21 August 2012

Tuesday Tidbits...
Like the weatherman said this morning...if you liked yesterday, you're gonna love today, and so far, I agree with him.
Don't see any chance of rain, but we got about .1 inch last afternoon and evening, so we're good for now (still in a rain deficit, however...just like government spending...lol)
So, let's see what's been happening across this wacky world, shall we?
*** Item - An update from the story yesterday about the 13 year old that was shot while riding his bike.
Here's the link:
Aquavion (helluva name there) J. Manning, is recovering from a gunshot wound to his hip, and will probably miss more than a few days of school. His family members "joked" about taking his homework to the hospital...
Don't laugh, that's EXACTLY what MY Mom did when I had double pneumonia...and I was NOT left back a grade, because I didn't miss ANY schoolwork, so there really is NO excuse to NOT stay up-to-date.
*** Item - An abuse call to police leads to standoff.
Here's the link:
Makes me wonder WHAT in the hell would precipitate a call to police (for abuse) from a damn BURGER KING after 9PM?
The woman was not at the place when FWPD arrived, but witnesses pointed the po-po to a house behind the BK, and it was there that police met non-compliance when asked to open the door.
SWAT was called out and after 4 hours, two females, one male and a juvenile exited the residence.
This naturally closed Clinton streets between State and Grover during that time.
(at least it was further NORTH)
NO one was arrested and the case is ongoing.
Police are deciding if any charges will be forthcoming (like the COST to dispatch the ERT team for chasing some "wild geese").
I say BILL THEM...maybe they won't do stupid sh*t like this again.
*** Item - Fire damages a Princeton St. Home.
Here's the story link:
This happened at 2606 Princeton...around 0022 hrs.
No one was home at the time, but two dogs were rescued from the structure. A third pet died in the blaze.
And then there was ANOTHER house fire...just before this one.
Here's THAT link:
THIS fire happened at 2121 Riedmiller Ave around 2320 hrs.
No one was at the residence at the time of the fire, which the FWPD says seemed to start in the basement.
Checking the map, both are in a relatively similar quadrant of the city and seem to be LESS than 2 miles apart.
Hmm...curiouser and curiouser.
*** Item - Those of you that remember Eddie Cochran already KNOW that "There ain't no cure for the Summertime Blues"...and now it seems to be carrying over at the GAS PUMPS.
Here's the story link:
This is now, officially the HIGHEST PRICE for gasoline for the month of AUGUST...EVER!
(and they say not much happens during this month...pshaw!)
Maybe there is not a REAL cure for the Summertime Blues, but now, it's harder to DRIVE someplace to LOOK for that cure...go figure.
*** Item - Terius Grey was arrested in Miami for a brawl in a night club.
How about his "stage name"...JUVENILE (as in delinquent or behavior)?
Here's the lowdown on the (c)rap "star".
Last year, this role model for the chronically criminal (and sufficiently-stupid) was busted for POT possession and having a suspended license.
A warrant for him was issued earlier this year (February) from a LOUISIANA judge for owing over $160K in child support.
The guy's a walking disaster for humanity, but the GOOD news is that he released his TENTH album (Rejuvenation), so let's all run out to Wal-Mart and STEAL us a copy!!!
*** Lastly today, I wanted to run something past you, because I think it can save you some hassles (and $$$).
Maybe it was Bill O'Reilly that inspired this, or the fact that I can bargain-hunt like NOBODY'S business on eBay or even Amazon (when not in a standing store, that is).
It's NOT really a "tip of the day"...more like some common sense approaches to everyday issues.
Take wristwatches for example...
Used to be a time when you had to WIND THEM UP, and even SET THE TIME...(perhaps we WERE more educated back then...LOL)
Nowadays, they're pretty much ALL battery-driven, unless you STILL have a wind-up, or BUY one (you see THOSE prices?), or even snag a "kinetic" watch - one that WINDS ITSELF as long as you shake or move your wrist...(used to have one of those, and I still miss it).
Anyway, there comes a time when you will eventually have to change out the battery, and most times, you go to some watch shop or mall kiosk and pay some obscene amount to get a new battery.
Well, if you have money to burn, that might be OK, but ponder this:
Most watches tend to utilize SIMILAR BATTERIES...a few use other types, but they ALL are mostly these button batteries (of a specific size).
The MOST common is the 376/377 battery, which has a few OTHER numbers, such as:
AG4, LR626, SR626, SP376...well, you get the idea.
If you "get lost", here's a link to a conversion chart for the button batteries:
And it's fairly simple to swap out a dead cell...all you have to do is remove the bezel (back) of the watch and lift the old battery out.
Then see WHAT NUMBER is on the bugger.
 (might need a magnifying glass - the numbers are SMALL!)
Go jump online and look up the number on eBay...you will probably see some place (in China, where else) that sells TEN of them for as low as a PENNY (starting bid), and many times, you can get them FOR REAL CHEAP...
I just got 20 of the 376/377 batteries for OUR watches for TWELVE CENTS (and free shipping)...!!!
You can't beat that with a stick, people.
So, maybe they're NOT "energizers", but they ALL come from the SAME place, are made the SAME way, using the SAME components and metals, and do the SAME job, right?
Think on this...last time Wifey headed up to Glenbrook, she took 5-6 watches for new batteries.
Cost her around $40+ and change.
With a little diligence and skill, YOU can do the exact same thing for UNDER A BUCK PER WATCH.
Can't argue with THAT kind of savings...can you?
So, next time the old ticker craps out (your WATCH, and NOT your heart...) try this simple solution to remedy the problem.
Who knows, you might find out you're a LOT handier than you thought, and all that money saved can be used better elsewhere.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John D. said...

Nice tip on the watch battery, Bob. I'll have to keep that in mind. Of course, my current watch is a cheapie I bought at Walmart for $9, so when it dies, I'll probably just replace it. I bought it figuring it would last me about a year. That was two years ago. I guess it was a better buy than I thought.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
It sure is easy enough when you get that back off...

Thanks for stopping by today abd commenting.

Stay safe out there.