27 August 2012

Monday Musings...
Now, if TODAY isn't a "soft" day, I don't know what is.
We've got some nice morning rain coming down, expected to taper off by this afternoon.
Highs into the low 80's
Might even have to mow the back yard lawn this week, at this rate.
(not today, however...lol)
But, we've so much ground to cover today that we dare not tarry any longer, so let's get rolling...
*** America has lost a national treasure.
Neil Armstrong, first man to walk upon the lunar surface, passed away this weekend from complications arising from a recent heart surgery.
He was 82 years old.
When Wifey told me this, my mind had one of those LONG pauses - time to process what I just heard.
God, I remember staying up with my (then) high school girlfriend's father at their house early one morning in July, 1969, just to see the first video from the moon, as Armstrong placed his foot upon the surface and spoke those words which would be forever etched in America's minds and history.
Neil Armstrong has a wonderfully comprehensive WIKI, found here:
Always the soft-spoken professional with a deep sense of purpose (many would even say laconic), his life and accomplishments are the stuff of many young peoples' dreams...at least they were back then.
Those who followed after him spoke to his influence on their lives.
You would be amazed at all the schools across America that were named after him.
And like every iconic person we come to revere, time claims them all.
For time is not respective of man, nor accomplishments, nor fame.
It's the legacy that remains, and I think Neil left one helluva legacy for ALL of us, not the least of which is the indomitable human spirit.
Once he walked on the moon...NOW, he walks among the heavens.
*** Speaking of great Americans, I also came across this yesterday...
I've always been a fan of the late Gary Cooper, and his movie HIGH NOON is in my personal DVD collection (best picture - 1952), so when I saw the movie SERGEANT YORK airing on TCM (yesterday), I decided to watch it ALL the way through (been quite some time since I did so anyway).
Based mostly on the diaries of WWI Congressional Medal of Honor winner, Alvin C. York, Cooper does a masterful job of portraying a once brazen farmer who undergoes a revelation and turns his life to God, just in time to be drafted into the army to kill the Germans in France, as part of the "All-American" Division (the birth of the 82nd).
The personal struggle he has to endure in order to satisfy both his conscience AND obligations to his country are something that many of us also have to deal with. To kill or not to kill becomes the big question.
Is God right, or are the principles and the values that helped to found this nation correct?
Can you adhere to both or neither?
This was the highest grossing film of 1941, and you can see why, when it becomes clear to York what needs to be done, even if you are a true believer and follow the Bible.
It's an excellent study of humanity, as well as what it means to follow and trust in God.
Alvin York was an ordinary person that did an extraordinary thing in combat, while never wavering from his belief in the Almighty, and here's his WIKI:
I think you would find the story quite interesting, and I would recommend this movie (as well as High Noon).
Now, moving on to more things "close to home", and a bit more "noire"...
*** The killer of Prince Chapman is slated to be released TODAY (all too soon, imho).
Here's the story link:
Jamone Williams was ONLY 12 when he shot a youth activist (Prince Chapman) THREE times. (once in the head as he lay dying)
And Chapman was one of those (too few) people in the community who COULD have really HELPED this obviously troubled teen.
The story is disturbing on many levels, not the least of which is the fact that William's entire FAMILY is into some kind of criminal activity, (and have been for a while). This is the result of an entitlement mindset from a generational aspect.
Naturally, the Allen County prosecutors pulled a plea-deal out in 2000 and the sentence went to 25 years (voluntary manslaughter and NOT murder), with FIVE years on home-detention, and TEN years probation...(good luck with THAT crap).
Robert Gevers was the prosecutor at the time, and Karen Richards was asst.
(BTW, Gevers was a LOUSY records-keeper, and that led to him leaving the prosecutor's office He is now a defense attorney...go figure).
Even though Jamone is being released for "good behavior", his history in the "slam" was LESS than stellar.
In 2000, Williams attacked the staff at a juvey facility BEFORE he was even sent to the adult facility, and had his arm broken.
Williams also lost a year's worth of time for MISBEHAVIOR, even though he did get a GED.
Officials don't know where he will live when he gets out (better NOT be near me).
The family has pulled the usual thing, and moved about a bit (they think they can stay ahead of the law that way).
Karen Richards DOES have concerns, however.
"My fear is he sees nothing wrong with the life he's led, and he has no incentive to change."
Any community this boy drops into should ALSO see it that way.
The family has a history of drug dealing, drug possession, and armed robbery...(big surprise there).
William's mother moved to the VILLAGE WOODS area near Hessen Cassel.
(and hasn't THAT place been a hot spot of crime of late?)
Asked whether Jamone was coming to live with her, she responded to interviewers: 'You don't need to know that."
Okay, I'd say INCREASED POLICE in THAT area might be advisable, as well as tracking his "homeys" and their friends.
You got a case of TNT down here with a very short fuse (by it's minority populace)...that combo can't be good for everyone else.
In MY opinion, I see Jamone either going back to "business-as-usual" and getting arrested soon enough, or (and this would be better for all) he gets offed by a badder ass that he thinks he is (and then the FWPD should go and take THAT MF the hell down).
THAT is called "Urban-Renewal", folks!
*** Lastly today...cases of ordinary people doing remarkable things....
Some succeed beyond anyone's expectations, to the acclaim of millions, while some fail pitifully, leaving a trail of pain and angst in their wake.
Good decisions and bad decisions - they make people who they are. it's that simple.
There is NO excuse to shy away from making GOOD choices or decisions in life...none whatsoever, unless you were taught from little on up that to MAKE such decisions are wrong, and that you should let OTHERS do that FOR YOU.
Or, you could say that such people are taught to "do what feels good", because it's "your right" to do so.
While each of us DOES have the RIGHT to PURSUE HAPPINESS, there is NOTHING that says it HAS to be at the expense of others.
It's an INDIVIDUAL exercise in morality...in knowledge, and in wisdom.
We make our OWN choices, and not the choices OF others or FOR others.
And that's the way our founders intended it, as did our Creator.
Have yourselves a great week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Bob, tip for tomorrow- http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2012/08/27/actor-r-lee-ermey-geico-drill-sergeant-therapist-says-was-fired-from-commercial/

John D. said...

Neil Armstrong was a National Treasure. He will be missed. Nice tribute, Bob.

Bob G. said...

Heard that story and looked it up already...LOL.

Might be worth a go.

Like to see the regime TRY and "fire" me...LOL!

Thanks for commenting.

Stay safe up thre.

Bob G. said...

John D.:

Neil's Korean war record is something to read up on.
Flew F9F Panthers (VF-51) from the Essex and the Valley Forge.
A wonderful man who never claimed the spotlight. It claimed him.

And when all was said and done, he did exactly what Sgt. York did decades before - he returned to his hometown...

There are some similarities in BOTH men.

Thanks for rolling up and commenting.

Stay safe out there.