03 October 2012

Humpday Happenings...
Hey, there, hi there, ho there...and welcome to the midweek edition of my humble blog.
Well, we didn't get any sun (under 25,000 ft anyway) yesterday...just lots of clouds and some scattered light showers.
SO, if you LIKED yesterday, you'll probably like TODAY as well. It's more of the same, with temps reaching only into the mid-60s.
Later this week, we get some November-like temps, so get ready to bring some plants INSIDE overnight and cover up those perishibles in the garden.
*** As is the case every Wednesday, it's time once again for the military quote of the week, aka WHO SAID THAT?
Actually, on the eve of the first Presidential debate, I thought this American military saying was SO apropos:
"There are THREE types of leaders: Those who make things happen; those who WATCH things happen; and those who WONDER what happened."
And there is no attribution to this (although both Mary Kay Ash and Tommy LaSorda have used it in the past)...it's just one of those "freebies" that no one seems to know WHO really said it first.
Kinda makes you wonder where our current leader fits into that mix, hmm?
Meanwhile, back at the situation room...
*** What goes BOOM and wakes people from their sleep up NORTH?
You tell me, because the FWPD and the ATF have been busy figuring THAT one the hell out.
Here's the story:
Many residents at the Coliseum Park Apartments thought it might be some kind of BOMB, and by the looks of the car, which I believe USED to be a BUICK, (that the explosion took place inside of), they can't be that far off.
Bet'cha CWM heard that one, right?
The explosion even took out windows in a nearby building.
Calls from WANE to the FWPD were not returned and the investigation is (naturally) ongoing.
*** They CAUGHT that drunken buggy-rammer...in WARSAW (my, he sure got back there from Ft. Wayne damn fast).
Here's the update:
But, he posted a $2K bond and was released.
Nice to know that the Shamrock Mobile Home Park in Warsaw has such "stellar" citizens.
No doubt, the case will flow through the judicial system like crap through a goose, and he'll be back drinking and driving soon enough.
That seems to ALWAYS be the way, doesn't it?
*** Dead body found on Weisser Park Avenue.
Here's the story link:
Around 1115 hours yesterday, FWPD were called to 2935 Weisser Park Avenue on the city's...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE of town, where they found a dead man behind the boarded up house.
The body was described as having "significant" injuries, but was not significantly decomposed (still fairly fresh).
Neighbors on the street are shocked (and about damn time).
According to the coverage at WANE, one neighbor heard GUNSHOTS going off the last several days quite often.
Gloria Thomas, a woman who lives a few doors down from where the body was found stated: "They've been shooting over here the last two days, in the middle of the day and at night, so, I really don't think a whole lot about it, because it happens so often over here."
Are you f$cking KIDDING ME?
DON'T think a whole lot about it?
You apparently think GUNFIRE is OK and part of the urban CITYSCAPE?
WTH are YOU smoking?
THIS is exactly the type of APATHY you deal with daily (in the ghettohood)...things that NORMAL folks would find reprehensible and totally irresponsible, is taken with a grain of salt in the ghettohood...and then these people wonder HOW to stop the violence?
You're ALLOWING it (and accepting it), so you're part of the PROBLEM!
The house had been vacant for FIVE years (what's the city DOING all this time, beside sitting on it's THUMBS)?
We have OVER 400 houses that SHOULD be razed in this city...and no evidence of any of that being done.
The autopsy should yield more results today, and any developments will be posted here.
This could be homicide number 24...we shall see.
*** City Budget looked at by City Council.
Here's this story:
If this wasn't so damn bad, it would be amusing...to some degree.
Here we have a police department that is understaffed to the tune of TWENTY-ONE officers (from the AUTHORIZED number of 440), and we haven't figured in such parameters like RETIREMENTS, or INJURIES, or even DISMISSALS from the department, have we?
They don't even plan to begin a new RECRUIT CLASS at the Academy anytime soon.
So, what's going to happen with that falling number of street officers?
Well, I can't see it going anywhere but FURTHER DOWN...that's common sense.
Fewer cops to police more citizens. Hell, we were already UNDER the national level (ratio) of officers to citizens when we were at that 440 number.
Guess we, the people will be taking a lot more of the law into a lot more of our OWN hands...in order to "assist" the police here...right?
I mean, what other choice IS there at this point, especially with the GROWING level of (violent) crime?
In short...DEPUTIZE ME...(save a lot of paperwork later)...lol!
Then, there's the FWFD that needs six new engines, and ain't gonna get 'em.
That's in addition to FWPD cruisers that need replacing, too.
So, King (Mayor) Henry wants to float a property tax increase (4.8%) and then perhaps see about a WATER RATE INCREASE to help the FWFD.
FWPD Chief York states: "People will have to determine what they want from their police department. Do we still go out on larcenies? You're getting into quality-of-life issues".
Really, Rus?
THAT is the best answer?
Hell, I'd settle for having the police DO stuff (instead of chasing the damn radio)...like ticketing those several THOUSAND boomcars I hear every damn year driving past MY house (that you don't bother with)...or all the illegal fireworks and GUNFIRE we hear throughout the damn year.
Or how about MORE gang-related arrests?  Drug arrests?
What about such "larcenies" like STOLEN GUNS?
You really NEED to make a run out on THOSE, don'cha, because THEY are most likely related to OTHER crimes in town...like HOMICIDE.
You people amaze me with your manner of thinking, if you call it that.
And yes, I would LOVE to see this so-called "quality-of-life" I keep hearing about, because it's sure as hell NOT down where we live.
(case closed...for now)
*** What do you think happens when you mix a cell tower, metal and some migrant help?
Well, here's the story:
Again, we have three Hispanics (one from Chula Vista, CA, and two from Mexico...green cards, anyone?) who were subcontracted to service the tower in Noble County...and NOT avail themselves of "free stuff" (damn scrappers).
They were all booked into the Noble county jail, and all face a preliminary charge of theft.
They are still in custody with a bail of $25K each.
Nice job out there, people.
*** Lastly today, with the death of yet another Border Patrol agent (with one also wounded), isn't it TIME to get a SECURE BORDER?
We're seeing a vast increase in crimes by Hispanics now...as if the black and white criminals weren't enough.
Gangs are becoming so entrenched in our cities, it's scary.
Crimes are reclassified to reflect skewed stats, and public safety departments need money...nothing new, right?
Wrong....this is the result of a lack of interest by the PEOPLE being protected and living in the cities. Hell, even out in "the sticks", there's no immunity to crime...not with all the technologies we have to allow things like that occur.
Make no mistake, WE, the PEOPLE need to be more on our game NOW than ever before, and not lost in some social-media world or realm of the virtual.
We need to spend a lot more time in REALVILLE, folks.
Some of us have already made such a choice and we're discovering all the crap that surrounds us.
Others...not so much.
In any event, those of us that know need to reach out to those that do not...in whatever capacity we have at hand.
In that, I think we can reverse the trends that brought us to this point in time.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Can't say I heard it... and I was even still up at the time! Had we been in bed, might have noticed it, but we were still doing the fantasy football and never noticed.

Bob G. said...

Ah, well...maybe NEXT time?

Tell 'ya, we got us some REALLY weird sh*t going on in River City, and it's got NOTHING at all to do with POOL.
(...but I would wager that some in City Hall have been playing "pocket billiards" for WAY too long)

Thanks for swinging by today to comment.

You folks stay safe up there.
(ditto for Scrappy)