an exposed foot?
NOT a pretty sight.
It's for your PROTECTION...and God knows we can always use a bit more of that, eh?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

All I can say, Bob, is it wasn't MY black Impala!

Bob G. said...


When the hell did you trade the TAURUS in???

(I'm NOT getting all my memos...some heads will roll on that one,...LOL)

I know it wasn't YOU anyway.

I'd much more trust YOUR AIM...as in being able to hit center body mass and not just wound...unless you're a graduate of the:
...and never disclosed that bit of information...LOL!

In any event, they'll probably try some more sh*t AGAIN...and AGAIN, until they find the RIGHT person to kill, and even then, it won't go away...we know THAT much.

Thanks a lot for stopping by today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe up there.

Pat Stanford said...

I used to live on Oliver St. 20 years ago and our evening activity was sitting on the porch with a cold beverage and watching the people down the street trying to do drive byes.
I'm glad to see some things in life never change.
Keep up the good work.

Bob G. said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment here.
I've seen a LOT of stuff in the last 40 years (back on the east coast in Jersey AND Philly), but what I see HERE these days damn near tops the charts!

I can fully understand those evenings you spent on Oliver...

All I'm trying to do is draw the ATTENTION these problems DEMAND (of us and the city leaders), and I figure if I toss enough "stuff" at the wall, SOME of it will eventually STICK...and THEN, we can set about chasing the bad guys out and getting some good guys back down here (aside from those wearing the shield...and myself...lol)

Again, thank you for your comment.
It is much appreciated.
We (all) DO have a voice.

Have a good weekend.
You stay safe out there.

alexavriavincinci@gmail.com said...

You wrote that Rico Parrish became a CI. Do you have proof of this? If you do please let me know! This is a sincere request for information.

Bob G. said...

---MY source was someone who lived in the same area parrish lived...knew his relatives and I have no reason to doubt his truthfulness.
This friend told me personally that it was the reason the FWPD was going light on him (from higher up - most likely the feds)
But, like many, Parrish did some nasty crap and finally those handlers took back his protective state and prosecuted him. He was a very bad influence and that neighborhood is better for him being gone.
Hope this helps.

Stay safe out there.