25 October 2012

Thursday Already? Cool...
Well we're almost to the weekend, and if you enjoyed yesterday's weather here in the Heartland, then you'll get a reprise today with plenty of sun, temps tickling the upper 70s and no rain forecasted.
Got a few things to bat about today, but before we begin that, we have to get the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"It's easier to get into something, than to get out of it."
This was said by (then) Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld, Rumsfeld's Rules, revised edition, 2000
Here is his WIKI:
And by God, he was certainly CORRECT in that, wasn't he?
After all, the prisons are FULL of folks that found it EASIER to GET INTO TROUBLE, than to stay out of it, right?
Meanwhile, back at the commissary...
*** If you notice, I haven't said ONE WORD (until now, anyway) about the flap caused by candidate (for U.S. senate) Richard Mourdock, and with good reason.
Although I didn't watch the debate, I heard the sound bite he said about rape...and then waited for the predictable fallout from it.
Personally, I didn't find the CONTEXT of what he said to be untrue or misleading...it was the MANNER in which he presented it that made the difference, especially to the media vultures, looking for "fresh meat".
In a public-speaking venue, it's often easy to have your brain get way ahead of your mouth, and blurt out something that you intended to come out ONE way go and come out another.
Such was the case here.
Naturally, the way he said what he was thinking made NATIONAL news, and I would wager it's because he's a conservative.
If he were a liberal, this would have been explained IN FULL, to the gratification of the lame-stream media, and it would be forgotten the next day.
I firmly believe the INTENT was to say that ALL life is sacred (which it should be), and that sometimes, God allows life to be conceived, even in the most inconceivable circumstances.
Case in point... one Rebecca Kiessling.
And here is her website:
And a link to the interview with WANE (29 secs into the video):
Now here is a woman who was conceived when her mother was abducted by a serial rapist. Before being born, Rebecca was almost aborted by her mother (twice), and yet, it would seem that a "higher power" had something better planned for Rebecca.
Well, you read the stories, watch the video and then decide for yourselves.
I found the comments by other politicians to be a bit out of place...whatever happened to the saying "If you don't have something GOOD to say, don't say anything"? And just for the record, I believe that any and all the bad things I say here DO some good...they make you aware of things and allow you to see what people have to deal with and why society has the problems it does, so in that, I'm vindicated there.
Then again, it IS good to also rant now and again.
Like I said...you make up your OWN minds, but always listen to the CONTEXT in which something is said...by anyone. Doesn't have to be a politician. Could be a friend or a family member.
To HEAR someone is one thing...to LISTEN is quite another.
Moving on...
*** Looks like the leaf crews are finished with the CENTRAL part of the city already...wow, talk about speedy stuff.
So, we (the SOUTH side) are next on the "hit parade", and that means that all the numbnuts that swept their leaves into the gutters and NOT on the curb strip will get another "pass"...as they always do.
You know, you TRY and TEACH these primitives BY EXAMPLE, in that YOU do the RIGHT THING in the hope that some of it might rub the hell off.
And too often, it doesn't.
They go right ahead and do whatever the hell they damn well please, because no one ever calls them on it.
Unfortunately, apathy reigns supreme down here.
The same will again be said when it snows and the sidewalks don't get cleaned off (by 9AM, according to city ordinances).
Welcome to the corner of DOUBLE and STANDARD, folks.
*** Looks like some people NEVER learn when it comes to taking upskirt pictures...even after a LAW is passed against it.
Talk about invasion of privacy...pretty damn disgustuing, if you ask me.
Here's the story:
All this began back in 2009 when state legislators decided to enact a law against taking such pictures.
And it didn't take long to run this law through the state legislature.
One man who was found guilty had a camera mounted in his damn BOOT!
I posted the story and it's in my archive from 15 June 2010, and we can thank Indiana state senator Tom Wyss, who led the charge to get the law written and passed.
Apparently no one told part-time Warsaw high school staffer Daniel Zambrano about this...or maybe he didn't read the papers, watch TV, listen to the radio, or doesn't do the social media gig all that much...
Yeah, right.
Well, Danny Boy...time to pay the piper for that tune you been playing.
*** Now who SAYS that LEOs do NOT have a sense of humor?
(not I...)
It's getting close to Halloween, and that means...yep, you guessed it...ZOMBIES.
(not to be confused with all the "walking dead" neighbors we have milling about our "Fortress" day and night)
Here's a public safety story - WITH video, that you might find both informative AS WELL AS entertaining.
I know I did...was a hoot and a half.
(pssst...it's got "blooper out-takes" after the credits...)
Looks like Sgt. Ron Galaviz of the ISP (Indiana State police) had a good time with the undead.
I don't think I'd let them get THAT close, even IF they were (once) friends...I'm just sayin'...
When it comes to dealing with zombies...only one word works...HEADSHOTS!
*** Lastly today, it's not going to be long before we're knee-deep in the holiday season, and that means food and shopping (and even shopping FOR food), and with such happy times also comes the anxiety that the seasons can bring...
What to buy for cousin Bert or aunt Mildred (who already have everything)...how much will that turkey cost THIS year...can we afford that drive to Grandma's house (why did she move so damn far away?), will the toys the kids want be in ample supply...the list goes on and on...
And on top of all that is our OWN safety.
As the holiday season nears, we'll be taking a look at the various ways YOU can wind up a happy camper (and shopper) and NOT be taken to the cleaners, or become a victim of some other person's distorted sense of reality.
It would be nice to not HAVE to worry about such things, but in this day and age, opportunity prefers to kick your door in, rather than knock when it comes to criminal behavior.
You need to be aware...almost ALL the time.
Any society is only as good as it's worst representatives, and sadly, we're not at a loss for such "people".
If anything, we have an overabundance of such idiots, and they come in ALL shapes, sizes, and color.
I'm a huge supporter of a return to a more CIVIL society, because when we WERE more civil to one another, we ALL came out better on the other side, and folks in general were more helpful, kind, caring, considerate...well, you know that drill...
We can teach by example as I stated above.
For those less wanting to become civil, we still have laws, and everyone has to be held to the same standards set up BY such laws.
And a good place to start would be those tried and true ten commandments.
We'll see you here on the morrow, then.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Diane said...

Man, what a pervert that guy that was taking upskirt shots was - But then I'm of the mind, march them in one door of prison, 1 headshot, take them out back on a board. We'd certainly see less crime that way I think.

Our leaves haven't started falling yet, but the chinese tallow trees have cast their seed shells (hard three-pointed things that are really hard to step on barefoot!). Won't be long now I think. We still have the AC running down here.

That lady that survived the two abortions, too bad liberals don't listen to her, and the fact that she's glad to be alive instead of sucked out of a tube into a jar. As it turns out, there *is* a big business in abortion - as in selling the corpses of the babies. Such people in this business need the same treatment as listed above for criminals.

Enjoy your cool weather up there!

Diane said...

by the way , i JUST figured out why I didnt' have my dashboard. I installed "AVG Do Not Track" and it was blocking the Google tracker on my Chrome. I guess I have to let the all-seeing, all-knowing google know where I go, in order to have my dashboard again!

Bob G. said...

I cannot fathom the "thrill" one would get by invading a woman's privacy in ANY manner, let alone THAT one...must be that older, more stodgy generation I grew up in.
I agree with your solution.
(sign me up)

Still got the A/C on?
NO leaves falling?
(double wow)

I'd like to send 'ya some SNOW when we get somne, but I can't figure out how to reconstitute it AFTER it melts...LOL.

I also agree with your POV on the abortion issue..and how to handle the ones responsible.

Thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe (and no bare feet) down there.

Bob G. said...

PS: glad you got the dashboard thingy sorted out...(and that's why I DON'T use Google...they don't "need to know" where I'm going or how to "track" me...that's MY bid'ness, kapeesh?


Stay safe down there