22 August 2012

Humpday Happenings...
Ain't much happening today.
(thanks to some ill-timed illness).
So, this will be short...and sweet.
Don'cha just LOVE when things go exactly opposite of what they're supposed to be?
Hey, it sure wasn't MY idea...believe me
There NEEDS to be a damn LAW against getting sick ON or around your freaking birthday!
I was "supposed" to be celebrating the big "6-0" today, but yesterday, I came down with "something"...and none of it was good.
Around 11AM,  I started to get some serious fever AND chills...and ached all over.
Like I said, this crap came out of nowhere.
I spent the better part of yesterday on my back, with an icepack on my head, trying to drive down the fever.
I had no appetite, and even liquids had no appeal.
I finally got some water into me late yesterday, and today, I got some TANG into me
The fever broke overnight, and the chills are gone, but I sure hurt all over.
I can honestly say that in SIXTY years (as of today) on this planet, I've never had something hit me SO fast and with such intent.
Today, I can at last move about without TOO much pain, and I might even eat something light a bit later.
Of ALL days for this to happen...sure glad I'm not having ANOTHER 60th birthday.
This one sucked royally.
I apologize for not putting up a better post, but I hope you'll understand.
In the meantime, be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, folks.


CWMartin said...

Have a better birthday than the day before, Robert. I'm gonna go before I catch something...

John D. said...

Have a happy Birthday, Bob. Such that it is, at any rate. And get well soon. There's always the weekend for celebrating.

Jana said...

Happy Birthday!

Sorry you're not feeling well, B. Hope you get betta ASAP!

Bob G. said...

THanks, everyone for the kind thoughts and wishes...

I might have to go wit6h the weekend celebration.