05 September 2012

Humpday Happenings...
Gonna be short and sweet today...
A bit of settling FOG is rolling in this morning.
Didn't see ANY fog between 0530 and 0630, but now, it's getting thicker than the BS at the DNC.
I know if there's ONE thing I do like about such fog, it's that I can barely see any of the "neighbors", and the less of them I see, the better.
But, it will probably burn off in an hour, with temps hitting 90 today (keep the A/C on stand-by).
Anyway, let's begin today with our military quote...AKA WHO SAID THAT?
"I determined to make no-man's land our land. We set out to besiege the besiegers."
So...who said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back in the trenches...
*** I confess that I didn't watch ALL the DNC last evening, as they had a show on the Military Channel about "Secret Weapons Revealed" (new series), and THAT was more intriguing to me than a bunch of posturing liars in nice clothes spending taxpayer money in N. Carolina.
However, I did notice a few things.
Barney Frank showed up with a belt (???) around his neck...(I kid you not)...!
Guess his "partner" is into some really kinky sh*t, hmm?
I've always wanted to give Frank a "BELT" or two...because he deserves it.
Mrs. Da Prez took the podium and gave a very "interesting" speech.
Michelle (ma'belle) Obama had ONE line that I think we ALL need to remember when she spoke about her husband (and his Presidency):
"Being President doesn't change who you are...it REVEALS who you are."
That line (to me) speaks VOLUMES...!!!
And I believe we have seen Obama "reveal" himself to us in ways we couldn't even imagine.
The word "dystopian" comes to mind.
She went on to say that being President hasn't changed him or his "character"... (once an activist, always an activist, I guess).
I can say that the Presidency SURE didn't give Barry ANY level of HUMILITY...because HE is always right, has trouble admitting to any mistakes he makes (blame everyone else) and wants HIS vision and agenda to be THE ONE for America (sorry, that ship ain't sailing, Bub).
Now, forgive me for bringing up something Bill O'Reilly mentioned last night on his show, but IF you have a football coach that is brought in to IMPROVE a team, and, after THREE years, the team is NO better, and is actually WORSE off, you typically LET THE COACH GO...you FIRE him, right?
I've seen this from the NFL all the way down to the high school level...that's the way things work.
Same goes for most ANY occupation...and it echos what Eastwood said last week:
"If someone isn't doing the job, you gotta let him go."
Doesn't matter if it's a clerk, a policeman, a teacher, a pilot...whatever.
I'm sure the speeches will only "reveal" more as the DNC progresses, hmm?
*** And while we're at it...there's THIS:
Imagine that...not ONE WORD referring to GOD in the Democrats platform...!
At least the GOP mentioned our Creator TWELVE times...
(guess we know who the GODLESS are among us NOW)
Granted that running on any "religious-themed" platform is viewed with a level of disdain in America, but at least the GOP had the balls to MENTION God...something that's about as foreign to the Dems as plain old regular coffee is to Starbucks!
*** Our "debt-clock" has finally topped SIXTEEN TRILLION BUCKS!
To put that into some sort of perspective, you could buy EIGHTY-FOUR SPACE SHUTTLES for that price...or purchase APPLE corporation THIRTY-FIVE TIMES over.
THAT is some serious scratch, people!
You're probably wondering WHO we owe most of that money to, right?
Wonder no longer:
Now THIS should come as a shock to some degree.
We know that China is the largest FOREIGN holder of our debt, but it's a lot closer to home when it comes to the overwhelming MAJORITY of the debt. And that should make us all sleep better at night...HOW (exactly)?
*** Lastly today, there is an old saying that if you find yourself in a hole, the best thing to do is STOP DIGGING, right?
Be even nicer to have a way to FILL that hole back in, wouldn't it?
Well, we've got us one HELLUVA hole, and most all of us are in it (tells you how LARGE it really is), and the problem is that our government is STILL digging, even when we try and take the shovels away.
This election cycle might give us such an opportunity to do so.
Lord knows we need to have our feet back on level ground, and not in some pit that is halfway to Hades.
If we pay attention to what is being said, and become more informed as to the reality and not the perception, we will be better able to make the right call when the time comes, and it's coming...like a jail-on-wheels.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


CWMartin said...

1. My guess was one world war too far back this week.

2. I do NOT now not EVER want to know why Barney was out there with a belt around his neck. I do hope it wasn't in response to the DNC's dilemma of what to do with empty chairs.

3. Good- Michelle the albatross was spot on in her speech. Bad- she thinks it was a GOOD thing.

4. and you wonder why the Dems aren't concerned with the debt overmuch. (in response either to the debt thing or the God thing. Or, for that matter, the Michelle speech).

Bob G. said...

1 - s'OK...war is war in ANY era.

2 - MY thought is that he "got off the leash" by mistake...LOL!
(cripe, even Scrappy gets treated better)

3 - Very well put!

4 - I wonder no longer...forever.
(sounds a bit native-American)

Thanks a lot for spending some time here today and commenting.

You stay safe (and litter-free) up there.