15 November 2012

Believe It Or Else...
Yes boys and girls, time once again for "Uncle Bob" to regale you with more of the ludicrous, ridiculous, unfathomable and totally inane happenings that are occurring around us as we speak.
And we're going to have some nice weather for that too, with pretty much a repeat of yesterday, starting off with brisk temps rising to the upper 40s. A slow warm up is on the way, but I wouldn't unpack the board shorts and Coppertone.
In the meantime, sit back, pour yourself a cup of whatever suits your fancy, and let's see what's been going on.
*** First up, the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? military quote:
"Private and public life are subject to the same rules; and truth and manliness are two qualities that will carry us through this world much better than policy, or tact, or expediency, or any other word that was ever devised to conceal or mystify a deviation from a straight line".
This was attributed to none other than General Robert E. Lee, from his post-war writings, quoted in William Jones, Life and Writings of Robert Edward Lee, 1906.
Kind of makes you wonder why we don't have more men (or women) of similar integrity and honor these days.
Lord know we could sure it.
Meanwhile, back at the parade grounds...
*** An update to the New Haven gun shop robbery, and here's the story link:
So, now we know the names of THREE of the perps - one was listed as a "juvey".
Orlando Paschall, 21, Craig Whigum, 19, and now Brenton Ennis, 18 have become the newest "additions" to the Allen County hoosegow.
(probably look damn resplendent in ORANGE jumpsuits and flip-flops, too)
Pretty damn young to be doing this kind of nasty, don'cha think?
The store owner has his OWN story, and there's the link to that:
Both he AND his wife are battling forms of cancer, but store owner Jerry Lyons says it will take more than this (robbery) to put him out of business.
Here's an example of what General Lee must have been speaking of in that quote.
And Mr. Lyons is only 2 years older than me...good to know some of my generation don't give in THAT easily.
I will say one thing about the not-so-fantastic four (with apologies to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby)...they sure figured out HOW to "break into the big leagues", criminally-speaking..
And another update to the guns involved...all BUT ONE has been recovered (probably in another yard or someone's crib nearby)
Like I said yesterday, the FWPD would be DAMN LUCKY to catch this perp (which they apprently did not)...and he goes and TURNS HIMSELF IN...to the NEW HAVEN POLICE - yeah, that IS luck, and knowing the PROSECUTOR we are supposed to have in this city/county, you can bet this young thug gets turned out with a MINIMAL sentence (probably several years probation). Mark my words on this. He was probably coached and told to turn himself in..."that they'll go light on you"...
*** Another fire at Twin Oaks Apartments.
Here's the story link:
If not for a passing motorist who called this in, it could have been worse.
All I have to say about this is either we have some SERIOUS issues at this place regarding electrical wiring, OR we have some dumbass with no sense who left something burning on a stove and things got way out of control.
The WORST part about a fire in a structure such as this, is that the entire building has a "common area" above the apartment second floor (they call it an attic, when it truth it isn't). Most times, this common area runs the length of the building and often has the electrical lines running up there. The insulation is often sub-standard, because too many corners get cut during construction.
Add some numbnuts into such a mix, and that becomes a recipe for potential disaster.
Much the way it is when they move similar people into single family houses on the SOUTH side...which also get trashed along the way, several times over.
The "landlords" hire guys to "patch the place up", swap out (or steam clean) carpeting, slap a coat of paint on it, replace any broken locks or glass, and call it DONE. Never seen ANY inspections done to ANY of these (now) hovels, either, so it's no surprise that you have unreported code violations out the ass.
Again...potential for disaster, especially when the area is inundated with SCRAPPERS.
THIS is the scenario the CITY paints for what they label a "distressed" area...that THEY created in the first damn place.
*** But WE, at the "Fortress" must be doing something right (talk about being in the MINORITY with that deal)...
We got an assessment for our property not too long ago, and it was enough to damn near give you a coronary.
The last time we spoke about this, I said our house (and 2-car detached garage) as worth $18.9K - down from a former high of $76.3K (about 8-10 years ago). Well, things might be looking up...sorta, kinda.
The most recent assessment says this place is NOW worth...a whopping $33.6K...!!!
(Sound the f$cking trumpets and let the friggin pigeons LOOSE!)
I guess that means our PROPERTY TAXES will be rising (again)...and maybe we might wind up paying close to $80.00 NEXT YEAR,...ROFLMAO!
We were paying around $60 and change...for the whole year.
Still, it's only an assessment...and subject to "change" (what Obama is leaving us all after HIS policies take place).
Moving on...
*** If you thought we were close to (yet) ANOTHER recession, with the off-chance it might turn into a full-blown depression...check this out:
ANOTHER "plan" to buy our OWN bonds?
Didn't the federal Reserve ALREADY do something like that...around the time I posted way back on 28 January, 2008?
Or what about my archive post from 14 September, 2012?
Seems the "Fed" has already done that...and want to KEEP on doing it?
Some people NEVER learn...
*** Can Europe be headed for a ...(cue doom music)...recession???
Looks that way.
Here's the link:
Even the bastion of economic strength, GERMANY is saying "We ain't doin' all that well, my friends".
That would be: "Wir nicht tun, so gut, meine Freunde!", for all you Teutonic PURISTS out there...LOL!
China is also struggling (who knew?), so I guess that means they MIGHT want all THEIR money they invested in the United States BACK...
Yes, folks, THIS E-Ticket ride is FAR from being over, so get out the barf-bags.
*** Lastly today, where does all this insanity end?
When do we get back to OUR LIVES...as God intended?
What can we do to keep from getting caught up in all this nonsense?
I know it's damn hard to rely on anyone these days, especially our government.
Sometimes, I swear ('cause I know all the words) that they can't find their ass with both hands.
I think trusting in that higher authority is paramount...it has to be if one is to retain ANY vestige of sanity.
I also think that being able to trust in ONESELF is right behind that.
Trusting others...well, that comes with a different set of parameters, doesn't it?
Thing is, we have to learn WHO to trust, and WHEN to trust, and the reason WHY we place that trust in someone, or something.
In a world that is trying it's damnedest to wrench itself apart at the seams, We have to be the ones who remain stable.
It's not going to be easy, but no one ever said that life WOULD be that way, right?
The fact that we at least TRY is evidence enough that we're far from going over any cliff anytime soon.
And in THAT, I believe we can all take some solace.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

So your legend shows Turkey as aquamarine but gives no meaning...does aqua stand for "laying low until December"?

I think its high time that Karen Richards woke up and saw she's part of the problem... she fails to allow the consequences to match the actions, and so the actions move on. Also like to point out that my "ship the Harding kids to New Haven, watch the crime rate in New Haven go up" theory has conclusive proof.

John DuMond said...

"Some people NEVER learn..."

Actually, a LOT of people never learn. And many of them vote, hence our current predicament. It's depressing, ain't it?

Bob G. said...

Actually, I thought it looked more like TEAL...lol.

Oh, yes, your call on the Harding/New Haven student transfers was SPOT on!

(but I think the NHPD has a BETTER chief, and therefore a better handle on rising crime - all they have to do is watch Ft Wayne...and LEARN))

Thanks for swinging on by today and commenting.
Stay safe (and colorful) up there.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Yeah, that "SOME" (or is that now SUM?) of (the) people phrase might need to be UPDATED...and SOON.

Sure is rough to overcome "Obama Claus".
We need a process whereby we "test" people BEFORE they vote...to see if they're CAPABLE of making an INFORMED decision, based on FACTS...kinda like what we have to do when getting a DRIVER'S LICENSE.
(give 'em an EYE test too...lol)

Novel idea, yes?
Couldn't hurt to try.

Thanks much for rolling up today and commenting.

Stay safe (and licensed) out there.