14 November 2012

Humpday Happenings...
Welcome to the middle of the week in the Heartland of America, where it's a brisk 23 degrees outside this AM. But never fear, it will warm up into the 40s with a few clouds here and there.
And, is standard fare on this day of the rolling week, it's time for our military quote aka WHO SAID THAT?
I think that in lieu of the present developments with our military's generals, this particular quote might just fit the bill.
"Private and public life are subject to the same rules; and truth and manliness are two qualities that will carry us through this world much better than policy, or tact, or expediency, or any other word that was ever devised to conceal or mystify a deviation from a straight line".
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the front...
*** Today's paper (Journal-Gazette, left-leaning as it is) managed a decent article that featured the generals that have resigned since our "Fearless Leader" took (or is that "appropriated" ?) the presidency.
Here's the link:
Seems we've had FOUR commanders that have "come under the gun", as it were since 2009.
My, my...what a wonderful way to demoralize the military and subvert the commanding staff.
I say you keep ANY investigations under wraps...period, while you discover IF there were ANY breaches of security and IF any of the commanders have been "compromised" along the way...THEN, you act accordingly.
Don't just drag out all this f$cking "dirty laundry" for all to see WHILE you investigate.
Cripes, this is looking more and more like a show on the BRAVO channel...
"The Real Housewives of Military Scandals", or something similar...whatta frigging "diversion" from trying to discover the TRUTH about things we NEED to be concentrating on, right?
*** Had some more "minority fun" go down yesterday, which began in the neighboring city of New Haven, and ended...(you guessed it)...on the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE of Fort Wayne.
Here's the story link:
Didn't hear much on the radio, other than a "75" (pursuit) that wound up at one of our FAVORITE intersections (for crime) on the SE side, namely S. Anthony and McKinnie.
Three out of four of the perps were nabbed at that location when their dark blue Impala was married to a pickup at the intersection, sending the driver of the truck to the hospital. Two of the perps in the Impala went as well, when they were pinned in the car.
And one was taken downtown to be questioned. One officer thought the perp might need medical attention, as he had a laceration to his head.
None of the injuries were life-threatening.
One of the perps fled the scene and is STILL at-large.
The owner of the gun shop (Shooters on Lincoln Highway) was slightly injured when one of the two robbers kicked him in the ribs, and a customer was apparently struck with flying glass when a robber shot out a display case.
Initially, the robbers took some guns, but they WERE recovered when their car crashed.
The story says that police were not saying, but the report is that they found the stolen guns IN the Impala. One handgun (from the fleeing perp) was found tossed into an Alliger St. yard and was recovered by police.
Now, if we do some MATH here, we have this ONE robber AT-LARGE...AND, we have the killer from Celina, Ohio (whose red SUV was found abandoned on Smith St on the SE side the other day) who is ALSO AT-LARGE...that makes TWO felons roaming about DOWN HERE.
Both (according to authorities) are considered ARMED AND DANGEROUS, and citizens are being told to not approach them, but to call police.
Gee, can I just SHOOT them if I see either one?
(save a LOT of paperwork, wouldn't it?)
Oh, in case you're wondering, ALL four robbers of the gun shop were BLACK, and the Ohio killer is ALSO BLACK.
Have to say, with this new quadrant captain in charge (Gary Hamilton, ALSO black), I just feel SO damn f$cking much safer.
Yeah, the department's affirmative action working for YOUR safety...NOT!
I will say one thing, the way this area is being patrolled BY the FWPD these days, it's easier to "lose oneself" than ever. Too many place to hide!
If I were running this department's dog and pony show on the SE side, the FIRST thing I would do is secure a list of ALL the vacant houses (if one even exists, knowing the shoddy record-keeping by the CITY), and check them ALL out.
At the same time, I'd also conduct investigations into "known associates and family members" of the robbers (that also goes for the Ohio killer, Daniel C. Martin, seen at left).
Be great to see how many just "dummy-up" harborinng these crims.
And here's the story behind Daniel Charles Martin:
The way this looks, the police will be damn LUCKY to catch either one, dependent upon any tips that come in.
Never a dull moment down here, hmm?
*** Saw a decent show last night on the History Channel -
Mankind: The Story Of All Of Us.
The back-to-back hours chronicled the advent of man up to the Iron Age, and was pretty well done, including some excellent CGI.
They had some good contributors adding commentary, like "Mack" Mackowicz from Futureweapons, marine Sgt. Bill Bodine, and even Dr. (Mehmet) Oz.
They also had Prof. Henry Louis Gates (remember the White House "Beer Fest"? 
Yeah, THAT professor Gates from New England where the president thinks the ciops act STUPID there), so that was a bit of a downer.
Otherwise, the show cast light on pivotal moments, discoveries and people, and was historically accurate (so far).
It's a six-part series, so the last 4 installments in the upcioming weeks should be good to watch.
*** Lastly today...we have states that are wanting to SECEDE?
(not again)
Yep, it's TRUE...and INDIANA is one of them.
((...rolls eyes...))
One would think that, as we LEARNED from the FIRST secession, the preservation of THE UNION (United States) made a lot more sense.
Apparently not.
About 27 states want to secede from the USofA, because of the Obama policies.
(And Supreme Court Judge Scalia says there "is no right to secede"...go figure)
Why not either find a way to:
a) Impeach the guy
b) Hold a referendum to vote NO CONFIDENCE for the guy.
Either way would work for me. Find a way to get him out of office.
Since his agenda is THAT bad for this nation (and it is, if you've been paying attention) then by God, change the LEADERSHIP of this country before it's too late.
THAT is your right!
And yes, we could be staring at several possibilities here.
Not the least of which was the (fictional) scenario I proposed in YESTERDAY'S post...which happens to be much of the back story to the 2006 movie (what else?) "V For Vendetta". Amazing how seemingly "prophetic" this film seems to be,. in the manner that our situation is unfolding.
Sorry, but I HAVE to keep bringing this movie up, because the relevance is overwhelming (to me, anyway).
There IS a reference in the movie about how "...The CIVIL WAR in the former United States continues to spread through the Midwest..."
And curiously enough, the MIDWEST states are predominantly the ones wanting secession.
Personally, there are SO many problems inherent with a sudden balkanization of America, it's not even funny.
What about people living IN those states, that are adverse TO secession? DO you just DEPORT THEM? And to WHERE, exactly?
Maybe California doesn't WANT them...lol.
And (like Rush Limbaugh stated a few days ago), how LONG would it be before those on the "other" side want to TUNNEL back into OUR side?
This would be a clusterf$ck of BIBLICAL proportions.
I say that calmer heads should prevail here (for once), and I know that's out-of-character for me most times, but REASON has to be the hallmark of today, and our future.
Perhaps an in-depth look at our voting system is required...especially (for example) when some precincts in Philly report at 100% turnout for Obama-Claus, when we KNOW that barely 20% of that same precinct are even registered TO VOTE.
That type of fraud NEEDS to be addressed, because we might have the WRONG person sitting in the Oval Office.
Hillary Clinton goes and brags about us sending MILLIONS to other nations for humanitarian aid when THEY are embroiled in CIVIL WAR. and all the while, the potential for like situations HERE are growing more by the day. That's money we could use HERE...NOW.
And forget that Obama-Claus just signed over 1600 MORE regulations into law...law that will no doubt impinge upon business and economic GROWTH in this nation.
You look at those FOUR aspects of "control" I posted yesterday and then ask yourself how far ALONG are they regarding implementation.
Then, ask yourself IF secession is in the cards for YOU.
It's like a damn macrocosm of "white flight" where people left their neighborhoods to flee crime and certain other factions of the dubious citizenry.
Only we're talking about not giving up a neighborhood...but an entire NATION!
Think long and hard about it.
There ARE other alternatives...better alternatives.
And all of us might have to make a choice...take a stand.
We can decide to make the BEST choice possible, and hold onto OUR country...OUR republic.
Or, we can let the powers that seek to divide us succeed, and thereby divide us further.
Given those options, I think the choice is clear.
It is still...OUR country first.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I'm not sure, but I heard that this is an outgrowth of trying to "nullify" Obamacare, just as SC tried the tariff during the Jackson administration. Now we begin to regret the defeat of "state's rights" during the Civil War. This may sound scary, but I DON'T actually think this is a bad idea... not that it will ever happen.

BTW, as far as shooting the perps... just be sure to drag 'em in the house when they stop twitching!

John DuMond said...

I guess it's safe to say that quote is not from David Patraeus.

As for secession, my state's not one of those threatening it, but if it was, I would oppose it. At least until I get my income tax refund. :)

Bob G. said...

One of the purposes OF our founding documents IS to ensure that the STATES have their OWN rights (as set by the COnstitution), and not to be dictated to constantly BY the FEDS.
(how much has THAT changed?)

The FEDS are there to PROTECT THE NATION (from foreign OR domestic tyranny).

I think EVERY state should be more empowered than they currently are.
But to secede isn't the way.

And I wouldn't dare think of dragging ANY perp INTO the house...it's damn HARD to get blood stains out of the carpets...LOL.
(leave 'em all in the YARD where they belong anyway...blood is a good iron additive for the lawn)

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe up there.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Your NON-guess IS correct, sir...lol.

Must be SOME kinda HUGE refund...!

I wouldn't want secession one bit.
But I WOULD like to see EVERYONE following the Obama's law #1 - "Everyone plays by the SAME RULES".
That SHOULD mean NO double-standards, NO lazy-ass welfare leeches, and NO defrauding the working class who STILL give a damn.

Yeah, I know even HE doesn't pay attention to what he says.
Don't do as I DO, just do as I SAY, right?
Nope, not buying into THAT load of BS.
All or nothing at all, as the song goes.

Hey, thanks for rolling by today and commenting.
Stay safe (and socially-secure) out there.