04 October 2012

A Few Casual Observances...
Well folks, we're almost at the door to the weekend...so hang in there.
Today's weather will make you feel like it's September, or even August with temps reaching into the upper 70s!
And hopefully, we'll see a nice sunny day on top of that.
Since we don't have an "answer" to post for yesterday's military quote of the week, we'll let you ponder ANOTHER quote that will pertain to tomorrow's post instead...fair enough?
"World domination, the same old dream. Our asylums are full of people who think they're Napoleon. Or God.”
That should get the gray matter humming, hmm?
Meanwhile, back at the armory...
*** An update to the D/B that was found on Weisser Park Avenue.
Here's the story link:
The victim was one Deonta Tyrese Bonner, age 18 of Fort Wayne.
There's no court records available due to his age, so we have no idea what he might have been into when he was stabbed.
Obviously, we're going to have ONE baby-mama that will be distraught over this.
Some neighbors are already "up in arms" over the continuing violence.
One thing that is not clear is the TOD (time of death).
There was no attempt to conceal the body, either, so it could have been that Bonner was stabbed elsewhere and staggered behind the house at 2935 Weisser Park Avenue, where his body was found.
We may not know what really happened.
I was correct in my assumption that it would be Fort Wayne's 24th HOMICIDE (that ties last year's total, BTW), so all we need now is ONE more to make "my" magic number of 25...(or more).
Don't think that this number will drop appreciably in upcoming years either, unless a MAJOR change in policy is forthcoming from the city admins.
( I know I'm not holding MY breath)
*** How many of you know about the 2012 FARM BILL...and how that could affect your grocery shopping "experience"?
Well, get a load of THIS stuff.
Here is the "meat and potatoes" of the bill.
And HERE is how it will affect you, should it expire:
Think GAS prices are bad?
How's about MILK PRICES that damn near EQUAL that at the fuel pumps per gallon?
And the last time I checked, OPEC didn't have any say in OUR DAIRY industry...!
I know that the price has steadily climbed over the last several years, and given the brief shelf life of dairy products, it's not something you can "store" long term.
Once it hits the shelves, it NEEDS to be sold, otherwise it goes bad (sour milk anyone?), right?
Makes you wonder HOW in God's name we got by BEFORE this bill was enacted.
If you ARE wondering, here's the WIKI on the FARM BILL:
Lots of history there, dating WAY back to 1916.
(wasn't that WOODROW WILSON'S administration? That alone should make you worried).
The one bill to be MOST concerned about is called the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008, and there's a link there for all the lowdown.
THAT is the one held in question today.
POWDERED MILK is looking better and better these days...isn't it?
Time to maybe stock up on some of that.
Can powdered EGGS be that far behind, soldier?
*** Yes, it does seem as though King Henry (mayor of Fort Wayne) might be looking to cut the police staffing...now WHERE did we hear that mentioned?
(could it have been...HERE???)
WANE has a good story on it, found at THIS link:
Hell, I've been saying this for a while (and I've known about for even longer)...we need MORE police...NOT FEWER, and it's a given that attrition within the department wears many faces, such as retirement, disability, and outright dismissal.
Public safety is the ONE place you really don't want to make drastic or severe CUTS, and here's why...
Think of a city as a microcosm of THE NATION, and one of the FIRST requirements in our Constitution is to have a STRONG military (to provide for the COMMON DEFENSE, as is stated in the preamble), so with that in mind, think of the POLICE in similar ways...they are there on your streets to provide for your "common defense" (against crime)...it's that simple.
Here's a refresher if you need it:
You no more cut police budgets than you would our military, because there is "someone" waiting for a chance to infiltrate and cause harm to innocents, be it radical Islamists or gangs from Chicago...they are all the same...they just wear different clothing.
Without our military being STRONG, we are in fact a weak nation, and that spells OPPORTUNITY for another faction to come on in (anyone remember the TURKS...or MONGOLS?).
Ditto for our cities...without a STRONG police force, we have chaos...period, because SOME people can't police THEMSELVES.
This is a path that "King" Henry doesn't really want to go down, but if he does, we'll see the result of such bad decision-making soon enough (like we're starting to already).
It''s all a matter of TIME...and that waits for no one.
*** Yes, I DID watch the DEBATE last night, and I also was drinking a GUINNESS...I figured I might NEED one to watch this.
Well, I certainly was NOT disappointed.
Mitt Romney was affable, and yet tenacious when pursuing the FACTS, and not being afraid to call out Obama for his failures over the last 4 years.
He was not the bully, nor the blood in his eye aggressor, either.
He was marvelously calm, cool, and collected...
The manner in which Romney stuck to his guns (and Bible in a few instances) was nothing short of BRILLIANT!
His command of the event was noticeable...more so than Obama's (who was given to stuttering...a sign there was NO teleprompter...sorry about that, "Chief"...lol)
I did enjoy the way the moderator, Jim Lehrer from PBS permitted a rather "fast and loose" atmosphere to the debate...not as strictly "structured" as a lot of the debates are...not as "predictable" with rote answering, and I found that highly enjoyable.
Thing is, the LAME-STREAM MEDIA must be pissed off beyond comprehension over an obvious Romney "win" ( if winners can be attributed to such debates).
They simply CANNOT SPIN any of this to THEIR advantage...and I am SO DAMN LOVING IT!
It's almost like being caught with their pants down around their ankles, and they can't run away from it...!
I cannot wait to hear how FOX news reports it (as they are the least biased of the bunch).
That alone should be worth getting out the popcorn and Junior Mints...gonna be a HELLUVA "feature", kids!
The next debate will be a VICE-Presidential one, and that oughta be a REAL GAS to watch. Paul Ryan vs Gaffing Joe.
Screw the UFC and WWE...we got THIS now, and it's MUCH better (and with fewer tattoos...lol).
*** Lastly today, the more I try to understand politics, the "behinder" I seem to get, but there is one thing I DO know, and that is what's known as COMMON SENSE.
I KNOW what seems right and correct and I know when something smells like 3-day old fish on the sidewalk.
I think most all of you feel the same....it's the way you were brought up, how you were taught, and what you yourselves have learned through life.
The things you KNOW to be right seem easier to spot as you get "more seasoned"... (that's called AGING, folks...lol)
I hate when the world turns upside down, because it reminds me of those carnival rides that make you sick.
But, sometimes, we need such things to remind us that WE don't have to play these games.
We have a choice...we have a say-so...and we have a strong conviction that this nation needs to always succeed in this "grand experiment", as it was called in it's infancy.
Failure is never an option...it might be a side track to success because we LEARN from whatever happens, but we must never allow failure to become part of our lexicon of life, or of this country.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Rush claimed that the media would call Rmney the winner no matter what, so that Obama could look stronger as things rolled along. The "everybody likes an underdog" thing, don'tcha know. Thanks for the fill in- with my new schedule, I'll only get to see Friday debates.

Bob G. said...

One thing the media is "trying" to do (today) is say that Obama was "off his game" because HE didn't want to seem like a bully...ROFLMAO...!

Yeah, that was it...!
(and that must make me Secretary of Defense, now)

Sorry gang, Obama was TROUNCHED...
And I wasn't even expecting THAT.

Got a feeling that Romney DOES know "jack" (and a lot of other stuff that the "o" does not).

He might not be the perfect candidate, but Mitt's a lot better than the media has given him credit for.
And he's not afraid to invoke the name of GOD when it comes to principles.

I kinda like that...very refreshing.

Glad you could stop by today and comment.
Much appreciated.

You stay safe up there.

ms nk rey said...

I was blown away by the debate. Very proud of my candidate.
Many years ago, 36 or so, my husband was given a lateral promotion.. yeah I know.. we spent many weeks looking for a house. We had 4 boys and needed lots of space. I remember looking at a gorgeous home on Weisser. It even had a carriage house in back. There are not enough words for me to tell you have very happy I am that we nixed living in Fort Wayne and moved to this smaller town, that I fondly call Podunk. Guess you could say I dodged that "bullet". You and Mrs. Bobby G. stay safe up there.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, I'm glad I had that beer to "curb my exuberence".
I was shouting at the TV like it was a ballgame...LOL.
(shoulda made hotdogs)

So, you were looking at a house on Weisser?
I admit that from an architectural standpoint, this area is GREAT...lots of nice houses, all different.
BUT (here it comes)...since those days, things HAVE changed (and for the worse).
We have a house one block over that used to belong to a FORMER MAYOR...nice place...at least it USED to be until the "Hudders" moved in.
Although I honestly envy those of you living in much nicer areas (Biblically, I shouldn't envy at all), I still find charam in what this area COULD be...what it USED to be, and what it CAN be again...if the city gets off their dead ass and does something to change it all around.
It all comes down PEOPLE.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and commenting.

You stay safe (and sound) down there.
(tell little John I said "hi")