08 November 2012

Random Observations...
Welcome to the Thursday edition of the Erudition, folks.
Going to be a nice day with temps rising here in the Heartland to the lower 50s!
It will become warmer over the next several days, too, before temps drops again, so enjoy it...
Obama hasn't found a way to TAX that yet...(or take it from you and redistribute it elsewhere).
*** More about that stuff in a minute, but first up, the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"This house wanted this decision. Well, it has it. Those are the choices. And in this dilemma, no choice is perfect, no. But on this decision hangs the fate of many things."
This was spoken by British Prime Minister Tony Blair in a speech given on 5 March, 2004, on his decision to go to war with Iraq the year before.
Meanwhile, back at Parliament...
*** Looks like we have a winner for the "Dumbass of the Week" award...and this goes out to a woman in Cleveland.
Here's the story:
This was her FIRST apperance in court.
Here's the followup:
Take one black woman, who is probably "government-sponsored" to some degree, give her a new Jeep Grand Cherokee (as a reward for being an Obamazombie), and then turn her loose on the streets (make that SIDEWALKS) of Cleveland, especially when SCHOOL BUSES are trying to pick kids up.
And she did this on a DAILY BASIS...
Fortunately, the bus driver caught her ON VIDEO "doing the driving nasty" and she was arrested, but initially stated she was NOT GUILTY (of either passing a school bus OR reckless driving)...!?!
Are you sh*tting me?
She can't be serious.
(but she CAN be "entitled" )
Cleveland police set up a sting to catch her...
Wish they'd do that kind of thing HERE in FORT WAYNE...in MY part of the ghettohood...they'd clean the hell UP on citations and arrests.
(But, I've only said that for YEARS).
Oh, and she was previously cited back on 11 September for failure to stop for a school bus in another area.
She wound up pleading out, which avoided a trial (damn), had her license suspended for THIRTY DAYS, fined $250, and has to stand on a corner with a sign that says:
 "Only an IDIOT would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus."
How much you want to bet this doesn't teach her a damn thing?
This is the result of allowing an "entitlement mentality" to supplant individual exceptionalism in this country.
Remember this:
Some animals just cannot change their spots...and that goes all the way UP to the White House.
*** Place this next item in the "Even Stevie Wonder Could SEE This One Coming" file:
Here's the story link:
Imagine that...ANOTHER Ethanol plant shuts down, idling FORTY workers...who says that Obama isn't creating jobs?
The plant, located near South Bend is the oldest ethanol plant in the state, and is up for sale.
But, the president of New Energy Corp believes the plant will reopen in the future, due to it's proximity to corn fields.
(and I also believe that Obama will turn water into "whine" by next Wednesday...sometime in the early afternoon)
Good luck with that.
*** If you own a Suzuki vehicle, getting parts might become a bit more difficult.
And THAT'S because this automaker is PULLING OUT of the good old USofA.
(who knew?)
Here's the lowdown from Bloomberg Business:

Add THEM to the likes of SAAB and ISUZU, who, like ELVIS, have "also left the building"...I mean COUNTRY.
Weird thing is, this marks the end of a business that came here in 1985 (when things were a lot better).
The good news is that motorcycles, boat motors and ATVs won't be affected.
That's ONE way to create jobs in America...or is it?
*** That "Fiscal Cliff" is closer than we think...
You know, I'm getting so damn sick and tired of hearing about this...seriously.
I know YOU didn't create this financial debacle...nor did I.
If it were up to me to produce some sort of solution to this, I'd say to the politicians on BOTH sides of the aisles:
"Listen up you sh*theads. YOU created this crap, so YOU can extricate your sorry asses OUT of it.
The WORKING class didn't lift a damn finger to help you screw this up, so lay the f$ck off of them...ALL of them.
Why don't you hand over all those pork-barrel funds you've absconded with all these years, turn in YOUR salaries and perks, and take your government-sponsored populace and get THEM to help you solve this crisis, by giving BACK all the money they've been fraudulently taking FROM those working-class stiffs, kapeesh?"
Now to me, THAT would be a a REAL "cash (back) for clunkers (spending)" win.
...And that's WHY I'd NEVER make it as a politician...subtle as a brick through a window, right? Hell, I'd make (NJ) Gov. Chris Christie blush (and I'm a helluva lot thinner, too...lol)
But it gets the job done, and makes the POINT, doesn't it?
*** Lastly today, I had to rage against the machine yesterday, because for the last 4 years, we've seen nothing POSITIVE being done anywhere in D.C., unless you can call rampant spending, rising prices, a devalued currency, and a loss of this nation's AAA credit rating "positive".
I just can't.
This nation has certainly evolved over it's brief history, and many of the issues we have to deal with have ALSO evolved...some have even grown into political juggernauts, damn near unstoppable. But any problem is not impossible to solve.
No answer is ever unattainable...as long as WE take time to think upon how to ASK THE RIGHT QUESTION.
This is certainly NOT the America I remember growing up...many factions have seen to that.
And I believe that many of you feel likewise.
What I can feel confident about is that we CAN reclaim that which we have lost, or are losing.
It just takes work...lots of it, and a sense of purpose - the same purpose that those who have taken our country away from the real AMERICANS have pursued.
I suppose it always comes down to priorities...and that 48% of us who were not in the winning column Tuesday might feel we DO have more of our priorities that are better aligned than those that feel they've won.
There are many types of victories, and I think that the DEMS suffered a PYRRHIC one the other night (cool word - look it up).
Not the best way to win, because of the COST (to THEM).
If this means that our country is not what it once was...or ever will become that again, then I have to state (emphatically) how I feel about that by paraphrasing a quote from Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr) in the movie: THE AVENGERS:
"If we can't SAVE America, you can be DAMNED sure we'll AVENGE it!"
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, "Avengers".


John DuMond said...

Re: The stupid driving tricks: It's not her fault, Bob. Do you know how hard it is to drive, send a text message, and apply lipstick at the same time? Damn hard, that's how hard. Besides, the rules don't apply to her because she was in a hurry. And she was probably on her way to do something important, like perform brain surgery or get her eyebrows waxed or something. ;)

Bob G. said...

John D.:

ROFL...that wasn't a swipe at the whole "lipstick on a pig" thing, was it?

(HER brain...as in traded out for ONE THAT WORKS?)

My God, you managed to make me smile today!
(and that was at least a 72 hour stretch without one)

Thanks for the funny, and for stopping by to comment.

You roll safe out there, Boss!