07 November 2012

Humpday Happenings...
I was debating whether to make today's post a DIATRIBE...or a TIRADE, and then I thought F$CK IT...
"Why not have BOTH?"
So, just as a warning, this might get a little "intense", because in all honesty, I haven't been this depressed since our aunt and uncle passed down in Portland, nor have I been this angry since...well, I can't remember when.
What I can say is that the speech I had posted yesterday from "V For Vendetta" seems a bit closer to fruition.
*** But first, let's see what today's military quote, aka WHO SAID THAT? has to say on this, shall we?
"This house wanted this decision. Well, it has it. Those are the choices. And in this dilemma, no choice is perfect, no. But on this decision hangs the fate of many things."
This quote is a bit more contemporary in nature than you might believe, so don't think back to antiquity.
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back on the home front...
*** There comes a time (now and again) in America when ALL REAL AMERICANS will stand up and be counted.
Last night...THEY WERE.
And yet, even in their (our) defeat we could plainly see what direction this nation is headed for.
The election was never about the REAL issues facing this country, for if it were, the decision would have been overwhelmingly REVERSED.
We found out last night what REALLY matters to too many people who have no more love of this country than those who have hated us from day-one.
It's all about the STUFF...the "me" factor - feed me, clothe me, give me, entertain me...no longer is it about iindividual exceptionalism vis-a-vis "US", and that is woefully sad.
-- As I stated yesterday, we stood at the door to the asylum, with the possibility of escaping the morass that has plagued this nation for the last four years...that door has been slammed in our faces, and we are left to wander the halls with the other "guests" for another term of "the regime".
At this point, I would not be adverse to the possibility of a "Seven Days in May" scenario to reclaim our nation.
The ONE redeeming factor in all this was Mitt Romney as he gave his concession speech...very well done, and HE can pray for Obama and this nation, 'cause we WILL need all the help we can get!
I will pray for our NATION, and those AMERICANS that inhabit her.
-- When former politician Mark Souder (of Indiana) noted that "CANADA is now THE MOST CONSERVATIVE nation in North America", that has to make you just a bit concerned.
We are headed in the wrong direction...and will be doing so for another four years.
The damage that has been already perpetrated AGAINST this country is damn near irreparable, but with the continuation of this progressive agenda for another term, we might well wind up living in a nation WE, the people, no longer recognize as our "land of the free, and the home of the brave".
-- It's been proven time and again over the first term of Obama that what he's doing economically CANNOT be sustained.
Minuscule job growth (not enough to carry those entering the work place), hyper-inflation nipping at our heels daily, a dollar so devalued that other nations are changing over to CHINESE currency (brush up your MANDARIN), because THAT (currency) is more stable than ours (although not by much), a loss of America's credit-rating AND her credibility, an ever-increasing number of people on PUBLIC assistance, a pathetic policy regarding American energy-independence, and an even WORSE foreign policy that allows OUR people to be killed when it could have been avoided, a huge DECREASE in military spending, and a huge INCREASE in (other) government spending...where the f$ck does this catastrophe END?
(and that's JUST the SHORT-LIST)
-- Now, if this isn't enough to make you reach for the nearest 80 proof bottle (or at least venture out to get some), we're not even close to being done with this fiasco...
Obama "claims" he will work with Congress...and if recent history is ANY indicator of how well he "plays with others", I'd say let the bully bluster and then make him leave the damn playground...
This man doesn't LIKE to work (how typical), and the fact that he's nothing more than a privileged 1%er Harvard grad with nice diplomas that make him a mediocre community-organizer who has NEVER held a REAL job at all, should tell the tale.
He's gone on 100+ golf outings...that's over TEN WORK WEEKS...that WE, the people paid for.
He's got a wife that wants us all to eat leaves for God's sake.
He spends money that WE don't have in useless sh*t and failed stimulus plans.
Hell, at least Robin Hood robbed from the "rich" ( ILLEGITIMATE posers to the throne of England) to give to the "poor" ( peasant WORKING class)...
Let's set THAT record straight, shall we, once and for all?
It PAYS to READ your legends and mythologies COMPLETELY.
Obama is NO Robin Hood...just a typical Chicago "Hood"...always has been, always will be.
He's a STATIST...and that means he likes things such as socialism, Marxism, fascism, and so on...
It's more "Don't do as I do...do as I SAY". that rules his roost.
But, he's given the undeserving people "free sh*t", and they LOVE him for that.
Remember the "Obamaphone" ?
Wonder what's NEXT?
The ObamaCAR?
The ObamaHOUSE?
Where does such lunacy END?
It always comes back to the asylum, doesn't it?
-- Still, there IS always IMPEACHMENT...and here's hoping this boy trips up big time and forces that issue. We will be waiting...and watching.
But what about "Gaffin' Joe"...his Veep?
Do we want someone who's second-in-command that doesn't know the difference between IOWA and OHIO running things?
And it looks like Joe is holding the damn KEYS to the ASYLUM.
(apparently some folks living in America think he's funny, you see...so damn entertaining)
Either Joe is borderline DEMENTIA or just suffering from the beginning of Alzheimer's..,something's just wrong with him, clinically.
That puts Hillary Clinton in third...another person we don't want running things. We still never took her to the woodshed over the WHITEWATER scandal (that conveniently went away), did we?
-- REAL Americans know the differences here...and tried to end this regime before this nation loses it's identity.
If this country was divided BEFORE the election, that gap has turned into the GRAND CANYON in the aftermath.
Rush Limbaugh made a wonderful comment yesterday...saying that we should just DIVIDE the country in half...CONSERVATIVES on one side, LIBERALS on the other...and then see how long it would take before those LIBERALS are trying to TUNNEL THEIR WAY BACK into the CONSERVATIVE side of the country...
I found that marvelous, because it would be all too true.
The liberal side would fail miserably and fall into chaos, while the conservative side would prosper, and liberals HATE that.
That just makes so much sense.
I will say that Obama will definitely secure his position as FIREARMS SALESMAN OF THE YEAR...for probably the NEXT FOUR YEARS!
Which means if you DON'T have a gun...BUY ONE, and if you already have one...BUY ANOTHER (and ammo)!
I plan to do just that, because I can see our 2nd Amendment rights being attacked again, just as our 1st Amendment rights have been.
Like I said above...this progressive agenda towards a socialist government has got the trappings of several dystopian movies, none of them are places we would want to live or visit.
-- REAL Americans know that the next four years will be more of the last four years, but I guess that'll be fine with the DOJ...as they let MORE illegals across our border.
And we never HAVE had real accountability from Eric Holder, have we?
Doesn't sound like MY America...how about YOURS?
Perhaps we should think about changing the name of our country?
What about:
The United States of Mexico
The Socialist Republic of North America
The Progressive States of Obama
The Obamunist Republic of Amerika
I'm sure you can make up even better ones...
Does this make me any less HOPEFUL for a return to OUR AMERICA?
Hell NO !
If anything, I want to see this guy's feet placed to the fire EVERY SINGLE DAY he remains in office.
I demand accountability on the part of HIM, and his regime. That is the right of EVERY AMERICAN.
And I demand it every day for the next four years.
I have to go with Limbaugh on another point...I seriously WANT this man-child to FAIL...I just don't want him to take THIS NATION (or the REAL Americans) with him in the process.
I want to see this president stymied at every turn, and I want to keep track of all his "executive orders" so we can track his leftist tactics.
If any person was more UNdeserving of a second term, it is THIS man...he is dangerous to this nation in ways we haven't even seen yet.
Some might even say some of what he has done against this country is downright TREASONOUS...and I'm in that crowd there.
I cannot conceive of Obama doing a "180" and coming back around to the values and principles that made this nation great.
It's simply NOT in his "genes"...both nature AND nurture are against him in that regard.
All WE can do is pay attention, not be diverted from what this person tries to do TO this nation, rather than FOR it, and be bold enough to take him to task whenever he does anything contrary to the best interest OF this nation...period.
To all you real and honest, God-fearing Americans out there...this IS still OUR country...not THEIRS.
WE surround THEM, and not the other way around.
These leftist (or any) politicians are civil SERVANTS...NOT the masters of OUR fate.
And I suppose that's all I have to say on this...for now.
I still am PROUD to be an AMERICAN...just ashamed at what some people are willing to settle for when it comes to "leadership" FOR this country.
And in knowing that, I believe I'm not alone.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.
(grab the Dramamine - It's going to be another bumpy ride, folks)


CWMartin said...

Amen, brother. You can see the cleaned-up version of my thoughts over at my place, but they are pretty complimentary. I wanted to change my backgroud to all black, but Blogger wont let me without changing everything... so I settled for the black ribbon.

Its nice to know that some people cared... but last night changed everything I feel about this country.

Bob G. said...

Rest assured I will stop by your blog today...
My post today was about as "restrained" as I could make it, considering...

I have tried to see this from a CHRISTIAN POV...not working all that well for me.
I am beyond righteous indignation.
And I have about 51% of the sheeple who just LIVE in America to thank for it.

I applaude the REST of the REAL AMERICANS who have taken the time to LEARN the facts, RELY on common sense, GET to the truth, and EMBRACE it.
...And hold fast to our FAITH!
Our work is just getting started (anew).

Thank you for dropping on by today and commenting.
Stay safe up there.

Diane said...

Man.. we went & voted last night, went to the local Mexican restaurant to eat some cheese enchiladas, and then home to watch King of the Hill, and went to sleep. (we old folks go to sleep early!)

And I find out the "gimme nation" has done it again - voted for their sugar-daddy Obama. Don't want to cut off that FREE stuff they get, ya know? Now I'm certain that we need to put in a hand pump going to our well for when the whole places goes to hell in a handbasket.

Stock up on seed, keep them in a cool, dry, dark place, and get ready to raise your own produce I guess. Did you know that rice (white) will last, if kept properly, for 25 years? I'm not one of those people you see TV the Doomsday Preppers.. but it's always nice to be prepared.

Expect the "gimme, gimme, gimme" people to come streaming out even more. Obamazombies apocalypse!

Bob G. said...

I hear 'ya, dear...we're all in the same boat (now), just at different "oars" (states).

You are fortunate down in Texas, though...it might well become the LAST, best bastion of TRUE freedom in this nation, if "Barry" has his statist say-so.
Our state of Indiana went true RED as well...love that.

I know our military can't be pleased over this result, and I've always been of the persuasion that you NEVER go and knowlingly piss off a LOT of troops with guns (and other assorted things that go BOOM).

The sheeple of this nation will come to know that getting what you wish for isn't always what you thought it was after all.

And then we can say "we told you so". Maybe we should say that NOW?
(and avoid the rush...lol)

Hey, thanks so much for stopping by to comment today.

You stay safe (and proud) down there.

Jana said...

One of my friends last night (whose husband is also in the military) said that all military members should step aside and let the dems take their places, let them see how it's like to be in harm's way day after day. Let's see how THEY like it when they're underfunded!

I couldn't agree more!

My husband and I are hoping that if a civil war/revolution occurs, it's after he retires next summer and we're SAFELY back home in Mississippi and out of blue-state Washington. We'll be able to have our firearms and surrounded by like-minded and SANE friends and relatives. Safety in numbers, dontcha know!

One thing I take comfort in is that Republicans still control the House, and they picked up more seats than they had before. Those people who foolishly want Congress to pass the amendment allowing presidents to serve more than two terms won't get it because of that, thank God!

Bob G. said...

ALL of those points you made have SO much merit.
Your ffriend who has a military hubby truly GETS IT.

I also say let the damn DEMS fight a few conflicts for a spell...let THEM lose limbs, suffer concussions, wind up with PTSD, and then they can have a REAL say in what the military is ALL ABOUT, and how we NEED them to protect and defend AMERICA.

Until that happens, the DEMS need to STFD and STFU!
They've got this nation so damn FUBAR, it's ridiculous.

That MS gig sounds like HEAVEN...hope it happens for you two soon enough.

And we CAN thank God that 48% of us are STILL AMERICANS!!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by today and comment.

You two stay safe out there.