09 October 2012

Don't Tell Me...Let Me Guess...
Another crisp, cool morning out here in the Heartland, and that means that today's high will reach barely into the 60s.
And believe it or not, we're hearing that thanks to the drought earlier this year, the fall foliage is about finished...say it ain't so!
So, let me be the first one to wish all of you a Happy Leif Ericson Day...!
(what, no sales in the stores to celebrate?)
Well, you know the way things are these days, right?
Anywho, let's get into the mix and see what bakes.
*** So, Wifey is getting ready to head out to school (work) and she asks:
"What's THIS light on the dashboard? - never saw THIS one before."
Turns out the LOW COOLANT light was on (huh?), so I had her pop the hood and I checked the level in the reservoir.
Well, it WAS low, so I filled it back up (half and half), and immediately checked for leaks...everything was BONE DRY (hoses, fittings), and absolutely NO evidence of leakage anywhere on the garage floor.
Now this IS strange.
I've seen and had MY share of automotive coolant leaks over the decades...everything from a burst hose to a crapped out water pump, and I KNOW what to look for.
I just didn't see anything that would tell me anything...everything appeared normal.
Go figure.
Wonder if some "coolant gremlin" sucked it out with a damn straw?
I'll be monitoring the level until we get the car in the shop and they can perform a pressure test of the system (that tells the story).
Now THAT is a great way to begin a morning, I can tell you.
Meanwhile, back at the motor pool...
*** What do you get when you mix a teenager, Jaegermeister, and liquid nitrogen?
Well, if you guessed an emergency gastroectomy, go to the head of the biology class!
Here's the story link:
Now who says that a lot of teens are stupid and don't practice responsible behavior?
((...raises hand...))...me.
We've sure come a long way from pulling pigtails and shooting spitballs, haven't we?
What amazes me is that ANYONE with a few brain cells functioning would KNOWINGLY place into their mouth (and stomach) a substance that can freeze a rose and make it shatter like a Faberge egg in seconds...
Somehow, getting that anywhere close to the human body spells "danger" with a capital "D", doesn't it?
(yeah, I used to watch Mr. Wizard growing up...so I learned stuff.)
WTH are these kids thinking?
(oh wait, they probably aren't)
Gaby Scanlon, the girl with the recently perforated stomach, is in serious but stable condition after having part of her stomach REMOVED.
As a result, for the remainder of her life, she will only be able to eat smaller portions and take vitamin supplements to make sure her body gets the nutrients it requires...
I smell MODELING CONTRACT in her future...'ya think?
*** So, you're running for re-election and you're taking in campaign monies hand-over-fist...to the tune of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS...
Now, where might ALL of these funds be coming from, anyway?
Wonder no longer, because someone might have a clue.
Here's the story link:
The report says that allowing a flood of money into the political system with NO verification of it's source is an invitation to FRAUD - especially from OVERSEAS (like Kazakhstan...or CHINA).
If you keep the "contributions" under a specific amount, no verification is required, no matter HOW MANY (thousands) of those contributions you get...nice, huh?
Exploitative? You tell me.
Sounds like "Chicago Politics" once again...
And speaking of China...
*** Imagine if you will some big suppliers from China, doing business with the USA, and then having some sort of access to "sensitive" matters regarding everything in our nation from infrastructure to security to military specifics.
Here's the story:
Huawei Technologies and ZTE, two of the biggest players in China are parlaying our assets into becoming THEIR assets through mergers and acquisitions, and that could pose a national security threat, say two U.S. congressmen, according to a report from the House Intelligence Committee.
Considering that ZTE is the 4th largest supplier of T-COMM network gear AND is partly "state-owned", that would mean this company has to answer to the Communist regime, should they ever wish for them to spy on us...
Simple as that.
Pretty heady stuff we have here, that's for sure.
*** Who doesn't like taking nature walks?
I know that CWM does (as does Scrappy)...and so do I.
But there is a growing problem with such an innocuous activity.
Here's the lowdown:
This story pertains mainly to hunters, BUT...these meth-makers won't just toss their trash in places where hunters will venture.
The same items can easily be found along bike paths, woodland trails, and dare I say it...the River GreenWay (they just haven't mentioned it).
ANYwhere people can go is fair game for the "one-pots" and the associated flotsam that comes with making meth.
The story mentions which items to BOLO (be on the lookout) for, as well as who to contact if you come across such items.
Given the nature of these "street-corner chemists", the substances are toxic and volatile...(they can go BOOM real fast if disturbed).
A word to the wise...right?
*** Lastly today...I get to practice my baking skills once again...going to be making some brownies AND a banana bread...for no other reason than Wifey and I thought we wanted to have some, and that's fine with me.
As we get older, we tend to change a lot of things in our life and our lifestyles.
We are hardly ever driven by blatant wants, and if we are, it's after considerable thought has been applied, resources inventoried, and consequences considered (if any...we play it a lot safer as we age...something the youngsters could learn a lot from).
So, if we "want" some brownies...no biggie.
Still, we tend to be motivated more by NEEDS...as in take care of THOSE first in your life, so as to make that life a bit EASIER to handle.
And I'm fine with that...because THAT methodology WORKS, no matter what kind of situation you find yourself.
Needs are no respecter of finances...we ALL need certain things to live, to survive, and even to succeed.
And that goes from the richest among us all the way down to the poorest.
You decide what you NEED in life FIRST...everything else is secondary, and will come along in it's (and God's) own good time.
THAT is a good recipe for living.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

My thought on the nitro drink- ANYONE knows that kids will do anything put before them. IMHO, sue the crap out of ANY establishment that thinks these things are a good idea.

As for the BOLO, that would be something we haven't stumbled onto yet... and hopefully never will.

Bob G. said...

I dunno...when "we" were kids (teens) I don't think if someone said: "Hey, go jump off that bridge...it's really cool"...we wouldn't just toss caution to the wind and go DO it, right?

We had to answer to our PARENTS.
(and woe to us when they found out)

And I'm glad you have NOT come across any of that (meth) crap...but you should know that if you kick it, it could go BOOM...
(some one-pots might still be "cookin".)

It's a friggin' shame that you have to watch out for this sh*t even when taking a walk or when you go hunting...

Seems we have a whole NEW (and dangerous) crop of morons out there these days.

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commneting.

You guys stay safe up there.

gadfly said...


In a former life, I used to work for a company that made antifreeze by cracking ethylene into ethylene glycol (antifreeze), diethylene glycol (many uses one of which as a coolant) and tri-ethylene glycol (airplane deicer).

The whole theory in antifreeze is to raise the boiling point and lower the freezing point - so evaporation is unlikely. However, If you have a 50-50 blend with water, there can be evaporation of the hot water. After all, automobile cooling systems are not air tight.

Bob G. said...

That was my thought as well...glycol doesn't evaporate, and leaves a noticeable residue (stain).

It also has a distinct odor (and taste)...yeah, getting it on your hands and then wiping one's mouth later has that effect.
But don't worry, it was a slight "taste", followed by copius expectoration and rinsing of the mouth.

Wednesday's post will address the issue, so stay tuned and you will discover that cause.

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

You stay safe out there.

Jana said...

A kid near where I live did something REALLY stupid the other day:


I just don't get it.


Bob G. said...



It's NOT the world we grew up in, and that's for sure.

We've become TOO tolerant with the WRONG stuff, and INTOLERANT with all the GOOD stuff (that we used to espouse).

That needs to change...and SOON, don'cha think?

Thanks so much for stopping by to comment today.

You and Hubs stay safe down there.