27 September 2012

Just Another Day In "Paradise"...
And that pretty much sums up EVERY day these days.
At least the weather deviates nicely.
Today's forecast is some fog south of the city (causing school delays in rural areas), with clearing and temps reaching around 70 again.
All in all, not too shabby, folks.
In the meanwhile, let's wander about and find out what ELSE has been transpiring.
*** First up, the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"It doesn't take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle."
This was said by none other than General H. "Stormin" Norman Schwarzkopf, It Doesn't Take A Hero, 1992.
And here is his WIKI:
And the cool part, he was born in TRENTON, NJ (before that city became ghettoized)...!
We also share the SAME birthday (I knew there was something about him I LIKED...and, he does have a few years on me...lol)
At the bottom of the WIKI, is a list of his battle ribbons awards and medals...pretty damn extensive.
Truly, a national hero in many eyes (but never in his own).
Such honor and integrity doesn't come along all that much these days.
*** Next, the death of (imho) an American Treasure.
Iconic singer Andy Williams passed away yesterday after a year-long battle with bladder cancer.
He was 84 years old.
Here's his WIKI:
I know watching his show and listening to his music was a staple around our house when I was growing up.
Another great crooner with a slew of hits in his wake.
They certainly don't make 'em like HIM any more.
I'm sure that CWM will do his music justice in a post (as he always does), and many of us will miss him.
But his songs WILL live on.
*** Surveillance cameras DO make a difference.
A robber that targeted a SOUTH SIDE business got to play "Smile, you're on (not so) Candid Camera" yesterday..
Here's the story:
Barto's Service Station, located at 1201 E. Creighton Ave (close to where the old FWPD HQ used to be) was the target for this thug.
Guess not having the headquarters THERE any longer is making some kind of difference (for the crims out there).
The robber came in, then left, and then came BACK armed with a handgun and demanded money (which they always seem to get), and then left (for good).
Nice picture, "dawg".
*** Another robbery on the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE of the city.
This time, it was at the "We Buy Gold" shop on the 4200 block of S. Lafayette St (At McKinnie).
You have to hand it to some store owners here...their choice of NAMES for businesses is "original" (and all too obvious - kinda like that "Sorry-Ass Saloon" we have nearby...LOL).
Here's the story link:
The article lists this as a POTENTIAL robbery, whatever the hell that means.
Either someone came in and TRIED to rob the place...or they didn't, right?
Sounds like a cut and dry incident here. (no shades of gray, just black and white...mostly BLACK, given the area's "residents")
The "suspect" was last seen running EAST on McKinnie, where he can no doubt disappear into the ghettohood, because too little is known about all the places one can "lose oneself".
Police aren't sure if anything was taken (ever try ASKING the owner...just a thought)...LOL!
*** Some say the children are our future (and I agree), so we create venues for the youth to spend QUALITY time at...and then sh*t like THIS happens:
The Weisser Park Youth Center has been the target of ongoing vandalism of late.
Apparently, some people think that black youth (in general) don't NEED a place to become better people.
When kids are threatened by teens brandishing guns (probably BB or pellet pistols), that says something about that particular community...like it's going down the CRAPPER, right?
Welcome to the ghettohood, people.
At least some residents and parents are speaking UP about this, as is the Deputy Director of Leisure Services for the city.
It's sad when you go from 200 kids using the facility to about FIFTY, because of the vandalism and threats.
(remember, we ARE still 21 officers DOWN from the total number we SHOULD have to patrol the city, which is 440, and given the increase in population, we probably need even MORE, Mr. Mayor...!).
City officials state that these are isolated incidents and that the parks are still safe (for the crims, perhaps).
Just like the RiverGreenWay was supposed to be safe...for that runner that was sexually assaulted earlier this week, right?
Somehow, that doesn't give me that "warm and fuzzy" feeling they think I should have.
The latest act of vandalism at the Youth Center consisted of windows shot out of the building, with damages close to $10K.
This happened over a 3-night pellet and paintball "gunfight" by teens who entered the park after hours.
Two words: MORE PATROLS!
*** Lastly today, when the hell are people going to figure out we have a serious problem (or several) in this city?
Many of us have already KNOWN this to be true, and for quite some time.
What's taking others (especially downtown) SO damn long to acknowledge the same?
And WHY is the city content to just IGNORE these facts (as they have for way too long)?
How pompous and disconnected does City Hall have to be, before someone drags their noses out of the air and brings them back down to earth and BACK to the city of REALVILLE?
It's ALWAYS a PEOPLE problem, and to deny that means your frigging head is in the damn sand.
We can debate the gun issue, vandalism, robbery, rape...you name it...it ALL comes down to PEOPLE, and NOT any devices or contrivances they utilize in the commission OF those crimes.
Now, the last time I checked we have LAWS to deal with such PEOPLE. Laws against those devices the people employ serve little if any useful purpose, but the laws for the PEOPLE should be the standard for which we set the bar for proper and normal behavior...that's called CIVILITY, friends.
And just maybe, if we closed the judicial loopholes, lose the plea-deal BS, and pursue JUSTICE for everyone and not just for the perpetrator, we might send a message to those that would deprive kids of a play to congregate and play...or a business owner to make an HONEST living...or a runner taking their morning jog.
I think we might be onto something in following those ideas.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Maybe the "potential" is linked to the potential of it being insurance fraud. Just a guess. Or maybe the writer just had a brain fart and couldn't remember the word "alleged".

And yes, the plan is to interupt Der Bingle's run in the look back section to take care of one of the greatest talents of our lifetime. Now that darn bear will NEVER get his cookies (Wink if you catch THAT reference!).

Bob G. said...

(that's not a REAL wink...just an eye twitch, because I vaguely remember something about the cookies/bear/Andy Williams thing).

And yeah, there might be fraud...wouldn't surprise me at all, the way ALL these people seem to be "interconnected" (either genetically, which would explain a LOT of the problems) or by relationships (if you can call them that).

Still, you bring up a good point with the "level of journalism" these days...brain fart it IS...and ALLEGED it was...LOL.

Hey, thanks for taking time out friom your day to drop on by to comment.

Stay safe (and mostly employed) up there.

John D. said...

Stormin' Norman! Love that guy.

"...it ALL comes down to PEOPLE..."

True statement. But politicians who condemn idiotic behavior can't count on the support of idiots. And with Idiot-Americans (notice the politically correct hyphen) making up an ever-increasing percentage of the population, I fully expect politicians to step up their efforts to pander to them.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Norman was the closest we've come to another PATTON since WW2 (imho).

Yeah, we've got a growing group of government-sponsored MORONS in this nation these days.

All they're missing is a damn ring through their noses (some already HAVE 'em), and a trough to wet thier whistle.
They have NO idea of the slavery they're placing themselves into by letting the gov't run their lives.

If ANY politicians Up the pander, it will most LIKELY be the DEMS...
(they're experts after all)

Personally, I don't give a crap WHAT PARTY a politician belongs to, as long as they have integrity, follow out Constitution, are honest with me (however painful it might be), and not willing to kiss my ass at the drop of a hat (or expect that I kiss THEIRS).

Don't think that's asking THAT much, right?

Hey, thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

Storage Buildings said...

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Bob G. said...

Always nice to see a "new face" here.

And I DO appreciatte the kind words.

All I attempt to do here is show people the truth, remind us of what we USED to have(and be), what we COULD have (and become), and possible ways to make that happen to the betterment of everyone.

Oh, and we also show the crime in the 2nd largest city in the state of Indiana...lol.
(next life I promise to work in journalism)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

Jana said...

As long as the kids are raised right...


Bob G. said...

Hey, J!
How's things?

Yeah, again, it comes down to PEOPLE - raising the kids correctly, and in a manner that reflect REAL values and decent principles...
(you know, the kind of crap WE had drilled into OUR skulls and got our asses spanked for IF we didn;t listen...lol)

But with the legislation put forth in your LINK, it's gonna be a LOT harder to pull off.

(by parents)
What, is this loon freaking KIDDING ME???

Child ABUSE is ONE thing, but NOT being able to "chastise" your child in a way that will DETER future BAD behavior...well, that's a VERY bad precedent.

Hope it gets ruled UNconstitutional and reversed.

Thanks for the link, and for stopping by today and commenting.

You and Hubs stay safe out there.

gadfly said...

I once rode in an elevator with Andy Williams - he was most pleasant to those of us who excitedly invaded his privacy.

Rush Limbaugh spoke kindly of him on the air this week:

He was very conservative, Andy Williams. I'll give you a quote from Andy Williams in 2009. He said, "Obama is following Marxist theory." He said this to a British magazine called the Radio Times. He said, "Obama is following Marxist theory. He's taken over the banks and the car industry.

"He wants the country to fail."

Bob G. said...

Wow, now THAT is impressive. You were blessed that day!

I know it'll be hard to listen to his Christmas CD this year for me.

Such a wonderful voice and a marvelous person.I also heard that on Limbaugh's show from Williams...and yes, he was right.

Thanks for sharing your elevator emcounter.
And thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.