19 September 2012

Humpday Happenings...
It's a wonderfully brisk morning out here in the Heartland...nice to dust off the jacket and have to wear it when venturing outside.
Sure beats having to deal with 100+ degree temperatures, doesn't it?
Remember, you can ALWAYS add another layer of clothing, but you can only take SO much off...LOL.
And with that said, let's get into the mix and stir some pots.
*** First off, as is typical for Wednesday, it's time for our military quote of the week aka WHO SAID THAT?
"Power without responsibility; the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages."
So...who said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
*** Item - Another shooting near the downtown area of Ft. Wayne this morning leaves one person in serious condition with a gunshot wound to the chest.
Here's the link to the story (so far):
Sure nice to know that we've got a THIRD SHIFT CITY, and by that I mean more crap seems to go on during "3rd out" than the rest of the day (excepting when early morning bank robberies take place).
*** Item - FWCS is soon to become the LARGEST school corporation in the state of Indiana.
(guess all those vouchers hurt Indianapolis schools...'ya think?)
Here's the story link:
Wonder how long it wll remain number one when vouchers start snatching kids from THERE.
And I think that aside from Parkview Hospital, FWCS is Fort Wayne's LARGEST employer (since Lincoln Finance left town).
*** Item - Indiana predicted to have 56% of it's population to be obese by 2030.
Here's the story link:
Indiana already ranks 8TH in obesity rates, and the worst part about that is the related health problems, not the least of which can be diabetes.
Plenty of blame to go around here, beginning with personal responsibility.
Then there's a shift of our culture to more sedentary pursuits (video games, big screen TV viewing with hundreds of channels).
I really can't blame the fast food industries, because again, it comes down to (as Ben Franklin would chide)...MODERATION.
I'm pretty much the same weight I've been for decades (between 140-150 lbs) and much of it due to the work I do around the house (plentiful as it can be some days, overwhelming on others). I also have a rather "busy" metabolism...always have.
Still, I won't stuff my face because I can, nor will I eat only crap snacks (but I will indulge in candy bars...it's the kid in me...lol). I also don't exclusively drink SODA, but balance it with tea, coffee, juices, water, Powerade, and yes, even some scotch or bourbon...lol.
Do I feel deprived in any way...not one bit, and that's not bad for 60 years old...and counting.
*** Item - Children have much the same SALT intake as adults.
Here's the story link:
This is related to the last story above, and I know that I don't like salt a lot, but I realize that we all NEED some to survive.
Whenever I'm cooking, I usually "dust" it with salt lightly...and call it done.
Rarely will I EVER put additional salt on anything I'm eating, unless it tastes like wet cardboard, but that never occurs in MY kitchen. (he said to Chef Ramsay...lol)
Condiments provide enough salt, and if prepared correctly, any food will have a certain amount of sodium in it.
Besides, I have this ghettohood to keep MY blood pressure high...don't need salt to add to that, do I?
*** Item - The never-ending flap over what Romney said...
I am getting SO damn PO'ed at these loons out there who are calling out Mitt Romney for what he said back in May when he stated that 47% of the people will vote for Obama, and that these are the same people who pay no income taxes, and are dependent on the government.
Here's a link for the National Review on this:
(and they have a great correlation to a scene from The Hunt For Red October)
I thought what Romney said was SPOT ON...as in CORRECT...RIGHT...NOT IN ERROR.
He spoke the truth, and apparently, some folks still have issues with that.
Hell, I see the results of entitlement mentalities ALL around us down here, and it doesn't paint a happy picture either now...or for the future.
There ARE people that simply don't WANT to work...OR be responsible...OR accountable...AND (yet) want the government to "pay their way"...at the expense of those who ARE responsible...and DO pay their OWN way already.
Bill O'Reilly also said last night what Romney stated was TRUE...so we do have consensus here, and not by a few folks.
The essence of "welfare" was to WORK TO GET IT...and that patient is now on life-support, thanks to Obama's executive order that "redefined" what is meant by "work" in order to receive welfare.
Thing is, by jumping aboard this government-sponsored "gravy-train", these people place themselves back into a form of slavery...utter dependence upon big government to "take care of them"...and that's not right.
I say if you're too damn lazy to do anything productive, you either need to be TAUGHT how to change that mindset...or perhaps you'd feel better moving to ANOTHER COUNTRY where your "lifestyle" is applauded, because it's only a burden to THIS nation.
*** Lastly today...the AMERICAN SPIRIT...wither has it gone?
And can we get it back?
I think we can, but ONLY when everyone is willing to do what they need to do, and that DOES mean everyone.
If the colonists were content to sit back and allow England to take care of them, would we even BE America these days?
I think not.
We were warned in our infancy as a nation as to the pitfalls of bigger government.
And we've been doing pretty good for such a young nation, but storm clouds are looming.
There's a foul wind blowing, and we are in it's path.
There's nothing wrong with admitting you need help in life, and no shame in accepting assistance WHEN NEEDED.
But, to idly sit back, and take from everyone while OTHERS do "the hard stuff" like WORK...and ACHIEVE...and SUCCEED, doesn't say much for those takers, does it?
We're better than this, or at least we should know enough to want to be better.
We are a charitable nation, but there are limits to such charity, and they should never be fostered or amended by government intrusion and programs that reward the lazy. Everyone has the same chance...same opportunity...same shot at life.
All any of us has to do is claim it and be responsible for ourselves.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

All right, this quote I know! It was AUNT MAY, of course! What? No? Well, it shoulda been.

I'm planning to use a picture I scammed from FB on my blog in the near future as my comment on the Romney statement. Stay tuned.

John D. said...

Hmmm. If that quote was just "Power without responsibility", I'd say it was BHO, as that is his motto/M.O. But otherwise, I have no clue. Interesting quote, though.

Don't worry about the obesity epidemic, Bob. Nanny Bloomberg is gonna save us from ourselves once he is president. Mineral water and arugula for everybody! ;)

Bob G. said...

LMAO...honest-to-God, I wasn't even thinking of that until YOU said it...!
(and as a comic colletor, you'd have thought I WOULD have)
Yeah, it SHOULDA been Aunt May!

Oh, I can't wait for "your" unique take on the Romney-media bash...I KNOW it will be wonderful!

Thanks for stopping by today to comment.

Stay safe (and hidden-camera free) up there

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I can truthfully say that the quote wa NOT said by Raylan Givens...lol!

Mineral water and arugula?
Bloomberg needs to have his HEAD examined - the lack of protein MUST be having this effect on him.
(yeah, gimme 2 slices WITH pepperoni AND a Dr. Pepper big gulp)

Thank you for taking time to roll on up today and comment.

Stay safe out there.