01 November 2012

Believe It...Or Else...
Welcome to the post-Halloween edition, otherwise known as All Saints Day.
It's also the Day of the Innocents.
(first day of the El Dias de las Muertos in Mexico, or anywhere else you happen to see the "dead" walking about)
Today is Independence Day in Antigua and Barbuda. (from the U.K.. in 1981)
And it's (good Lord) World VEGAN Day, so be sure to smack a vegan upside the head in observance (and go have a STEAK)!
*** Now, before we go any further, let's get the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"I cannot command winds and weather."
This was spoken by Admiral Viscount Nelson, April 1796
And here is his WIKI:
You want to talk about someone who exemplified what it meant to be a commander who led by example, this man was IT.
Such a vast knowledge of naval warfare that he possessed.
It's a rather lengthy read, but it IS intriguing. (make a damn fine movie, imho)
Now, back to the rest of the story...
*** Halloween went off around here without a peep...for a damn change.
And I didn't hear about any shootings at MOOKIE'S nightclub up north (like what transpired LAST year at this time), so I guess the "natives" weren't as restless as they are used to being.
*** The city is moving it's leaf pickup to the NORTH side, because they say they're "ahead of schedule"...with just a few SOUTH neighborhoods to go this morning.
And, as I peer out the window, I can see the leaf crews finally coming down OUR street...AT LAST (as usual).
Considering ALL the damn leaves that have been raked INTO THE STREET for the past 2 weeks, you'd think they'd come here a tad EARLIER.
(no chance, Lance)
The GOOD news is that yes, we DO get the leaves picked up...the BAD news is that it happens to coincide with our TRASH and RECYCLE PICKUPS too...whatta clusterf$ck!
It amazes the hell out of me whenever the city does ANYTHING of worth on the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST side of town.
Like it's an imposition to the good old boy network, or something...
( "Well, I guess we have to do something down there guys...just to make appearances..." )
Sorry, that crap don't cut it with me. Never has, never will.
It's bad enough to be 21 police officers and 30+ firefighters down in a city that wants SO damn bad to be a big city complete with all the problems they have...at least THERE, Fort Wayne is making headway.
*** There were two shootings since Monday, too, but we're not hearing all that much about THOSE...wonder why that is?
One was on the 4700 block of Winter St. and apparently a man went to the Cash America pawn shop on S. Anthony Blvd, and was followed back home by two men (obviously all the participants were black), and they shot the man in the ass when they tried to invade his home.
Here's the link to WANE:
The other shooting happened yesterday (happy Halloween...BANG) around 1115 hrs, and it was covered on WANE, but I cannot find it...like someone BURIED the story or something...weird, huh?
I've been noticing a trend when It comes to shooting in the city...like someone doesn't want to keep the stories aired.
Why not? We're only operating a police department that's woefully UNDERSTAFFED...so why NOT cover the CRIME that results from this?
*** And the winner THIS week is...
Here's the story of one remarkable SCHMUCK!
How the hell can you manage this...and was this guy SOBER?
NO road would parallel railroad tracks THAT closely...
The driver used a water main break (and ad hoc detour) as the EXCUSE (because there was NO reason here at all) given to police, who will not cite the driver. I sure as hell would...and charge him with having to get the damn car OFF the tracks. Norfolk Southern will have to use a CRANE to remove the vehicle.
Whatta dumbass!
*** NJ governor Christie gets with Obama to discuss relief efforts for devastated shore.
Rush Limbaugh had an interesting take on this...suppose the REPS decided to get Obama off the campaign trail by having him waste time visiting a state that will largely already vote for him...I mean Christie DID have to call Obama to get him to come out there.
Any REAL President would be in touch with ALL the governors affected, asking what they need, and no, he wouldn't just GO to the areas affected by disaster. The LAST thing you want when there's no traffic and lots of flooding is a President hovering about...that's why Cuomo basically said "stay away"...  (from NY).
At least Obama wasn't signing any stupid-ass laws yesterday. (that we know of)...LOL.
(keep him off the streets so he can't steal any hubcaps...good idea)
*** There IS a bit of possible GOOD news...
Here's the story to prove it:
The 122nd ANG stationed at FWIA could get that reprieve and KEEP their A-10s (eventually transitioning to F-35's by 2020).
Now that's good to hear.
And it could ADD 100 JOBS to the base (Ft. Wayne area).
Sounds like a win-win to me.
Keep 'em flying, gang!
*** Lastly today, I believe that a nation...ANY nation can be assessed based on the resiliency of it's people.
And America is no exception...in fact, we pretty much set the standard that others strive to emulate.
Case in point...the Joplin floods...Hurricanes Andrew, Irene, and Katrina, or the tornadoes that ravage the Midwest each year...or yes, the recent Superstorm Sandy that pounded the east coast and states immediately west.
WE are the ones that help one another initially, in spite of and because of our nature. That;'s just WHO...WE...ARE.
How often to we offer disaster aid to other nations each year?
How frequently do we donate our money, clothing, food and time to others nearer to home truly in need?
And how many times do we do it because it's the RIGHT THING TO DO?
The world is watching...all the damn time, and they see what we are capable of...and follow suit.
Remember Fukishima? Haiti? The Berlin Airlift?
This nation is built by individuals...pulling TOGETHER...striving TOGETHER, and yes, even suffering TOGETHER.
And through it all, we DO prevail...and move FORWARD towards a better future.
Whatever things were lost can be remade, rebuilt, or reacquired.
And if anything is to be learned by our American Spirit, it's that our own government should pay attention to those who persevere through adversity, and render assistance as needed...not intrude upon our lives.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

((Friday - Are the Dems planning massive voter fraud...again?))


Momma Fargo said...

See...you are looking at this all wrong...LOL. Christie is distracting Obama. Obama is looking at this as a way to grab America's heart that he cares. Only...we didn't see him picking up dirty trash and putting it in the dumpsters, or wading through water to help. He just looked around. Something he could have done from a distance and made a speech about it.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
OOoohhhhhhh, rrrriiiiight.
That makes PERFECT sense now.

Yeah, it's ALL about "distraction", isn't it?
(no dumpster-diving in "Joisey"???)


Thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

John DuMond said...

Our Halloween was quiet too. We only had one trick-or-treater (not counting my SIL's kids). Not sure what that was all about. Maybe our ferocious 13 pound dog scared 'em away.

Lord Nelson! I should have known. He even got a mention in the movie MASTER AND COMMANDER (good flick, BTW).

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Yes, Master and Commander is a GREAT (and underrated) movie, and can damn near make 'ya seasick in those "high seas" scenes...!

(the WIKI heralds Nelson AS the MASTER AND COMMANDER, too...a bit cinematically "inspired", hmm?)

Glad you had a good Halloween...Martian landings aside...LOL.
Those little dogs always act like they're Irish Wolfhounds...I admire that!
(being a mere 5'7" myself).

((woof...I mean WOOF!!))

Thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

Roll safe (step away from the SNICKERS) out there.