24 August 2012

Friday Follies...
Welcome to the weekend at LONG last!
 (and it can't come soon enough for ME...obviously).
Joe's got the week off...he said he didn't want to catch anything I might have...understandably so.
And, if I were to borrow from the blog of John D. (Nobody Move) "Friday Movie Quote" bin - As Mick said to Rocky:
"You're gonna eat lightning and crap thunder"

(in my best Stallone imitation)..."well, I ain't QUITE there yet, Mick, but I'm makin' a comeback, 'ya know?"...LOL.
Still haven''t figured out WHAT the hell I caught or how I caught it (sounds like a few of the FWPD radio calls of late...LOL), but at least I have a good idea of what I DON'T have...such as:
Hep A ...or B...or even C
West Nile Virus
Swine flu
Bird flu
Hay fever
Thyroid Storm (no connection to the X-MEN)
Respiratory syncytial virus
Cat Scratch Fever (I love Ted Nugent anyway)
Ricin poisoning (that's why I hate castor beans)
Kawasaki Disease (I always rode a Honda, except for that one Harley)
Dengue Fever (even living among ALL these "natives" )
Plague (the one reason I really didn't like the Middle Ages)
And that's the most IMPORTANT ones...the ones that "might" be what I have...or had.
The closest thing it could come to would be a very mild form of E.coli, and that's ONLY because we ALL have a smidge of that bacteria inside of us to begin with...
(Yes, Martha, it's true - our intestinal tract has that to help us turn what's left of what we eat and process into poo...simple, huh?)
Now who says reading doesn't broaden the mind (as well as working a decade for a medical publishing firm back east)?
Anyway, back to the stuff-at-hand...
*** Here's a $64,000 question for you...
Well, I know ALL of you probably ask yourself this question damn near every time some saggin, tatted, and grilled-up hip-hop "artist" sticks a mike into his piehole, takes to the stage, grabs his crotch, and "croons" out the latest prose to a 150Db 4-4 backbeat (how hackneyed in both concept and practice), so here's the lowdown:
Wow...rappers use the F-word...not the "f$ck" word (that they do in overabundance)...the OTHER F-word - "fa@@ot"...imagine that!
Guess we can add GAY-BASHING along with the violence, disrespect for authority, hatred of other races, treating women like property, and so on...
Well, that was THEN, and this is NOW.
We are looking at the advent of the GAY- RAPPER...
That's right, but it will come with challenges.
For example, straight black men really have a low tolerance for gays, especially (men) of their own race...that's a HUGE (alpha-male) no-no.
Being black, gay, and male in Ft. Wayne can get you killed, too.
Women (read lesbians) on the other hand are a lot more readily accepted (and those who play basketball decently are actually embraced to a degree...who knew?)
Now, on the down side, black gay women are no less obnoxious than their straight counterparts, be they male OR female, I know this from experience (in this part of the ghettohood). They are many times just as belligerent, just as noisy, and just as prone to dubious activity...
(why the hell can't they open up a damn ANTIQUE STORE like the "normal" gays do...hell, I'll stop by and purchase some sh*t there)
The gay/lesbian community in Philly USED to operate in such a manner...most times opening nice stores and businesses with some really decent high-end merchandise.
Some were professionals and I didn't care WHO they slept with...they were GOOD business-people...period.
A generation hence has seen many changes in that community, both back there as well as everywhere else.
Let me state from the outset that I have NO bones to pick with ANY gay man or woman. I've known more than a few, and they never tried to impose their lifestyle upon me. In fact, that subject would never come up...it wasn't that important at the time.
Today, what was once "trivial" HAS to be forced into being important...and for what reason, I have no damn idea.
There will always be people that will detest and otherwise hate gays and lesbians...just as we will always have people that choose to embrace racial or ethnic supremacy of one type or another...you cannot change mankind that easily and definitely not that completely.
Personally, I would WELCOME a few gay families in OUR area (not that they would even want to move here, given the nature of the "locals" ).
And yes, I say families, because I think they can give children as good a chance of a decent upbringing as anyone else.
This is probably the least conservative nature of my being.
Many gays embrace much of what the rest of us do, such as home remodeling, landscaping, fine wines, good food, tasteful decor, an appreciation for beautiful music, sculptures, paintings, photography, and the like...we just don't know that much about it.
THOSE people would be a fine addition to MY part of the ghettohood (but you can keep the lesbian basketballers...I'm just sayin'...LOL)
At least the area would LOOK a helluva lot nicer to live in.
Hell, THEY care about things much more than the ones living here do now.
And many times, they DON'T (or won't)have their damn hand out to the government for "free sh*t"...they WORK, and do things THEMSELVES.
You have to admire that kind of spunk, especially with the challenges they face by being gay, which are still numerous.
It's not (nor would be) MY lifestyle choice, but it is theirs, and like we ask to have OUR lifestyle respected, it's only fair we respect theirs, as long as NEITHER side forces one lifestyle down the other's throat...sounds reasonable, right?
(and that's coming from a Christian...who knew?)
*** Lastly today, we're going to give the old "6-0" birthday thing a (belated) try again...
Going to have me some CHINESE FOOD later and then some birthday cake - Wifey is not putting any candles on it, though...fire codes prohibit such a "major burn" during a drought condition, PLUS, it would have to be at least 15 FEET from any structure, and somehow, having my cake sit in our FIRE PIT doesn't seem very "birthday-ish"...does it?
I should indulge myself and spend some time at a gun shop, if to do nothing else but DROOL...(and maybe buy something...bwahahaha).
I think I still got a few miles left in this old body, so there's no rush at the moment.
I sure hope what they say is true - that the "60 is the new 40"...or that if "life begins at 40" then I'm only 20 (?)
Never did get into all this "fuzzy math" crap.
And neither did "Albert"...LOL
In any event, thanks for all your kinds thoughts and wishes during this rather hectic week (for me).
It was much appreciated.
And perhaps, it even aided in my rapid recovery...you never know.
We curmudgeons are hard to keep down for long...that's the ONLY beauty of aging...LOL
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Your Gay section sounds somewhat like I said in my "atheist" post yesterday. The problem being, when one identifies themselves so much with their sin, that my hatred of the sin seems to them that I hate the sinner. There are things I have to accept... they are going to have to accept some things too.

Bob G. said...

You know, I haven't been much reading the blogs I SHOULD be reading of late, and I'm sorry for that, but your explanation of the "atheist" post is something I MUST backtrack and give a look-see.

I agree that it's all well and good (and commendable in God's eyes) to DETEST the SIN, but dealing with the SINNER is a whole other ballgame...and that works just as well on BOTH sides of the argumentative "street"...
Good call there.

Thanks for dropping by today and seeing what diseases I DO NOT HAVE...LOL.

Have a good weekend.
Stay safe (and sound) up there.