26 September 2012

Humpday Happenings...
Had a little rain here overnight, didn't we?
That weather will give way to clearing skies, sun, and temps reaching the low 70s...not a bad thing.
This is one of those days where there are so many things to blog about, that I will have to pick and choose, so if I miss something, it's only because I don't feel like sitting here typing into this damn thing all day...LOL.
So, with that said, let's unwrap this gig and get the show rolling.
First up, today's military quote aka WHO SAID THAT?
"It doesn't take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle."
So, who said that? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the mess hall...
*** I'm seeing a disturbing "trend" on the SOUTH side of Ft. Wayne, and it has to deal with FIRES.
In as many days, we've had FOUR fires of a suspicious nature. Three occurred in vacant houses and a fourth happened in a detached garage.
These two happened on Monday between 0845 - 1100 hours:
This took place in the wee hours of THIS morning:
And this took place yesterday around 1500 hours:
Now this sure is one helluva coincidence, don'cha think?
Those 2 Monday fires were LESS than 3 miles apart, and ALL were on the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE.
I will confess that this isn't the "best" way to inspire URBAN RENEWAL.
*** Is anyone as fed up as I've become with this Iranian leader (read camel-jockey) blustering all over the damn place?
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is one of those people that reminds me of a damn mosquito that buzzes all around you and keeps dodging the fly swatter.
I'm thinking that if this turd wants a nuclear weapon THAT bad...we save him the trouble and GIVE HIM ONE...(fully assembled and armed)
We should make it an "air mail" delivery as well, just in the name of expediency.
These people remind me of the ghetto fleas we have down here...the ONLY thing such savages understand is BRUTE FORCE...so you apply it to them in abundance, until they STFU and STHD...period.
It's like the morons you see in the HARDCORE PAWN show (from 8-mile Detroit)...they want what THEY want, f$ck the rules, the laws, and regulations...it's all about "them", and they have the biggest mouths on the planet (and the best drama-queens).
So, you shut THEM the hell up, get in THEIR face, and tell THEM they're messing with their heartbeat by screwing with YOU.
Then, they calm down and become so damn contrite...until they get far enough away from you (and then start again).
Such people are COWARDS, and they sure hate to be called out on that. And that's why YOU DO JUST THAT.
As far as I'm concerned, they either get with the program, or stop breathing my air.
Moving on...
*** This is a tale about a credit card, two black zaftig inhabitants (probably of the SE side of town) and a shopping spree.
The story can be found on WANE:
The credit card was reported stolen back on 21 Sep, and these women have been splurging on big ticket items.
They (when caught) face counts of theft, fraud and forgery. (maybe that explains the radio chatter regarding WalMart?)
Bet'cha they're both on welfare too (by their size - typical M.O. for the baby-mamas down here)
Now, if you're SUPPOSED to be "poor", shouldn't you look more like the starving throngs in some 3rd world nation, and NOT like a poster child for Overeaters Anonymous?
I'm just askin'...
*** And, it looks like we're back to the pharmacy robbery thing.
Here's the link:
At least the perp was CAUGHT (gotta love stop-sticks) after a 20 minute chase.
The vehicle was first spotted by an OFF-DUTY officer (well, the FWPD IS 21 men down in staffing for shifts, right?)...good eye, officer.
Makes 'ya wonder about the vehicle he was driving...NICE truck...wonder WHERE he got it and how he could AFFORD it?
All this armed robber, one Brandon A. Peters, age 24 of Fort Wayne will be able to afford these days is some nice jail time (orange jumpsuit and flip-flops provided).
*** If you're going to have a DAY CARE facility, don't have it in your home.
Here's the story link:
Just after midnight on the (where else?) SE side - the 5000 block of S. Anthony Blvd to be precise, a car drove INTO the Sugar Drops III Daycare center. (it's actually a HOUSE, as are many daycare places down here...who licenses them anyway?)
The driver was believed to be drunk at the time.
(really? I thought it was a GPS ERROR)
The woman behind the wheel did some incredible stunts BEFORE smacking the house, which has been deemed inhabitable by Neighborhood Code Enforcement (more Urban Renewal?).
*** Lastly today...I swear some days I have to honestly bow to the absurd, because I happen to see and hear way too much of it.
When the hell did the world decide that going off the deep end was "the way to go"?
When did people think that being totally irresponsible was "the new normal"?
I don't recall a time in my youth when such things were even considered, let alone practiced with such boldness and lack of accountability.
Hell, I didn't even remember such things in much of my adulthood, either.
So, this change in humanity must have happened somewhere in the last 2-3 decades.
(probably around 3AM...on a THURSDAY, I'll bet...LOL)
In any event, what WE (the relatively normal among us) need to know is that we're not part of this crap.
Many times, we might be the victims of the crap, but we're certainly NOT starting any of the crap.
I think this also falls under the jurisdiction of being AWARE.
We need to remain as alert as we can, in order to stave off the uglies all around us.
And we also need to call out those who try to "buck the system", as it were.
There are still many of us who have a vested interest in this city, this state, and this nation, and it's time we all made our voicees heard in that regard.
The squeaky wheel gets the oil, as they used to say...
So start squeaking...a lot.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I had to look up zaftig. You're being polite.

Bob G. said...

Well, my FIRST thought was to run with "F/A welfare-sucking, gov't-sponsored couch-potatro beotches", but yes, sometimes, it's more calming for me to render a more polite tag for such "people".

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe (and dry) up there.
(you, too, Scrappy!)