24 September 2012

Monday Musings...
Seems like FALL is in the air, at least this morning.
And if you were wondering what that NOISE you heard this past Saturday around say...1049 hrs, it was AUTUMN arriving (from where we were, sounded more like some neighbor's barking dog...lol)
We are now "officially" in the season of autumn, so there.
I did also enjoy the brief rain showers we had over the weekend...
And yes, I, like Travis Bickle DO hope that "...someday, a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets".
With that said, let's see what ELSE has been transpiring since last we convened.
*** Seems that now you can't even go take a morning jog in Fort Wayne, at least not on the SOUTH (west) side.
Here's the story:
And to think the city spent ALL that money to make the RIVERGREENWAY a reality for some of us in this part of town...
...Just so some sexual predator can avail himself of a woman to satisfy his carnal pursuits.
The attack occurred near the bridge at Lower Huntingdon and Tillman Rds.
A passing motorist was able to interrupt the assault (good for them...and the victim).
The perp ran north and may have disappeared into nearby apartments ( like Willow CRACK Crossing?), say investigators.
He was described as a BLACK MALE, age 18-23, medium build, about 5'9"-5'10", with a lighter complexion and a slight afro hairstyle. He was last seen wearing a gray OSU sweatshirt and baggy red shorts.
What I see happening down here beside from the lack of interest shown by the city for the southEAST side, is a spilling over...a malignancy of the crime we've "enjoyed" over here, now infiltrating the southWEST side of town.
I suppose that asking for a couple of U/C officers from either the FWPD or ACSD to patrol by bikes (or jogging, or both) along the RiverGreenWay is asking a bit much though, right? And to make it more believable, have the officer be FEMALE...just a thought (and free advice to the city).
*** Wifey and I don't disagree on much (if anything), so it's always nice to find a smidgen of opposition now and again. Keeps a relationship interesting.
And that's why when this story came out today on WANE, we each took a differing view.
It has to deal with why TEENS drive the way they do, and how they "learn" such (bad) habits.
Here's the link to the source article:
The article states that teens "acquire" bad driving habits from their PARENTS.
Now, this is everything from not wearing a seat belt, to texting, to driving impaired.
And Wifey's pretty much on board with all that.
Therein lies my contention.
I maintain that while parental "influence" contributes somewhat to how teens drive, the MEDIA has a huge finger in this pie, as well.
Considering all the video games that basically reward "other than good" driving (Grand Theft Auto, to name one), as well as Hollywood stunts on both TV and movies, it's little wonder that young drivers don't glean something from ALL the time they spend in front of the "tube".
I also believe that you are the sum of ALL your experiences, and that can also be said for driving. If you pal around with other drivers, you might pick up some habits of THEIRS, an emulation as it were, however subliminal it might be.
And we know, that teens LOVE to follow suit, while rebelling against those bad old parents, right?
This isn't to say that Wifey's wrong...heaven forbid. I might be married, but I ain't STUPID...LOL!
You never say such things, even if there might be a ring of truth to it...just to keep the peace on the home front.
I will say there's room for both opinions, because they do go hand-in-glove, pretty much.
I'd be interested on how others view this and what they think, so feel free to add your two cents.
*** Unless you've been living in a cave, watching the shadows on the back wall, you have to know that TOMORROW is the day that the DVD of THE AVENGERS comes out.
Now, I confess to not seeing it in the theaters (I know...my loss), but movie-going isn't what it USED to be...or SHOULD be these days.
Thirty-plus years ago, I'd be there a lot more than just ONCE...that's the way "we" used to go to the theater.
We never saw a good flick "just once".
Nowadays, I can't even bring myself to go TO a theater at all.
Blame it on society, and technology.
The people are TOO obnoxious, the sound is TOO loud, and concession prices TOO high.
That to me doesn't add up to a "good experience".
And that's aside from the price JUST to get the hell INSIDE and sit is a smaller theater with a smaller screen than we used to enjoy.
So, I wait for the DVD release...in the end, it's actually CHEAPER...think about it.
Even if you pay retail prices for The Avengers DVD or BluRay (anywhere from $19.99 - $24.99), it's more "cost-effective" than seeing it in the theater twice...or taking the family just once.
And, if you wait a while longer and nab a bargain on eBay, it's cheaper STILL.
I recently got the Captain America DVD for UNDER the price of admission to the theater.
Same goes for other movies I wanted to see, but didn't.
Got BOTH Iron Man DVDs (one was the 2-disc set) for less than the price to go to a movie, and I get to watch them whenever the hell I want.
(Still have to get THOR and THE HULK, though...soon)
Right now, I'm waiting for the arrival of TRON (the original 1980s movie) in the 20th anniversary edition DVD package. Got that for under $7...INCLUDING SHIPPING! You just can't beat that with a stick.
Also got Army of Darkness - The BOOMSTICK EDITION 2 DVD set, too.
So, let it not be said that patience never pays off...it DOES, and quite well.
However, when it comes to The Avengers DVD, retail isn't so bad a price for such a kick-ass movie, right?
*** Lastly today, there are lots of distractions in the world...too many some days (it seems), and yet, we are supposed to be rolling along, without a care in the world.
Sorry, I can't play that tune.
I have to know what's coming, whenever I can. I expect the unexpected.
I expect the worst and yet always hope for the best.
In that, I am rarely disappointed. And I can work with that.
Trouble is, not everyone follows suit.
We have to be aware...period. And more so today than in times past.
Doesn't matter if you're jogging, or shopping, or driving...whatever you do, do it with a sense of AWARENESS.
Because, it's a damn good bet that many others are NOT aware all that much...of you, your vehicle, or whatever else.
And maybe we need to put down the tech for a spell, look around us, and see what the frack is going on while we've "been busy".
I feel if we all pay a tad more attention to things around us, people around us, and situations around us, we can negate a lot of the problems we face daily, if not avoid them altogether. And that sure as hell is a win-win in my book.
In the meantime, have yourselves a great week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I most vehemently disagree with the article. From personal observing, I can tell you that teenager's bad driving habits have FAR more to do with what their PEERs do and their own youthful sense of invulnerability than anything a parent does... unless the parent is such a loser, its all they know.

You'll love the movie, Bob!

Diane said...

Tron is being released? We'll have to snag that one!

There was a sexual assault here in our little town also-

In the early morning hours of Wednesday, September 12, 2012, The Bay City Independent School District Police Department was notified of a sexual assault that occurred at Memorial Stadium located at 1507 Sycamore in Bay City, Texas. The victim was an adult female and the suspect was described as a white male with no further description given.

Fall is finally here in s. Texas also - but probably not as nice of weather as you're having up there. Starting my winter garden in the next couple days here.

Bob G. said...

I purposely omitted MOST of the whole "peer-pressure" thing, although I mentioned it in passing (picking up OTHER drivers' habits...like your "friends").

In MANY cases (down here), the "parents" (or what's passing themselves off as them) don't even BOTHER TO GET A LICENSE...so there's a washout from the git-go.

Almost EVERY perp has LOADS of "failure to obtain license"...speaks VOLUMES to the "kids", doesn't it?

I don't think I'll just love the movie...I will LOVE...this...movie...!!!
(the trailers get enough air-time here as it is on the puter...LOL!)

I might blow the wad and get the BLU-RAY/DVD combo set for $25 (or less)...that way if we ever DO get a blu-ray, I'm already there.

They also have a SIX MOVIE set including the Avengers flick for like a FRANKLIN!!!
(that's a little much...even for me...LOL)

The Disney XD's "Avengers - Earth's Mightiest Heroes" is a REAL good watch, too.
LOTS of marvel universe bad (and good) guys from a slew of the comic titles.

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe (and "Assembled") up there.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, the 20th Anniv. 2-disc set of TRON came out back in 2002, I believe.
I recently got TRON: LEGACY (2011) for like $5 on eBay, so I have the "sequel".

Wish I ahd all the QUARTERS I spent playing that damn TRON video game...LOL!

I have the movie on video TAPE (BETA at that), and I have the VINYL ALBUMS of the soundtrack (with Journey) and the "Story of TRON" (narration with sound effects).
They gotta be worth something by NOW, eh?

The sexual assaults are becoming more brazen of late...and in places we've never had them before.

MY winter garden will consist of dead leaves...can always "grow" a good crop of them...lol.

I wish you success with YOURS, and we wanna see pictures!!!

Check out eBay for the TRON dvd set (best prices).
Happy Hunting, "program".

Thanks for dropping on by today and commening.
Good to see 'ya again.

Stay safe (and well top-soiled) down there.