04 September 2012

Tuesday Tidbits...
Looks to be a bit on the cloudy side this morning with some fog in outlying areas.
And it will be warm today, with temps going into the mid-upper 80s. There is a 50% "chance" of rain today (according to the police radio), so plan accordingly.
Now, let's take a gander at what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First up, some updates to yesterday's stories.
Here's the link to the 3 year old and the hit and run driver:
And the update to the death investigation:
And the shooting on E. Wayne St link:
There, that's gets THAT stuff out of the way.
Meanwhile, back at the "Fortress"...
*** There was a bit of an "epilogue" to my Air Show adventure...
(and you'll find it SO typical of the vermin that infest this part of town)
After I had been home for a while, I noticed some trash had been tossed on our property (we're the official dump site and idiot magnet for the area, apparently), so I go out to pick it up, and it's then I notice a suspicious brown Ford Explorer parked in front of our house with two black males sitting inside.
Now, this area has a history of having cars pull up to curbs while the passengers smoke (or deal) their dope...it's a FACT, so there's no denying it. Seen it too many times, and even managed to have the FWPD catch 2 perps that were dealing, so I'm always aware of WHO should and who should NOT be out front.
I stand there long enough for them to see me, and they (as they always do) pull away. I mumbled "That's right, you better leave", at which time, the passenger (who obviously had DOG hearing) had the SUV stop, and he said "what did you say?'"
I replied: "I said you better be leaving.", to which he retorted in a usual ethnic alpha-male bravado: "I'll beat your ass".
It was at that point I started to LAUGH, and as I turned away, I said "You really FUNNY, man."
The SUV drove off (lucky for them, as I was packing AND on MY property...all totally LEGAL).
So you see, even when you DO have a relatively GOOD day (particularly ELSEWHERE), you can be assured that when you return home, it'll be back to the ghetto in some fashion...some assh*le will try and ruin it for you.
THIS is the result of an entitlement mentality and government-sponsorship.
*** Labor Day around here is like damn near every other day...same old from the aborigines...never any change, never any abatement.
But we DID have all those fireworks that were NOT used during the 4th to be set off over the past several days...
And I will say that anyone coming back from being in country and suffering from PTSD would definitely be having "flashbacks".
Yes, being at the AIR SHOW was actually a lot QUIETER...even when the A-10s were doing mock strafing runs!
Naturally the FWPD were getting calls into dispatch, and dispatch was advising the officers that fireworks WERE BEING ALLOWED throughout the Labor Day weekend. That must have frustrated the officers as well as the citizens that had to suffer through such constant noise.
Personally, I would BAN such (not all) fireworks within the city limits..period (for consumers), and that's not necessarily being an electric wet blanket on the party...it's being practical.
The population of Fort Wayne has risen substantially over the last decade or so, and that means MORE people in any given area.
Sadly, as a population INCREASES, the number of MORONS also INCREASES in direct relationship to the overall numbers (figure on at least 10-15 percent). And the greatest density is located on the good old SE side of town...(hence the idiot-magnet mention above).
Now, if there were provisions to have those who HAVE to buy thousands of bucks of fireworks (where they get the money for all that sh*t is anyone's guess) to be able to set them off in an OPEN area, say like the abandoned SCOTT'S parking lot along Decatur Rd, that would work for me...(and anyone else that finds stupid people annoying as hell). But nothing is done to at least TRY that scenario.
The CITY certainly doesn't give a rat's ass, and the neighborhood associations are mum as well.
When someone's house burns down, THEN something (small) will be done, but not before.
*** One curious thing about LABOR day...it's meant to acknowledge the WORKING man or woman, right?
So, WHY do those that don't work even BOTHER to observe the day?
Doesn't that make about as much sense as putting another hole in the Titanic to "let the water out"?
VERY few people in my part of the ghettohood work (selling street pharms and fencing stolen merchandise doesn't count, btw), so WHY bother to "celebrate" the working class?
We're talking about people who (by their own hand and choice) have become UNMARKETABLE in the working class, and have sought out the easily-acquired "government_sponsorship"...at the EXPENSE of those who DO work and DO pay taxes for such entitlement programs.
That's hardly cause to have a party for their lazy asses...is it?
It's THEIR lack of desire to work...their lack of wanting to achieve...to aspire to something better than they have settled for that gets my goat.
Hell, these people celebrate being lazy and shiftless EVERY damn day, so why not BAN them from doing so on the ONE day we SHOULD celebrate the WORKING CLASS, hmm?
We definitely need some PARITY here, don'cha think?
*** The DNC begins tonight, and the only reason I will watch some of it, is to hear the propaganda, the lies, and the vitriol that will be spewed at the GOP. I think when you're wrong (as the Dems have been over the last 3 years with their agenda), they SHOULD own up to it, and then move on...but they will try and turn it back to the GOP...and that will be fun to watch, because they haven't a leg to stand on (imho).
*** Lastly, This nation was BUILT from very humble beginnings....log by log, brick by brick, stone by stone, and it pains me to see some people just "take" from the coffer when they have contributed nothing (except criminal activity) to our society.
Most ALL of us know what it's like to work for a living...to bust out asses daily, but in the end, we realize that to do nothing NETS nothing...at least that's the way WE were brought up.
You can't get blood from a turnip, and you should never waste time trying.
We pursue that happiness BY working.
We might not like the job, but we do the best we can.
Perhaps we change fields during our lifetime several times over, and still we strive to do better, so that the next generation can see not only what WE have done, but what we have bestowed TO that generation, and hopefully, that will be a decent work ETHIC.
This nation was built upon such principles, and we need to remember that.
We may not ALL be able to secure a career in life, but at least we should be able to find a job.
My Father used to say that "JOBS are like buses...you wait a bit, and another one WILL come along."
There is no excuse to have so many able-bodied individuals content to do NOTHING in life, while others (some even less capable) do it FOR them , as well as themselves.
Those that DO are the REAL patriots, and those that do not (or will not) are nothing but leeches on society's veins.
That needs to change, and the sooner the better.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Diane said...

I'm very lucky in not having HAD to work this past 19 and some months years. But then again, working at home, it seems it's never done -there's always some laundry, some mud, some vacuuming to do. and DUST! out in the fields, we get lots of it.

I think the work ethic has really slipped in these past couple of generations - the "y" generation:

y work
y move out of parents house
y actually do something constructive

there's more to that, but I can't recall all the 'y's.

As for the sumdoods in the vehicle, I was behind some teens at the walmart in another town by here - they were saying very loudly F*** this, f*** that. as they turned to go through menswear, I said to them "shut your yaps". Couple of slack-jaw idiots looking at me after I said that - it's like no one has ever told them to shut up and knock it off before. Actually more of a dope slap to the head would work too, but I'm not their parent

Hope you enjoy the cool weather there, as it is still up in the heat index of over 100 down here in s. Texas!

CWMartin said...

"Man, you funny"... lol! He probably turned to his buddy and said, "Y'see how scared he was?" and his buddy said, "Yeah, Tiquan. Real scared."

As for the DNC, I get enough "comedy" like that on FB. There's a clown on every corner there.

Bob G. said...

God bless you, dear...you have hit the nail SQUARELY on the head!

If you're "working at home", the WORK is NEVER done..EVER!

And I love the "y" thing...makes PERFECT sense to me.

The "sumdoods"...ROFL!

There are LOTS of people out there that HAVE never been told to STFU...or even HOW to behave around other people (read strangers) and that's pretty sad.

No wonder we lack CIVILITY these days, and folks like US wonder "WTF???" is going on...

WE were all brought up a LOT differently, and it shows (more and more each day).

Thanks so much for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe (and keep cool) down there.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, I think if I were any MORE "scared", I would have fallen the hell ASLEEP...standing up.

Ah, the "city of facebook"...where there's a clown on EVERY corner...LMAO!
(I think I flew OVER that place once...a long time ago...when I had to use the facilities)

ANd that's why I have little if any desire to facebook or twitter or whatever else they think up.
Blogging is just fine.

Gimme REAL folks who I can interact with (and shoot if they think they're gonna beat my ass).

Besides, how many times can you give your computer screen a "middle-finger salute" when some buttwipe deserves it...and make sure IT COUNTS?
(skype anyone????)

Hey, thanks for dropping by today and commenting.
You stay safe up there.