21 September 2012

Friday Follies...

Now this is one of those weeks that seemed (to me) to FLY by...dunno why, either.
And I know the sunrise and sunsets are becoming more "fall-like"...then we'll have to muck with our CLOCKS again (an hour back).
That should mess with our Circadian rhythms nicely...lol.
Should be a nice day today, temps moderate and into the upper 60s, and perhaps a chance of rain later.
All in all, a good start to the weekend.
So let's wake this puppy up and get going, shall we?
*** There's more on the story concerning the people who were beating on the Amish down in Berne, Indiana.
Here's the story link:
Yeah, apparently when you're Hispanic and just have to get to Fort Wayne for (of all things)...COCAINE (great, now we have a drug problem here...lol), your best recourse is to beat on someone driving a buggy...NOT!
Consider this akin to "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight".
At the helm of this "foursome" was "Mama' Grande" Michelle Rodriguez (please note - she ain't no MA BARKER, kids).
Along with her 16 year old son Brady (why is he NOT in some SCHOOL???) and fellow accomplices David Veliz, 19 and Alejandro Lopez, 18 (both of FORT WAYNE) they took it upon themselves to TRY and secure "funding" to get up to The Fort.
Each robbery is chronicled in the article, and you can see, they only got away with "chump change" (as we used to call it).
Their vehicle was not (as originally stated) an HHR or PT Cruiser, but rather a faded green Chevy Malibu (that leads me to believe it was an OLDER car..like late 70s-early-80s perhaps)...another ghettosled, which would tend to stand out in a town like Berne.
The juvey was held over to ADULT court (good), and everyone else is resting comfortably in the local hoosegow (also good).
BTW, when you rob someone, using a GAS MASK to disguise you doesn't make it easier for the victim to HEAR what you want to tell them, and brandishing a baseball bat won't do you any good, when Hezekiah just snaps the reins on the horse and rolls away, leaving you standing there holding your pud.
Whatta bunch of LOSERS...!
Yeah, toss the damn BOOK at ALL of them (and check to see if they're here LEGALLY, while you're at it).
Meanwhile, back at the Taco House...
*** Here's a case of two men (in Fort Wayne, where else?) going on a "beating binge"
Here's the story link:
Imagine driving your pickup and then being pulled out of it and beat about the face by two Hispanics with nothing better to do than cause mayhem?
Well, that's exactly what Pedro Lopez, 36 , of the 4600 block of Spatz Ave, and Tomas Tovar, 30, of the 6600 block of South Calhoun St were up to after Midnight Sunday.
But they didn't stop there...oh, no...
This dumbass duo then took the man's keys and went to a home where they forced themselves inside. A man who answered the door was punched in the face, according to court documents.
Lopez is not in custody, but Tovar is being held WITHOUT BAIL...(uh...let's get the OTHER One, folks?)
Yep, anyone with half a brain in this city KNOWS this kind of sh*t was coming, especially when the Hispanic population rises close to TWENTY PERCENT over the last decade or so...
The interesting aspect to all of this will be to see HOW the city responds when "turf wars" break out between BLACKS and HISPANICS, because you know THAT is coming as well...it always does (and has in other larger cities).
But wait, we've still MORE...
*** Okay, so your house is on fire, and the FWFD arrives to douse the blaze...one thing you usually do NOT do is get tangled up in some DOMESTIC DISPUTE, right?
Well, this story speaks to that end:
But the weirdest thing about THIS fire, was that after the fire was put out, police were called to quell the battling couple, and it was then that the twosome got some MORE BAD news...
The fire investigator invited an officer inside the house/apartment and found METH in the charred domicile.
Now, Andrew T. Killen and Stephanie Shaffer, both 29, who USED to live at the house in the 2400 block of N. Wells St. are facing some well-deserved FELONY COUNTS...LOL.
Dumbasses...both of them.
And to add insult to injury, Shaffer also faces child neglect charges because her 4-year old was in the apartment (she's OK, though).
Yeah, there is no shortage of STUPID in this city...that's for sure.
*** And speaking of that...there's THIS:
Yes, friends, it's STILL good to be "King", as evidenced by "king" (Mayor) Henry's plan to RAISE property taxes to the tune of 5.7% (thought there was a 2% "cap"? I guess not).
The average homeowner would see about $25 increase per year...but if you live down HERE, in the GHETTOHOOD, and happen to OWN the house you lie in (and there are still about 7-8 of us that still do...lol), it will only go up about TWENTY FIVE CENTS...ROFL!
It really pays to live in a distressed area...once in a great while.
Personally, the mayor can raise property taxes ONE HUNDRED PERCENT...that would only be charging us $120 PER YEAR...so go ahead, my lord, do your worst, because it can't get much more like that down here for we vassals.
Of course, if the property tax raise fails, then SERVICE CUTS are likely (cripes, we barely GET any services as it is...so that's a wash to me).
Gonna be some fun City Council meetings in the near future, that's certain.
*** Lastly today, there is a series of articles from the WASHINGTON EXAMINER that delve into who our president REALLY is, and I have to say that after going through all TEN chapters, I was amazed at what the people of this nation DO NOT KNOW about the "Apologizer-in-Charge".
Here's the link to the series, and I have to advise ALL of you to give it a read.
I think you'll find yourself going back more than once to re-read all the "stuff" he's been involved with, and how much research went into this series.
It pulls back the curtain, and allows you to see the person that's been "pulling the strings", as it were...
Makes you wonder if any or all of this came out FOUR years ago...how things could have turned out differently.
And it makes the case that while Obama is a good politician, he's a really bad President...period.
It's very enlightening, to say the least.
So, enjoy the next 72 (or so) hours...get outside and take in the sights, sounds and smells that life has to offer.
(unless you live near a pig farm up in Harlan...lol)
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Dunno, Bob... usually I have a good snarky comment, but today the news is just sad.The difference between Mama Rodriquez and Obama is merely in the goal, there's no charcter difference. It's sad that we elect such people, its sad that we HAVE such people. Don't mean to bring ya down, but honestly, there are just somedays that you look up at God and say, for Pete's sake, just pull the plug!

Bob G. said...

We're on the same page there, brother!
And yes, the hardest thing is to NOT get SO "down" over this...

If it's not the FEDS...it's the STATE...or even the CITY.
And then there's the "locals" around us...so much diversionary tactics and lies.

When I think back to my youth, the WORST times (then, even with a nuclear threat hanging over us) were better than what passes for the so-called "good" times today...and that's just NOT kosher, my friend!

Many times, I feel that God is waiting to see what "we" do to make some sort of difference...what WE can say to others, what we can provide by speaking the TRUTH.

In that, I think we're doing what we can, whenever we can, as best we can.
And if others have a problem with that. it's on THEM...not us.

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.
Always a pleasure.

Stay safe up there this weekend.

((be sure to read those articles at the Wash. Exam. - amazing stuff))

CWMartin said...

Thanks. Needed that.