26 October 2012

Friday Follies...
What a difference a day makes...weather-wise, hmm?
Yesterday was picture perfect, and today...eh...not so much.
We've got rain in the Heartland and cooler temps with breezy conditions.
It's going up to the low 50s, and if you want to see the sun, you'd better climb out to 35,000 ft, because the sun is ALWAYS shining there.
So settle in for a soggy, gray, dreary day...time to catch up on those DVDs you've been wanting to watch, right?
Meanwhile, back at the storm center...
*** Have you heard about this "Frankenstorm" supposed to be whacking the East coast this weekend into early next week?
Wow, just in time for Halloween...they come up with this nomenclature.
Hurricane Sandy just finished smacking the crap out of Cuba and is off the Florida coast.
Here's the "4-1-1":
What makes this storm lean towards the BAD side is a low front inland that is trying to get off the coast. When this AND Sandy "merge", we have what could be called a WINTER STORM...and according to NOAA, that's a pretty big deal.
There's no shortage of preparation going on all along the coast.
Here's a link to the story:
One BILLION Bucks of damage? That's huge!
The storm could make landfall as early as this weekend, but as expected to hit NYC around 0200 hrs. Tuesday.
People are being told to have (at least) 3 days food and water on hand, as there could very well be interruptions to utility services.
Let's hope it doesn't come to that, but if it does, it finds the people well prepared and the damage minimal.
*** We had another credit union heist in Ft. Wayne...
This time it as the Midwest America Federal Credit Union over at 1021 Swinney Ave (near Broadway and Taylor).
Here's the story (with video):
Two masked men waited until employees went to open the place, then forced them inside.
The men left with an undisclosed amount of money
What is interesting about this is that the FWPD were looking for some suspicious men not too far from our "Fortress".
I don't believe the two incidents were actually related, but the timeline (to travel from the credit union to over here on the SE side) seemed to track.
I didn't hear of anyone being busted (here), so perhaps nothing came of that.
Still, it would not surprise me if the perps were found on our side of town, especially with a SILVER handgun. They like the "bling", you see.
*** Just heard over the police radio that the Chase Bank branch is reporting an armed robbery on Lower Huntingdon Rd.
And, wouldn't you know it...it's around 0800...the usual time employees begin to arrive at such facilities.
Someone is definitely casing these places.
The radio is saying one employee was injured when they were hit over the heard with a pistol.
Police are looking for a (champagne/beige) GMC full-size Tahoe/Suburban/Trailblazer/Yukon.
Take yer pick.
The only thing that looked out of place to the employees when they opened up was an older white pickup.
FWPD is checking the "hot sheets" to see if that pickup was "39" - stolen.
A K-9 unit was also called to see if it could track the robbers.
The description given to police of THESE robbers is almost IDENTICAL to the ones at Midwest yesterday...seems we have some "serial robbers"?
And the perps just upped the ante with an ASSAULT on top of the robbery...
Looks like the crims are getting an EARLY JUMP on holiday shopping.
...with other people's money.
I'll follow up on this story as more information becomes available.
*** Lastly today, we live in a predatory world.
There are a lot more "takers" than givers these days...and it shows.
We used to have more GIVERS...more charitable people...people that wouldn't think it all that much to HELP one another, and not TAKE from one another. Sadly, things have gone a bit askew between THEN...and NOW.
There comes a certain "empowerment" whenever someone gets something they didn't have to earn.
Little Johnny feels like the "king of the world" when he get everything on his Christmas list, even if he wasn't the "best-behaved" child on the street.
And why should Ms. Baby-mama even bother to look for work to support her kids when she gets free or reduced food, housing, utilities and other assorted assistance?
Why should Tyrone look for a job when he can crib with someone already getting free stuff from the government?
And why bother working to make DEPOSITS to a bank when it's (apparently) much easier to just make WITHDRAWALS?
These people are empowered...it's that simple.
We don't look at what's wrong and try to correct it...we simply reward it.
Hence, the predatory behavior that follows such misplaced empowerment.
It's an emboldening of people that need to practice a little more HUMILITY instead.
Nothing in life is totally free, except maybe the air you breathe, and even that is subject to a number of taxes, rules, and regulations to keep it clean enough TO breathe.
We were meant to be creatures of work, and accomplishment...we were not meant to be creatures of sloth.
We used to embrace and enjoy that in which we toiled and patted ourselves deservedly on our backs when we received compensation for that work. We reveled in our own accomplishments, as well as those of others.
We gave money to charities, time to volunteer, and help whenever needed.
Some of us still do that, but nowhere in the numbers we USED to have.
Too many have been given too much for too long, while not doing a single thing to deserve it, or warrant it.
A humble person doesn't rob banks...or sit on their ass...or take from others.
Perhaps it's high time we "reintroduced" our children to understand what it means to be humble.
And in that, when they grow older, they might more reluctant to be a taker, and thereby become more of a giver.
Be nice to see, wouldn't it?
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

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